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Are there any Red Queen merchandise or apparel for sale? I don't want to buy anything unless it's directly supporting you and your publishing crew! I would love to rock a red queen shirt, just saying! Xoxo

Litographs has some great RQ merch! Thanks for asking!

My submission for the Scarlet Litographs Design Contest.

I’m rolling on a theme of the same basic elements as my Cinder Litographs Design. Not entirely sure if I’m allowed to participate again but Scarlet is actually what made me trash for this series so I had to give this a go.

I’ve seen a few submissions floating around and oh my stars they’re all so beautiful. Good luck to everyone!


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I have to wrap presents.
Less than a week until I go to England, I have to pack clothes and get ready.
I also have to get my oil changed before I go.

A lot of things are happening. I want to watch Star Wars and practice my guitar and read poems.
Also that shirt has a book printed on it, thanks to Litographs, which is some cool shit.
I think it’s raining right now.