Little kids

Imagine Draco feeding the baby
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Draco:</b> *finally manages to get the baby to actually keep the food in his mouth and eat it*<p/><b>Draco:</b> Well done, little lad! Daddy's so proud of you! *feeds him another spoon*<p/><b>You:</b> *comes in* Hey you two!<p/><b>Draco:</b> *turns around* Hey my love! Look at this, I'm the BEST FEEDER in the world!<p/><b>Baby:</b> *spits out food*<p/><b>Draco:</b> HOW DARE YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS! I TRUSTED YOU! BUT AS SOON AS I TURN MY BACK ON YOU YOU ABANDON EVERYTHING I TAUGHT YOU<p/><b>You:</b> Draco<p/><b>You:</b> Draco that is a BABY<p/><b>Draco:</b> ...UNTRUSTWORTHY LITTLE TRAITOR<p/></p><p/></p>

My mother tells me
that when I meet someone I like,
I have to ask them three questions:

1. what are you afraid of?
2. do you like dogs?
3. what do you do when it rains?

Of those three, she says the first one is the most important.
“They gotta be scared of something, baby. Everybody is. If they aren’t afraid of anything, then they don’t believe in anything, either.”I asked you what you were afraid of.
“spiders, mostly. being alone. little children, like, the ones who just learned how to push a kid over on the playground. oh and space. holy shit, space.”
I asked you if you liked dogs.
“I have three.”
I asked you what you do when it rains.
“sleep, mostly. sometimes I sit at the window and watch the rain droplets race. I make a shelter out of plastic in my backyard for all the stray animals; leave them food and a place to sleep.”
he smiled like he knew.
like his mom told him the same
“how about you?”

I’m scared of everything.
of the hole in the o-zone layer,
of the lady next door who never
smiles at her dog,
and especially of all the secrets
the government must be breaking
it’s back trying to keep from us.
I love dogs so much, you have no idea.
I sleep when it rains.
I want to tell everyone I love them.
I want to find every stray animal and bring them home.
I want to wake up in your hair
and make you shitty coffee
and kiss your neck
and draw silly stick figures of us.
I never want to ask anyone else
these questions
ever again.

—  Caitlyn Siehl
Okay so I have green hair and this happened in the store;
  • Three-year-old boy: SHE HAS GREEN HAIR!
  • His father: Yes, do you like the green hair?
  • Three-year-old boy: Yes. I WANT TO HAVE PINK HAIR!
  • His father: Pink is cool too! I can make your hair pink if you like it
I hug poles

Okay so where I work we have one of those structural support pillars or whatever in the middle of the room.

I’m teaching this kid we’re gonna call Percy. Percy is fuckin over the moon for hugs, it’s so intense, this 9 year old hugs people he doesn’t even know. Percy also likes to be in charge.

So I’m teaching, and my brother is helping me, but Percy only wants to listen to me and not my brother. So I tell this kid:

“Hey if you don’t listen I won’t hug you.”

And so, with the prospect of getting them hugs, he behaves for like 3 minutes, and then acts up again.

“Percy, I’m telling you I’ll hug someone else if you don’t listen”

So we get through another couple minutes, but this time he just sits down and refuse to move because we don’t want to play a game.

“Percy? Percy are you listening? Percy if you don’t stand up…I WILL HUG THIS POLE”


I go and hug the pole. I cradle it in my arms.


I told him I would only let go if he stood up, and that took him five minutes. So I hugged that pole, held it close to my heart, for those precious 5 minutes. It was beautiful.

The end.

Z: “This is Batter. He’s always cranky because his Mom won’t let him be a purifier.”



Z: “This is Sugar, Her Dad’s the head of the sugar-” S: “GRRRR”



Z: “HEY JUDGE! Ready for something really cool?!”




Okay, so just picture this real quick....

Marinette and Adrien being childhood friends.

Marinette and Adrien playing together in the park, both about 5-7 years old, eventually they get tired and sit together on a bench.

Marinette and Adrien talking with each other while they catch their breath, eventually asking each other about their favourite animals.

Adrien blushing and saying “Okay…don’t laugh, but….I really really like ladybugs…”

Marinette giggling and telling him that it’s okay to like ladybugs because they’re cool and cute.

