grumpy baby
  • little:*is grumpy*
  • CG:what's wrong baby?
  • Little:I'm hungry and seepy and cold and want cuddles!*pouts*
  • CG:*picks up baby and sets them on couch*
  • Little:wait, come back, I needs you!
  • CG:* leaves to bedroom then kitchen and comes back with a blankie, Dion nuggies, and a Disney movie*
  • Little:nuggies!!
  • CG:*sits with little ands baby in their arms* there. Now you have everything and you can eat your nuggies under your blankie in my arms and fall asleep to the movie and take a nap!!
  • Little:tank oo!! *shoves dinosaurs in tiny mouth*
LDR Bad Words
  • (Kinda based off of a situation... 🙈)
  • Little:(on video call) F**k. F**k. Mommmyyyy f**k.
  • Mommy:What was that?
  • Little:N-nothing.
  • Mommy:(in stern voice) Little girl... I better have not heard a bad word come through those pretty lips of yours.
  • Little:Um... I said nothing mommy...
  • Mommy:Are you lying to me little girl?
  • Little:Uh.. maybe?
  • Mommy:Nose in the corner. 10 minutes missy. You will put me someone where I can see you.
  • Little:*sighs* Yes mommy.

Hello. (>_<)  I just wanted to make a tiny post cause I don’t ever really speak on here at all. But I’d like to make some friends. I’m a trans little boy who just wants some little friends to talk too (or even Mommies and Daddies, but not sexual, please.), because I’m little a lot of the time and I don’t like feeling lonely. So, if anyone wants to be my friend, please inbox me or something, please? Thank you~! <3

anonymous asked:

Hi there. You don't have to answer, but would you happen to have any tips for dealing with a breakup? Especially if you don't have any friends to distract you or talk to. Me and my boyfriend/daddy were together for 2 years and now I just don't know what to do

Hi, sweetheart *hugs*

I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain right now. Break ups can be really devastating.
Psychologists have said that the ending of a major relationship can be as painful as losing someone to death. The pain doesn’t last forever, which may not be helpful now, but can be a helpful thing to keep reminding yourself of.

Focus as much as you can on taking care of and nourishing yourself. I know it can feel preferable to just lay in bed and cry (I’m 27 so, lord knows I’ve done that a million times in my life!) but, taking care of yourself as best you can is not only vital to your wellbeing in general, but can cut the amount of “grieving” time.
Make sure you’re eating enough, drinking enough water, keeping up with your personal hygiene. Please keep in mind that I’m not saying you’re not capable of taking care of your hygiene! I know some people take offense to hearing that. But, when you’re really sad or depressed, things like brushing your teeth, showering, keeping your clothes clean can seem REALLY hard. After my first bad breakup I just stayed in bed for a little over a week. I barely ate and think I dragged myself into the shower twice: It’s easy to forget that stuff when something else is so heavy on your mind.
Make yourself little notes if you need reminders. “eat at X and X time”, “have a snack at X”, “drink X glasses of water today” and check them off as you drink them, “don’t forget to shower today!”, etc.

The easy suggestions are coloring, playing, watching cartoons, etc. But, I feel like now would be a good time to take up a hobby or learn something new; refocus your mind on something positive and, perhaps, useful. Are there any languages you’d like to learn? Do you have any interest in something like knitting or sewing? Do you have some kind of marketable skill you could work on and sell (candle, soap, jewelry making, selling art, etc)
Read some books that will enrich your mind. You can get the kindle app for free on most (or all?) tablets and smartphones and they have tons of free books! If you have any interest in drawing or writing, why not get into it (or more into them if you already are)? Journaling, if you don’t already do so, can be really good for getting your feelings out and even organizing and dealing with them. Plus, there’s rarely ever a bad time to be introspective.

And, I know you said you have no one to help distract you but, people are always strangers before you become friends with them. If you have interest in friends, or just someone to talk to, reach out! You’re already halfway there sending an anon ask! If you see someone you think you’d like to be friends with, go for it! You never know what could happen unless you try 😊

Just please remember to take care of yourself. You’re so important and worth it!
You’re going to be okay. I’m here if you need me, okay?