Right, I really need to talk about this.

It’s clear that Perrie or Jessie do not like Harry, it’s been clear for a very long time. I expected more from Leigh Ann, she always seemed to be respectful of other people.

It’s not the fact that they swiped left, it was the unnecessary comment from Leigh Ann and Perrie’s reaction that pissed everyone off. A haylor joke was uncalled for, that shitty little reaction was uncalled for. He is still someone that had a huge part in their career, he is still linked to them through management and also through Zayn. Let’s not forget he is Zayns best friend.

It’s getting a little boring now, they constantly drag Harry when ever he is brought up. Harry has never done a thing wrong to these four. Yes he doesn’t like Perrie, but he’s never said a bad thing about her or little mix.

These girls need to learn respect, bad enough no one takes them seriously. It’s cute that they think throwing shade at someone is going to get them further in their career. This would normally work, but not when you’ve been attached to his bands arse hole since 2011.

Sick of them dragging Harry as if he’s nothing.

anonymous asked:

Oh dear, LM. I feel like they probably don't give 2 shits about Harry but thought that swiping left was a "girl power" sort of thing to do considering his "lothario" image. And that name-checking someone even more famous than Harry (with Taylor) would get them additional high fives. I can't really blame them for clinging to their official image & Harry's official narrative, but damn you'd think at least one of them would be savvy enough to show some diplomacy there considering their position.

I do feel like their management played a part in that disaster. It was all very “official narrative”: Harry’s a hoe and girl power (eyeroll) jumping on the Taylor (who’s very hot rn) train. But that was a gross miscalculation. Taylor Swift has been around like a decade already, right? She has a well established fanbase independent of 1D, quite obviously. Now compare that to Little Mix…yeeaaahhh. They have no business taking a cheap shot at Harry when 1D is largely responsible for the minor success they have had. 

This is a classic case of don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.    

Their management is sincerely so awful. First they resurrected the can’t-fart-in-front-of-my-man narrative (??????). Then they shade Harry as if he’s supposed to so much worse than “official narrative” Zayn, who’s a serial cheater. Really? These girls are so unlikable. They’re presented as insecure and bitchy. And then they shove ‘em out the door holding hands are you’re supposed think those are empowered women who support each other? Fuck. That. Little Mix needs to go away. They’re a lousy example to young women.

The only positive here is that they’re alienating the people who have actually heard of them, so tick tock ladies.

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