“My mom told me they’re lucky, too!!!!”

Adrien asking Marinette about her favourite and her just responding that she loves cats, but she loves black cats the most. Adrien grins and he’s like

“Yeah! They’re so cool and myst-mystri…um…weird?”

Marinette giggles and they run off to play again.

A few weeks later it’s Halloween.

“What do you want to dress up as, Mari?”

“It’s a surprise, Adrien!!!”

On Halloween they both show up, Marinette dressed as a ladybug, Adrien dressed as a black cat. They both dressed up as each other’s favourite animal.

Marinette and Adrien’s moms gushing about how adorable they are together.

Their fathers just sharing this flat look like “Looks like we’re saving up for a wedding.”

through the years

I just really love this idea: it takes you through the ages you’ve been together and it’s just sooooo aww worthy :))))


c/l/n = crush’s last name 

m/n = your mom’s name 

d/n = your dad’s name 

c/m/n = crush’s mom’s name 

c/d/n = crush’s dad’s name


4 years old:
today we moved into a new house. the yard is fun, the house is big, and I have my family, but it’s still not that yellow house back in California. I sit down at the at the window seat and look outside at the afternoon sun.
“wanna go for a bike ride?” dad asks, setting down a box he was holding.
I nod, a grin growing on my face.
we head out to the garage where mom and s/n are, and grab our bikes.
“y/n, aren’t you glad you don’t have training wheels anymore?” dad asks.
“of course!” I giggle, kicking back the kickstand.
we head out down the road and turn at the corner, gliding down the next street when we see a family at the corner house.
“hi!” the mom says when we’re in front of their house, “are you guys new here?”
“yeah, we actually just moved in today.” my mom replies with a smile. “I’m m/n l/n.”
“it’s so nice to meet you, m/n! I’m c/m/n c/l/n. and this is my husband, c/d/n.”
“I’m d/n.” my dad smiles, and they all shake hands.
“oh and here’s c/n and c/s/n.” mrs. c/l/n says as they run over to us.
“I’m y/n!” I tell her with a huge smile on my face. “and that’s my big sister, s/n.”
“y/n, how old are you?” mrs. c/l/n asks.
“well isn’t that perfect.” she smiles, turning to c/d/n, then back to me. “c/n is 4 as well! say hi c/n.”
c/n waves to me from his dad’s side.
“hiiiiiiiiii.” he smiles. “do you know how to play tag?”
“yeah! you’re it!” I giggle, and run into his yard with him behind me. eventually he tags me, then I tag him back, and so on, until we stop and crawl up into his treehouse. almost immediately, I hear my mom call me.
“y/n! we’re leaving!”
I look at c/n sitting criss cross apple sauce near me.
“bye, c/n!” I say, and crawl back down. he peaks his head out the window once I’m on the ground.
“bye!” he waves, and I run back to my family.

age 6:
“mom can c/n and I have our birthday party together?” I ask eagerly, running up to her while making dinner.
“does c/n want to or just you?” she asks.
“no, he wants to, too.” I assure her. “maybe you can call his mom and we can have a party together! we’re only a couple days apart.”
“let’s do it.” she smiles, wiping her hands off on a towel.

“alright, y/n, you have the cake and present for c/n?” mom asks as we get into the car.
“yep!” I say, nodding my head with my pigtails bouncing.
we get to the trampoline park and I run inside.
“hey y/n!” c/n says as he sees me enter.
“happy birthday!” I say, handing him the wrapped Lego set we got.
“thanks! you too!” he laughs, and runs over to the table to get my present.
“here ya go.” he says, and tosses it to me.
“thaaaaaanks. can we go on the trampolines yet?”
“it’s our birthdays we can do whatever we want.” he shrugs, and we bound over to the main area.
“hey look! Joey and Jack and Lily are here!” he says, and we dart over to the door.
after a while, once all our friends have arrived and we’ve bounced enough times, mrs. c/l/n calls us over to have our dinner and cake and open presents. she sits us both at the head of the table and puts a party hat on c/n.
“come on, mom.” he says, taking it off. I blush a little when she puts one on me, too.
“oh, it’s just a picture, it’ll take one second. put it back on.”
“ok, one is done.” he jokes, and she takes the picture as we’re laughing.

