Favorite Daddy Phrases


~Who’s in charge?
~Who owns you?
~What did I say?
~Do I make myself clear?
~Do you remember your rules?
~Do you need to be punished?
~What did you just say?
~Are you going to be a good girl?
~Who’s my good girl?
~Who do I love the most?
~How’s my little girl?
~What’s my little girl doing?
~Are you in little space?
~What are you coloring/drawing?
~How are your stuffies?
~Can Daddy join?
~Are you taking care of yourself?
~Have you eaten enough?
~Are you drinking enough?
~Have you taken your meds?
~Are you ready for bed?
~Are you snuggled in bed?


~Listen to Daddy
~Don’t disobey Daddy
~Do it for Daddy
~Be a good girl
~Speak up
~Use your words
~Stay close to Daddy
~Be safe
~Show Daddy what you’re wearing
~Show Daddy your favorite little outfits
~Show Daddy your coloring/drawing
~Show Daddy your favorite stuffies
~Tell Daddy about your day
~Go to bed, princess
~Close your eyes, baby


~Good girl
~You’re such a good girl
~I’m so proud of you!
~You did such a good job!
~I love you so much
~You’re my one and only
~I only want you
~I’m not going anywhere
~I promise
~You’re such a cutie!
~My little girl
~Daddy loves when you’re in little space
~You make Daddy so happy!

Pet Names:

~Baby Girl
~Little Girl
~Little One
~My Future Wife
~My Nerd
~My Dork
~My Girl
~My One and Only

How to tell if Im in little mode

☆- sudden humming/singing

☆-legs swinging/bouncing

☆-chewing on EVERYTHING

☆-looks up at the ceiling/sky in amazement

☆-“ya!” “na!” “k!” “Wah?!”


☆-colouring random things

☆- swinging wildly from “LETS RUN AROUND THIS TABLE 345 TIMES!!” To “IS NAP TIME!!”

Reminders for littles with anxiety

✨ lavender oil is your best friend, put that behind your ears before you sleep or after a panic attack and you’ll be sure to calm down

✨keep a journal next to your bed, it really helps to write down everything you’re feeling

✨it’s totally okay to let yourself cry before, during, or after a panic attack

✨no, they aren’t talking about you

✨no, they aren’t annoyed with you

✨no, they aren’t mad at you

✨you are not a burden or a bother to anyone you love

✨everyone sweats, no one is making fun of you, just pack a jacket

✨warm baths and showers are a beautiful thing

✨always communicate with your partner, no matter how insignificant you think it may be

✨spinny rings are great for littles with social anxiety

✨it’s okay to have to need space when you’re anxious

✨it’s okay to show affection to your partner, they won’t push you away or call you clingy

✨you and your ideas are valid

✨you are not strange for planning every detail out before you do something, it’s okay to be prepared

✨it’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong I promise

✨your anxiety doesn’t define you!!

Reasons Why I Might Be Throwing a Tantrum

  • I didn’t get enough sleep
  • I don’t feel good
  • I didn’t have a snack
  • I can’t find my paci
  • I can’t find my stuffie
  • My stuffie has a stain on it
  • I can’t find a certain piece of clothing
  • The certain piece of clothing has a stain
  • I can’t bring my stuffie to a certain place
  • I don’t want to do the thing
  • I can’t find something to watch
  • I’m too tired to do something I want
  • I messed up my drawing
  • I messed up my coloring
  • I messed up talking
  • I can’t find something I want to eat
  • I can’t eat the thing I want to eat
  • I can’t seem to get enough attention
  • I can’t hold/pet the animals I would like to
  • I got yelled at by somebody
  • I don’t want to go to bed
  • I’m too tired to brush my teeth
  • The texture of something bothers me
  • I’m afraid to do something
  • I want to do something but can’t
  • I don’t have enough options
  • I have too many options
  • Rules aren’t being enforced
  • Rules are being enforced
  • I can’t be little somewhere
  • I haven’t been little for a while
  • I don’t feel like somebody is listening
  • I am too big/small for something
  • Something I liked broke
  • I have obligations/responsiblities
  • I have no schedule

  • Yeah… There’s a lot of reasons. Sorry. Good luck.
When Baby is on her Period

-she might be more little or less little than normal. Listen to your babies cues and hints. If she is feeling little, treat her little. If she is feeling big, treat her big. Don’t try and coax her into feeling big or little, just let her be where she needs to be. 

