Little kids

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How are the signs with little kids?

Aries: can be very playful with children, can keep up with their energy, but can be highly impatient and short-tempered with kids.

Taurus: they can be patient with little kids, might have a nurturing side, and might have a tendency to spoil them. Some Taurus can have a hard time with kids that are very different from them.

Gemini: is highly energetic and playful with kids, can get down on their level, might treat them like little adults, and knows how to bring out the intellectual potential in children.

Cancer: is a natural at dealing with young children, is protective, nurturing, and supportive towards them.

Leo: they are playful and warm with kids, highly encouraging, and they can sometimes adore children and will be very proud of their own.

Virgo: has a patient side with kids, can be good at teaching them things, watches out for their health and well-being but can be highly critical and lack understanding with children.

Libra: tries to be understanding and fair with kids, they highly value education for children, but has a inconsistent side with kids.

Scorpio: they are protective and giving with small children but might be controlling and has issues letting go of their own kids.

Sagittarius: is playful, treats children with respect and understanding, might spoil them at times, but needs to watch out for their irresponsible trait when around children.

Capricorn: they can teach children a lot, does what they think is best for them, but can be strict, might lack understanding, and can have a controlling side with children.

Aquarius: they encourage originality and independence in children, can relate to them, but might encourage too much rebellion or be too emotionally unavailable.

Pisces: they sacrifice a lot for children especially their own, is nurturing, protective, and creative with ideas and activities for little kids.

I love kids
  • 4 year old I babysit:What's that? *points at my face*
  • Me:Oh... It's a zit.
  • Her:A zit? Does it hurt?
  • Me:Nope, I don't feel it. I only see it.
  • Her:Where'd you get it?
  • Me:Life gave it to me because I'm a teenager. It's ugly, isn't it?
  • Her:
  • Me:
  • Her:No. It's on you and you don't make anything ugly. Your zit is pretty cause it's on you. *casually goes back to coloring*

Today a third grader (7 or 8 years old) asked me if I have a boyfriend and I said “No, but I have a girlfriend.” And he said “Aren’t you a girl?” And I said “Yeah. I like all genders. I’m Pansexual.” (I’m Panromantic but that’s a little more difficult to explain to a little kid) and he said “What does that mean?” So I explained (I explained nicely of course because he’s little) and he was like “Ohhhh. I bet your girlfriend is pretty. Because you’re pretty, meaning she has to be pretty. She’s lucky.”

He has a better understanding and acceptance of the LGBT community than most of the world