if being with 17 hyper 5 and 6 year olds isn’t already enough, add some cake and it will be. Jake and Olivia get *a little* crazy but eventually calm down once we open presents. and as everyone leaves, c/n and I take one more bounce.
“I bet I can bounce you higher than you can do to me.” he says.
“noooo!” I say. “you lie.”
it turns out that he could, in fact, bounce me much higher than I could bounce him.
“you’re taller!” I say, “that’s why.”
he shrugs and laughs, “still better!”

age 10:
“do you have the s'mores stuff, y/n?” mom asks as we walk outside.
“yeah. graham crackers - check. chocolate - check. marshmallows - check. skewers - check.” I say.
“ok, let’s go!” she says, and we walk to c/n’s house for a neighborhood campfire.
“S/N, YOU COMING?” I yell.
“yeah I’m right here!” she laughs, and I turn around.
“oh.” I giggle, and we walk over.
“and dad’s meeting us over there when he gets home?” I ask.
“you got it.” mom says.

once we get to c/n’s house I see Emmy and Ryan.
“hey!” I say.
“y/n, convince Emmy to play ghost in the graveyard. pleeeeeeease.” he begs. “she’s so stupid and doesn’t want to.”
“Ryan!” Emmy yells, “I never said that!”
I laugh as the twins argue. we make our way over to the fire where zach and c/n are already sitting.
“who wants s'mores!?!?” I ask, setting the tray down.
instantaneously we’re all huddled around the fire with our marshmallows roasting perfectly.
“DARN IT!” c/n yells as his starts burning.
“SAVE IT SAVE IT TWIST IT BLOW IT OUT S-” we all scream as he desperately tries to revive his marshmallow. then it drops into the fire and we burst out in laughter.
“here.” I say, tossing him the bag. “just don’t waste all of them.”

“alright, 2 people are the ghosts, everybody else looks for them.” Ryan says. “are the little kids playing too?”
“nah…” c/n says, “they’re inside.”
“ok! nose goes!” Emmy says.
“y/n, c/n, you’re the ghosts.” zach laughs.
“come on that was cheap.” c/n complains.
“nope, we’re counting now.” zach laughs, and
we go to hide.
“where should we go?” I whisper.
“wait! up in a tree! not the treehouse because that would be hard to get down quickly but like climb a tree and then jump out of it.” I say eagerly.
“ok!” he whisper-shouts, and we run to the nearest tree.
“12 o'clock, midnight, hope we see a ghost tonight!” we hear the others chant, and then set out.
“Emmy open your eyes!!” I hear Ryan say, followed by laughing.
“do you think they’ll find is or should we just like hop out and scare them?” c/n asks with a devilish look.
“let’s see when they get over here.” I smile, and we wait until they’re right beneath us.
“3, 2, 1…” I mouth, and we hop down.
“boo!” we giggle, getting a scream from Emmy and award winning jumps from both Ryan and zach. we tag all of them.
“no fair!” zach laughs.
“how… what… where… wha-?” Ryan starts.
“in the trees!” I whisper, and run back over to the campfire.
“I think that deserves another s'more.” Emmy smiles, and we settle back down.

15 years old:
because I’m crazy, I love running. running in the morning is best because there’s hardly anyone out - just the few people walking their dogs or the women obsessed with their gardens who water their flowers multiple times a day. but besides that, it’s just peaceful and relaxing. and since today it’s 62 degrees, it’s literally THE best running weather. I turn on my music and head out. my watch gets the signals and I press start. after 20 or so minutes, I hear something behind me. I whip my head around quickly to see c/n on his bike.
“y/n, I’m faster than you are! pick up the pace!” he jokes, gliding next to me.
“why are you out so early? and why are you riding your bike this early? shouldn’t you be sleeping?” I huff out.
“I could ask the same to you.” he smirks. “but I have practice in like a half hour so I woke up and saw you run past. I don’t understand how you like running, anyways.”
I smile and shake my head.
“it’s fun, that’s why!”
“I’m sure it’s better with me here.” he says, smirk still plastered on his face.
“actually I slowed down.” I laugh.
“…more enjoyable I should say.”
“nah, it’s better when I go faster.” I say, playing it out.
“well then, y/n, I’ll make you go faster.” he speeds up a few feet ahead of me.
“stay with me then!” he smiles, and I speed up to run alongside him.
“h-” he starts.
“shhhhhhhh… it’s hard to talk when I run.” I tell him.
“ok, miss drama queen.”
I laugh and trip, but regain my balance.
“well that was fucking embarrassing.” I giggle.
“no it was cute.” he smiles, “you didn’t fall!”
I blush a bit. oh, how I hope how sweaty and hot I am covers it up. we’re silent for a minute before he says,
“ok, well I gotta go to practice now. see ya later, y/n.”
I wave as he turns back around.
“fuck.” I whisper. I actually do like him.

