Little titan cafe

i just really really adore ereri aus where the relationship isnt abusive and fucked up but instead only a little weird

i also love conflicted old men who hate the world bc their crush is younger than them

inspired by the fanfiction “little titan cafe” by this girl

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(this is actually my very first snk fanart can you believe it)

little titan café is the au that warms up my heart between all the heartbreaking fics I’m reading ;; <3 I mean, come on, it’s an ereri café!au, so it could only be the sweetest little thing!
aaahh I wanted to make a decent drawing but for now I only managed these sketches ._.

Okay so I know this fanfiction is from about a year agok but I read it and I couldn’t help but draw this adorable coffee shop in all its titan glory!


PART ½ (3?)

Quick I-Don’t-Know-What-They-Are based on the first six chapters of The Little Titan Cafè [x-x] by pocketsizedtitan [x-x]. I just put together the main characters/drinks of this chapters. Hope you’ll like it!

 CHAPTER 1: Levi & Caffé Latte
 CHAPTER 2: Christa and Chai Tea (‘Tai Chi’)
 CHAPTER 3: Ymir and Hot Chocolate
 CHAPTER 4: Sasha & Peppermint Mocha Latte
 CHAPTER 5: Armin & Chocolate Chai Tea Latte
 CHAPTER 6: Eren & Wings of Freedom Latte

// I still need to accept how the last chapter ended… ;_;

Haaaaa…. this looked different in my head.

I usually don’t read fan-fic that much and I neeeeever do fanart for it, but pocketsizedtitan has written a really cute one called “Little Titan Cafe”. You should definitely check it out if you like boys being awkward and and painfully oblivious. I hoestly don’t know why I’ve gotten so hooked on it.

I love how Eren’s guesses at what Levi does for a living are gradually getting weirder and weirder. 

this is kinda sorta how i imagine the cafe in 

the little titan cafe to look like 

at the front its all windows 

theres tables and stuff scattered and those ones attatched to the walls that i cant draw 

the bit after the door of the coffee making area is kind of extra since it didnt make sense to just put a wall there

so its kinda how i imagine it

but not really at the same time i was just bored so i made this 




Here is my fanart of Eren who occasionally glances at his little crush during work time! Eren, it’s no good to slack! I hope you enjoy this simple little fanart /RUNS

I’m very sorry, Jean.

“When Eren was sure Mikasa wasn’t looking, he frantically scanned through his book, thinking Mikasa must be mad to think he was always drawing Levi. That couldn’t be the case, right? He had to have drawn other stuff. Other things. Other people. But nope. There was Levi holding a cup. Levi on his laptop. Levi writing in a notebook. Levi’s hands. His forearms. His smirk. His slanted eyes and the tilt of his head and the angle of his jawline and his unbuttoned collared shirt and the curve of his neck and – Eren slammed his forehead down against the table.”
The Little Titan Café - chapter 12: pocky by pocketsizedtitan

guess who was wondering how Eren’s sketchbook looks like…

okay second time trying to upload let’s hope tumblr doesn’t delete my comment this time.

laughs okay i finally did fanart for this gem like i said i would earlier

this is kinda’ sloppy and i don’t know how to draw anything that isn’t humans and it’s probably nothing like it’s meant to be but yeaH i spent a while on it. it’s based on chapter 5?? that was a great chapter js

yeah i hope you like it senpai sorry if it’s lame haha

bonus: sasha and connie being idiots in the background and ruining the mood


anonymous asked:

I need a good Ereri fanfic to readddd!!

I would gladly offer you some but I’m not sure what kind you actually want or haven’t/have read!

Maybe one of these?:

The 6th Ward

The Little Titan Cafe

Beyond The Sea

Yesterday, I Loved You

Under The Bed

The Customer Is Almost Always Wrong

Making Money Is Not Easy

Penthouse Suite

Color Of Life

Ein Riese, der Fliegen Wollte

Hazy Memories

Uncuffed (Just in case)

An Assembly of Scavengers

Take My Life


What’s Eating You?

Your Customer Service Sucks

Of Mistletoe and Shitty Fake Boyfriends

Trimming At Your Heartstrings


Reaching For The Stars

The Bodyguard And The Merman

Make Your Mark

Good Enough To Eat

Hey Lover

Of Toddlers And True Love

Through The Curtain

A Million Kisses


This Is The Day


Not What I Need (But I Want It All The Same)

A Dangerous First Love

The Meaning Of Life


Addicted To You

I’ll find your voice in my mouth, I’ll wear your clothes ‘til you come home


Rise On Freedom’s Wings

The Ackerman’s Guide to Dating

Lips Like Sugar

Give The Dog A Bone®

I’m Fine. I’m Fine. I’m Fine.

