I decided to do this since NO ONE has ever done a great chronological guide about Ariel’s most notable dolls. From Tyco to Simba Toys, to Mattel they’re all here Collect & Enjoy! 


+ To me the most beautiful is the 1992 tyco, she’s so stunning with those sparkly eyes! Also I love the 1997 facemold.


My TeePublic store is currently running a $14 sale for ALL shirts listed. And due to popular demand, I have pulled “Undersea Underground”, “Faith Trust & Pixie Punx” and “Pin Up Doll” out of retirement!

BUT, At the end of the month, I will be retiring:
General Stitchious
Classic Holiday
Classic Kenner
Classic Empire
Classic Return
Classic Prototype
Classic Sandy
Classic Tie
Classic Stormy
Darth Maullard

So don’t miss out on any of them!

Ariel through the years by Plastic Beauty on Flickr.

First row, L to R:
Early 1990’s-
1. TYCO Ariel: First Ed.,
2. TYCO Ariel: Second Ed.,
3. Applause Ariel First Ed.,
4. Applause Ariel Second Ed.,

Second Row, L to R:
Mid-1990’s/ early 2000’s-
5. MATTEL Musical Classics Ariel, 1995,
6. MATTEL Princess Mermaid Ariel 1997,
7. MATTEL Charming Princess Ariel, (Mature face paint)
8. Disney Theme Parks: Classic Collection Ariel,

Last Row, L to R:
2000’s and Beyond-
9. 2000 Disney Store Ariel,
10. SIMBA Ariel dolls, versions 1, 2, and 3.
11. MATTEL Princess Ariel,
12. Disney Store Ariel

The NEW 2014 Mattel Classic Princess Ariel 

Disney Signature Collection Princess Collection: Now the most beloved and iconic Disney Princess characters of all time are available in the Disney Signature Collection Assortment. Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White dolls are lovely in their signature fashions that are recognizable from their timeless tales. Cinderella doll comes dressed in her iconic light blue gown with satin and lace details. Ariel is mermaid magnificent in textured fabrics and jeweled accents. Snow White shines in her satin, high-collared dress of blue and yellow. All outfits have been crafted with exquisite detail, making these delightful dolls collectibles that moms and daughters will treasure for years. Dolls cannot stand alone.