“I GOT MY DRIVERS LICENSE!” I say, running over to c/n holding the piece of paper.
“woah there,” c/n chuckles, “slow down, crazy.”
“sorry I’m just so excited.” I breathe out, bouncing a bit.
“I get mine tomorrow.” he says. “let’s make it a game.”
“how so?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.
“whoever gets more points has to pay for the other one’s ice cream. and the one who gets less points gets to drive there.”
“are you asking me out on a date, c/n?” I wink.
“no, simply starting a challenge.” he winks back.
“deal.” I say, sticking out my hand.
he grabs my hand and we shake.

“I hope you passed.” I say as he walks up to me. “I’m really looking forward to that ice cream.”
“well…” he starts, “if you consider this” he holds up his paper, “passing, then yes I did.” a grin spreads on his lips.
“good job! that’s so exciting!” I say, a grin just as big as his on my face.
“how many points?” I ask.
he frowns. “well say it on 3.”
“1, 2, 3!” we both say.
simultaneously we say our score.
“22!” I whisper.
“wait.” I say. “21?”
“yeah I literally almost failed.”
“I feel ya, I got 22!” I giggle.
“well it looks like I’m the one who scored.” he winks.

we go over to the table by the window.
“wanna try mine?” I ask.
“sure, thanks!” he smiles.
“you can try mine, too.”
“no thanks, I don’t like chocolate ice cream.” I smile.
“you don’t know what you’re missing.” he winks. “oh, and the winner also gets one more thing.” he says.
“and what would that be?”
he leans over and places his lips on mine, then pulls away. I must have a weird face on because he says,
“I am so sorry, y/n. I , I didn’t-”
“no it’s not you! it’s the chocolate!” I giggle. “I, the… I loved everything else.” I smile.
“oh thank god.” he sighs, a smile growing on his lips.
“so…” I say, taking a spoonful.
“so…?” he asks.
“is this a one time thing or…?”
“I’d say more than that…”
I glance up at him. “that works for me…” I wink.
“and next time I promise I won’t get chocolate so we can share.”
“stahhhhhhp!” I laugh, “you don’t have to be perfect.”
he winks, “but it’s my specialty.”

18 years
as I toss my cap into the air, I catch sight of c/n, rows ahead of me. even though we’re going to different colleges, it doesn’t mean we have to separate in all factors. yeah, we won’t see each other as often. we’ll have more friends and different friends. we’ll go to different parties and meet other girls and guys, but we’ll still have each other, and nothing can break our bond. everyone says we should break up, we should start fresh in college. but it doesn’t feel right. we’re just so compatible, like adjacent puzzle pieces just fitting together perfectly.
time passes and we head out for pictures. I find my family but catch c/n in the corner of my eye. he sees me and smiles. I smile back like the first day we met.
“y/n, smile!” mom says as she snaps a picture of me.
“go find c/n, he’s part of this family too!”
we meet in the middle. his hands find my waist, my hands find his neck. our kiss is captured on camera by not only both our families, but by everyone’s eyes. I stick my foot up like in the movies, and we part.
“y/n, I love you.” he whispers for the first time.
“I love you, too, c/n.” I say without hesitation.
we finish our pictures and head to our cars.

“so when’s the wedding?” my grandma asks as c/n weaves his fingers between mine.
“still a few years down the road.” he winks, causing me to giggle.
“y/n, he’s a keeper.” grandma says with a smile.
“oh grandma, I know.” I smile, and at that moment I’ve found happiness.