Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or to the world, Lady Gaga. Yes, today is March 28, 2015, and our eternal mother monster turns 29 years old. We met her 2008, when she was just a shy girl with her 22 years.

I spent the last week thinking about what to write today, and that image post to represent this day. But as I was extremely hesitant, I decided to post this picture from 2013, because I feel in it an inexplicable intensity.

Many changes have occurred with Gaga in the last 7 years. Her style, her personal and artistic maturation, but the most special and important to this fanbase is one: the evolution of her affection for us, the little monsters.

Lady Gaga is not only a mother to us in her nickname of “mother monster”. She taught us to be strong, brave, to accept who we are and fight for the truth that we consider valid. She made a revolution in fashion, pop music and foremost in our minds and hearts.

I’m very proud to tell everyone that I’m a little monster, and that Gaga took me out of the deep end and showed me the meaning of life. I love this fanbase, and certainly there is no other so strong, diverse and tolerant.

Thank you Gaga, for transforming the lives of thousands of young people who before lacked support from anyone. Thanks for taking the world better for us to live, and make us from helpless to true courageous.

Happy Birthday Lady Gaga. We wish you the best things in the world, although we know that already has them and that the earth has become small for you.

We love you. 

Gaga Fanbase’s manager.