Right now that I’ve caught your attention with that clearly insane title

Forewarning you that I’m just a little rusty on my Naruto #facts because it’s been a while since I delved into that shitfest but I’ll try my best here

Okay so there I was reading a Naruto fic, Itachi-centric, when all of a sudden it hit me: if Kishimoto could dupe his fanbase into believing that Itachi Uchiha was everything wrong with the world, only to have him turn out to be the good guy, why not Mashima and God Serena?

Itachi went undercover to Akatsuki to try and keep them from destroying Konoha. Who’s to say that Serena isn’t a mole sent to Alvarez to keep track of the Spriggan 12 and try to keep them from destroying Ishgar (I mean they both failed but they tried)?

Like…it would make sense. Just think about it. He’s obviously involved in politics beyond the scope of what we could imagine given that he is the Number One Wizard Saint, so that combined with his magical prowess makes him the perfect mole. We don’t know why he turned traitor to his country, so here we go, this may be why.

God Serena may pull an Itachi Uchiha 2k16