Griffin: Yeah, there’s no such thing as a hugbear, these is such a thing as a bugbear. You’ve met one, Klarg, and the only thing you really know about bugbears is that they are giant and super strong and, like, unswervingly violent. They are just little furry balls of violence and hate and bloodshed.

Taako: I’ll be outside.

Griffin: They’re irredeemable kill monsters.

Taako: Taako’s good out here.

Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit
Little ball of hate,
Mushy mish-mash, gooey Brexit
Rage, rage, rage

Cake By the Ocean

Min Yoongi/ Suga X Reader 

So this is low-key (high-key?) for @fluffygummy-yoonmin who legit asked me for Yoongi/Noona smut a thousand years ago. I’m sorry it took me so long! I just wanted to do it right and I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and it’s just under 8k words. Sooo yeah. 

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Hello Enrique! I was wondering if you had heard of a weapon called the Rifleman Assault Weapon or RAW. From what I've read, it was pretty effective despite its... unusual appearance, though I'd love to hear your opinion on it. PS: Love your blog. Your experience with Communism has changed my worldview, and I have since abandoned my "red tendencies". Best wishes from the land of the free.

So, a little ball of hate strapped to an AR-15 rifle, designed to blow a hole in any concrete wall for urban warfare purposes, and even capable of defeating light armor? Now that’s quite the interesting concept! A pity it was so niche the army dropped it. 

I wrote a poem

I’m a little ball of hate,
Short and stout.
Here is my short temper,
Here is my crushing self doubt.
When I get all steamed up,
Hear me shout:
Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Kubo and the Two Strings

I watched it finally, after months of pining. I have so much respect for Laika because puppetry is witchcraft and my mind still can’t fathom that what she’s seeing isn’t computer animated. Also, the creepy moon warrior aunts are serious life goals. 

That being said, I understand why this movie didn’t win best animated film. Laika had a great idea. A beautiful idea. An original idea. Shamisen-wielding paper master takes on the moon kingdom? Like, yo, I am freaking here for this.

*clenches fist* But the writing.

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Voltron season 3 rant!

Ah, I’ve been thinking for days now on how to let people know that an additional chapter of “The Lion’s Pride” isn’t gonna happen without posting a vastly disappointing new chapter that’s only gonna consist of a note saying there won’t be a new chapter? And then last night I remembered “Mmmh… lemme try tumblr for that. Also could get that season 3 rant off my chest that way”.

The thing is, I originally thought season 3 might bring… things, developments, character interactions, Matt Holt, literally anything I’d have the need to include in my fic. Instead, it kind of did… nothing. A whole lot of nothing. Don’t get me wrong, stuff happened, but… It felt to me like an anime filler arc. When they run out of source-material because they got so much ahead and thus they have to come up with a short random unimportant arc of stuff to bide their time. That’s what season 3 felt like. A filler to bridge time until season 4.

I mean, there was stuff I liked, I like Pretty Boy Prince Lotor. And his crew of misfits. Finally villains that aren’t generic Galra soldiers where I don’t even need to bother and try telling them apart because… not memorable or important enough to be remembered. It was cool. Also, the blue-haired chick is real hot, but that’s beside the point.

But that was basically all that happened. That and stupid-dumb-ridiculous-unnecessary lion switching. For fuck’s sake. I’m sorry, but Keith being the Black Paladin is the dumbest thing this show came up with so far. Not with the way they had established the lions’ choices. Black should be a leader with leader-qualities. Keith does not, did not and still doesn’t, bring leader-qualities to the table. Allura has been the leader of the team from day one, co-leading with Shiro in a way but in the end still being the one in charge. By all logic, she should have become the Black Paladin. And don’t start with “previous incarnations” and shit, I don’t care about those. I care about the logic of this incarnation and the way both the characters and the world have been established so far. And virtually nothing about that made Keith being the Black Paladin in any way a good or logical choice.

The lion-switching-arc also made me quite dislike Allura some more. Which I’ve done since last season and her racism. Her not trusting the Blade was justifiied, yes, of course you don’t instantly welcome members of a race that literally erased your own race and home from existence with open arms, but her treating Keith like scum for blood you can’t see and he didn’t know about was just… no. And I hold a grudge, even if the other characters already forgave her. I hold a grudge better than any child of Hades does. Now, why she’s pissing me off this season, is how she became the Blue Paladin. She sat there and all she did was literal self-loathe, belittle herself and talk like she was useless. Bahm, Blue wakes up.

Now, as a huuuge fan of Langst and all things Lance Feels, I completely adore that it’s basically canon now that the Blue Lion reacts to self-loahting little balls of insecurities, but I hate how Allura handled that. I mean, she must have noticed what she was thinking and how she was feeling when the Blue Lion reacted to her. She must have. She’s not stupid or oblivious. And yet still the first thing she did was basically call Lance stupid. Instead of being a responsible princess and confront him about that realization. I mean, for fuck’s sake, I don’t go and call a person with a buuunch of self-doubt and insecurities stupid in front of the whole team and essentially claim that him being stupid is why Blue let him pilot her. That was so insensitive and really bad.

But let’s focus on the good for now. The Langst. Seriously. Him in front of Blue, feeling like she rejected him. Him going to Keith and telling him he’d step down from being a paladin for the sake of Allura because he thinks he’s worthless. Damn. Yes. I so love my little balls of insecurities who act all cocky in public but really are just adorable little balls of insecurities on the inside and when the cockiness being just a front for that is actual canon, that makes it all the better.

Just one more thing that pissed me off. The lack of Hunk and Pidge. I mean, they were there, but they… just… were there. That’s all they did. They already had too little plot in season 2, in my opinion, but in this season they really just were background characters. And that’s pissing me off because when I signed up for this show, I expected the Magical Girls feels of having a team, with team-bonding and equal plots for everyone but with the princess’ plight being in the focus. Literally what I expected to be Voltron. Instead it’s… very fast becoming the Shiro and Keith Show, with everyone else in the background.

I mean, the Sheith was strong in this one. They’re literally one kiss from being complete canon. And I’m saying that as a non-shipper. Not of them anyway. I only ship Keith and Shiro for the sake of Shklance. The Klance was mild but nice too this season. I love when Keith and Lance have Moments together. Next to the Langst, probably my favorite things to happen on the show.

So, yeah, particularly with that end-note, I gotta say… there was nothing I’d have added in a new chapter. The plot, what little plot there was, could have just happened like that, the ship-interactions too. There’d have been more making out and kissing, of course, but that… would have been it. And that’s not enough plot to do a chapter on. Maybe in two months with season 4, which hopefully will feature more than fillers.

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percy jackson + seokjin, fluff and angst o: (congrats on reaching your follower milestone!!)

two wrongs don’t make a rite (Kim Seokjin)

| ship: Jin + reader | word count: 1427| genre: fluff + angst | au: percy jackson au |

AN: Thank you too darling ! <3

books in my shelf prompts 

Summary: Does the son of Aphrodite really know the meaning of love?

It comes in little waves. Memories that you want to get rid of, an old memento you want to watch go up in flames, or just the sight of him that makes you want to curl up into a little ball of self-loathing and hate. It’s like a terrible surprise that sinks into your skin and makes it harder and harder for you to breathe. It makes you feel like throwing up the contents of your stomach, makes you want to take your gardening shears and behead all the flowers you’d so carefully grown.

You wonder sometimes what Seokjin saw in you that made you so desirable. But then you remember that it was all just a lie, a rite of passage all Aphrodite’s children had to go through.

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