Votive crown is a votive offering, very popular during the Early Middle Ages. Usually, the crown was suspended on chains to be visible at the altar, or later placed on the head of a statue. They were always filled with stones and often made out of gold.

image: (x) Visigothic votive crowns, Treasure of Guarrazar

Sugiura Hisui, Colour litograph, 1927 on Flickr.

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Celebration poster for the subway that goes from Ueno to Asakusa (downtown Tokyo) - the only subway train you see in East Asia… (Thanks to Paula Wirth for translating!)

Sugiura Hisui, “The Only Subway in the East”. Colour litograph, Japanese, 1927.

Scanned from “Art Deco 1910-1939” edited by Charlotte Benton, Tim Benton and Chislaine Wood.