Your Warrant Need

Red Heat

Night Drive

A Beast And The Beauty



The Blooper Reel

Beneath My Broken Feet

Titan Love

[These are actually some of the earlier fics I’ve posted and I already had a list with their links so I just decided to copy and paste them. Hopefully you haven’t read them all and you find one! I’m also sorry for how bad this list looks, I had to make it on my phone.] 


Remember that really awesome and cute story on Archive of Our Own? Little Titan Cafe? Well watch this is utterly heart melting and warming

I had an alternative ending in mind for the Little Titan Cafe, except not so much “alternate” but instead of giving you guys a scene in the far future, I had originally planned on a near-future where Levi proposes to Eren in the cafe.

so um, I guess if you guys are curious? Levi proposes to Eren in the cheesiest way imaginable. Like, since Levi can’t make latte art – let alone make his own cup of coffee (he’s truly useless when it comes to this) – he asks one of the baristas to write “Marry me” into a cup of Chai Tea Latte.

and Eren would be sitting at one of the tables by the window, working over his latest commission project for another book cover. Levi sets the cup down in front of Eren and says “One Tai Chi latte.”

And Eren just rolls his eyes so high heavenward bc “Levi that’s getting old now. I’m gonna start charging you 20 bucks every time you say Tai Chi

and Eren stops because he sees the drink and at first he thinks he’s seeing things but there it is. Marry me.

and Levi just..turns Eren’s chair around so he’s facing him, and Levi goes down on one knee and pulls out a ring from his pocket. and Eren’s just sitting there in bewildered shock and Levi looks composed and patient but he’s actually dying inside with nerves because what if Eren realized he doesn’t want to be stuck with this old man for the rest of his life.

but Eren says yes, ofc.

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HELLO :D do you have any ereri fic recs? TH ANKYOU <33

Oh, Nonnie, let me hook you up here okay. I’ll be your fic dealer for tonight.

Help Me Stand

(Also as a note on that one, it has a LOT of self-harm so if that upsets you at all please don’t read it.)

The Minutes Of The Red People

(This is REALLY neat Assassin!Levi AU with quite a bit of human experimentation thrown in.)

What’s Eating You?

(Zombies + snarky Eren.)

The Little Titan Cafe

(Coffee Shop AU~!)

Mercy Doesn’t Exist

(More human experimentation/assassin AU - as you can see I’m fond of this.)

House of Echoes

(Just a warning, House of Echoes can get EXTREMELY dark and EXTREMELY twisted.)

Our Eyes

(Heterochromic!Eren in this one - I’ve only just started reading it myself but fucking hell, I’m recommending it anyway.)

Tentative Bliss

(To put it simply, it’s a BDSM AU! featuring lots of Armin.)


(90s AU aww yeah~)

These are the BIG recs, honestly I have a giant list of Ereri fics/oneshots to read and once I sort through them I’ll add to the list, but yeah. Hope this helps you Nonnie!

Happy reading!

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I love your blog! By the way, do you have any favorite ereri fics?

Thank you so much! (´ω `)

Do I … haha, wha-what’s a fic? /sweats

Seriously though, I’ve been meaning to do a fic rec for the longest time. Just never got around to it.

So here are some of my faves

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Ah I forgot I had written this, and found it when I was going through my documents. But this was originally the scene that was supposed to introduce Levi and Eren’s kid in LTC. It also mentions the time Levi first had dinner with the Jaeger family and met Grisha:

For some customers, it was their first time stepping into the Little Titan Café. For others, they recognized the friendly baristas. They knew to order a Dancing, Armored or Colossal sized drink. They saw the little chalkboard up front with today’s special. The shop was still the same, with all of its little quirks and details.

“—ember the first time Levi had dinner with us?”

Voices carried on throughout the shop, drowning out the music that played overhead. Cups were set down, knocking gently over wooden tables.

“How could I forget? I thought dad was going to perform open heart surgery right there on the dinner table.”

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Ereri - Levi x Eren Fanfiction Recommendations

Hey! Answering an anonymous question so here’s a whole list of my absolute favourite Ereri / Levi x Eren fanfics recommendations that comes to my head! They’re in order of my most favourites to still favourites but not so much! I’m also kind enough to go you the links too. They’re all worth your time, I swear. Read them. Some most are kinky c;

Please enjoy you sexy beasts!