Deleted scene from The Runaway Bride

THIS Wed 4/1! SWANS & LITTLE ANNIE at State Theatre!

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Levi’s “Dangerous Liaison” Ad (2007) 

Still one of my favorite commercials. 


Things Happen - Coil 


Little Annie & Fabrizio Palumbo- Blue Xmas EP (Tourette Records)

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This is a limited release of 300 copies on transparent blue vinyl. The first 50 featured original canvas art. This is no traditional Xmas ep. Out of the 3 tracks the haunting rendition of “Blue Moon” is as close as the duo comes to some holiday cheer even if it sounds straight out of a David Lynch film. Instead they have taken the idea of a blue mood deadly serious with some very arty downer material. The end results are fantastic disorienting tracks with beautifully droning guitars and viola and mesmerizing vocals.