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BB-8 Bomb -  We welcome the BB-8 inspired bath bomb to our shop! White and orange stripes with a sprinkling of sparkly silver mica to top off this cute little bomb, scented with Beach Sand and Dune Grass!

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When my abuelito was alive, he had a room dedicated to his paintings in the little house by the beach where he lived with my abuelita. I loved going in there whenever I visited. It felt like a room you had to be quiet in. A room you couldn’t interrupt. The carpet was thick and deep red, the curtains were golden brown and sunshine glowed through them. There was a dusty old record player, a bookshelf, a huge drawing desk, and two easels. One of those easels is in my bedroom in Oregon now, and it used to belong to Diego Rivera. In my abuelito’s painting room, for the last four years of its existence, on one of the easels sat an unfinished portrait of my abuelita. That’s in my room, too. I want to finish it for him one day.


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