Little White Lie

Andrew Scott Appreciation Post

Things I like seeing on Andrew Scott:


Any suit at all

His Paul Mccartney haircut cause it’s super adorbs


Smoking (and bearded dragons)


Teddy bear costumes




Fashion crimes

When he has a bunny nose while talking (also, freckles)

More freckles

Denim jackets

When he ties his regular tie in a bow tie



Neck appreciation

His beautiful smile

His tongue

His nose wrinkle

When he only wears boxers

When he only wears the covers



i think this is my favorite scene in little white lie. it was really special because no one was expecting it. duder was so socially awkward and seemed so uninterested that it was almost shocking that he said these things. and the way tanya reacted was perfect because she didn’t know that anyone could feel that way about her because she thought that everyone hated her. and duder meant every word he said to her, even though it was hard for the words to come out

Little White Lie Season 2 Synopsis

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People have been asking for a Little White Lie season 2 for years, and none of the creators have ever had very much to say beyond: “not gonna happen.”

And it’s not. 

Cause we can’t get the cast together, cause everyone looks too old, cause we don’t have the money, and cause after 2 years of pre, production, and post, we’re all just too tired. 

But we don’t feel good about that. At least, I didn’t. 

Little White Lie marks a time in my life where I worked the hardest I ever had and got to watch a lot of my talented friends do the same. It was always special to me, in spite of it’s faults. And I never liked that it didn’t have a proper ending. 

I also wanted to write something up, but never felt the urgency. It was the incredible support of our Twisted Kickstarter that tipped me over the edge. 

So without further ado, my synopsis of Little White Lie season 2: 

Click here!

In about 15mins, at 7:45cst I’ll be broadcasting a google hangout where I’ll talk about the production process of Little White Lie and answer questions HERE! 

And just because I had to mention it, my novel THE BULLY BOOK was released in paperback today! WHAHOOO! 

You can pick it up at any book store, or from the good ole web.


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