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Do you think Kol will ever say I love you to Davina in the show?

I think he’ll more or less say it through his actions and protectiveness toward her than outright saying it for a little bit. There are a hundred ways to say “I love you” and I think they’ll work their way through the first 99 before getting to that big one. It’s already starting with Davina when Ariane told her to focus on what she loved most, what made her want to live and it was heavily implied that it was Kol because she was making a promise to go back for him before returning to the living.


I think I understand your feelings about this book. I used to have some problems with it, myself. When I read it in grad school, Madam Bovary just seemed like a fool. She marries the wrong man; makes one foolish mistake after another; but when I read it this time, I just fell in love with her. She’s trapped! She has a choice: she can either accept a life of misery or she can struggle against it. And she chooses to struggle.


5x08, “Kitsunegari”