Little Black Dress


Little Black Dress 3 ways

Dress: Fashion to Figure

Look 1: 
Duster: Forever 21 (straight size)
Headband: Torrid
Shoes: ASOS

Look 2:
Vest: Fashion to Figure
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Converse

Look 3:
Shoes: Kohls

So I had been eyeing this dress since I started working at Fashion to Figure. Mainly for the pockets. It looked so comfy! And it was true. I love it. It comes in a peach color but I liked black for me. 

I wanted to do a dressy, casual, and in between set of looks because a black dress is so versatile. I dressed it up with the duster and headband. A jean vest makes everything look sportier and more casual. The converse just sealed the deal. I also added a playful hairstyle. 

Of course, I had to show the dress with nothing covering it because it’s so cute as is. I LOVE these deep pockets and the shape it gives me. I will most likely be wearing this to work today. But which way…