-She might be in a limbo stage. Not big or little. Give as many choices as possible, cup or sippy for example. But don’t force her to choose. If she cant choose, get her both. That way one minute she can be big, and the next little. This is helpful because just like mood swings are prevalent during this time, switching between big and little also happens, at least to me.  

-be understanding, give punishments less frequently and less harshly. Try to remember that she is probably in pain and is just trying to express it. If you would normally give spankings for doing something, try lines, or corner time, and if you do give punishments during this time, after care is so important! She is probably very emotional and vulnerable right now and need reassurance. 

-Get her some medicine and a cup of water or juice to help her get it down. Your baby is probably in pain and medicine helps so much. Basically the only time I ever take pain killers in during this week.  

-If baby wants cuddles, she should get them. If she wants to be left alone, leave her be for a bit. 

-LOTS of liquids. If your baby wants a special drink, try and get it for her, unless its alcohol. If you normal don’t let her have soda, consider it once or twice during this week. She is losing LOTS of fluid, and it needs to be replenished. Water and juice are the best, but any drink gets some liquid back in her system, except for alcohol. I always like to have like three cups at all times during this week. Three different drinks in three types of cups.  Maybe a cup of coffee, a bottle of juice, and a sippy of water. This way I can have lots of choices.

-Try to remind her to change her pad or tampon. I know this may be awkward for some, but if she is feeling extra little it might be hard for her to remember. Try to give reminders every two hours to be safe. 

-snacks and meals. Similar to drinks, try to be lenient.  She still should be eating healthy, but if she has a craving, try to get it. If she wants mac and cheese, try and make some, but also make her favorite veggie. She might not want it, but it will help if you get it ready. If she is not hungry, I never want to eat during this week, encourage her by making some of her favorite foods and snacks and give her the choices. Don’t force her to eat, but if you keep her favorite foods around and ready, it will help her find the will to eat. 

-Your baby might be more tired than usual, encourage naps and rest time. 

-Set up a bathie or shower for her. Warm baths are the best, but if that isn’t an option, get her a warm shower towel and help her get in. Getting the energy to get up and actually take a bath or shower is hard, but it helps so much! She will feel much better during and after. 

-If you can’t be with her, like if you need to go to work, send as many cute messages as you can. It makes us feel really special and loved. 

-If she needs to go to work, remind her that it’s very important. If she needs to take a sick day, that’s fine, but encourage her to only do it once. Usually for me its the first 24 hours that’s the worst.

-Set up her favorite show or movie and lay her down. If you have a TV in the bedroom, her bed is probably the best place. Lots of pillows and blankets, so she can sit or lay. I always get cold, and then hot, so try to have a fan and blankets so she can switch back and forth. Ask if she want to watch a big show, or a little show, but again don’t force her to pick. If she can’t make a choice try a teen movie or show, something she might like to watch no matter what she is feeling, or if you have a special show you two like to watch together do that. 

-Ask your baby if she needs anything. Try to be helpful in any way you can. 

-Remember that even if your baby is fussy she still loves you and really appreciates all the things you do to help her. Emotions always run high during this week. She might be really sad, really happy, really mad. It might switch every few minutes. Keep a level head. If you get emotional, it won’t help. 

-remind her constantly she is beautiful, cute, sexy, loved. She might be feeling really self conscious, bloated, or just ugly in general. -Never ever blame a littles behavior or emotions on her period, even if you know that’s why. Yes, we are more emotional or likely to act out, but NEVER say “are you acting out/being bratty because of your period?” Our feelings are still valid and very real.