Little Rock


Dorothy Counts (1942-)- She was one of four black students ordered to segregated schools by the Charlotte School Board in North Carolina. Dorothy was assigned to Harding High School in Charlotte. She reported to Harding High in September 4, 1957 and attended the school for only four days before her father removed her from Harding. She then moved to Pennsylvania where she was able to continue her education.


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So here’s a little Christmas story… Those are my Uncle’s Next door neghbors (dressed up like National Lampoon’s Christmas xD ). This is my Uncle’s house…

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My uncle sits out in his driveway dressed up like Santa every night from November 25th all the way until Christmas night, handing out a total of over 200,000 candy canes each year(which he buys out of his own pocket) He sits out there and does all of this to raise money for the local middle school’s library/book club, which used to be struggling before he started this almost 20 years ago. Whenever he reaches his goal for the year, all of the extra money goes to Wounded Warrior. The first few years he did this the neighborhood hated him. He actually caused the neighborhood to have power outages and stuff in the first few years, and as people started to find out about him, traffic on his small road started getting clogged up, sometimes at almost a standstill for several hours. But now everyone loves him, and people donate more and more decorations every year, to the point that the neighbors actually let him use their yards as well in order to hold everything. You can get out and walk through the entire display as well, and his garage has a massive model city all decked out for Christmas!

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Several anonymous donors from throughout the neighborhood also pitch in for his electric bill throughout the holiday season, in order to help out and as a thank you for what he’ doing. Now a lot of the other people throughout his neighborhood have taken him as an example and have started decorating more and more (though not nearly as much as my Uncle :p ) and in the past few years the city has actually done their candlelight drive through his neighborhood since there are more decorated houses there than anywhere else in the city. If any of you are from the Little Rock area, be sure to swing and say hi!

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(and yes the beard is real :p )