1 / 29 February Prompts - Russia

Monday, 1st February 2016

Prompt: First meeting Russia! 


  • Ivan Braginsky

“Ah, Mr Lithuania!” You called out, running down the World Conference’s hallways. You were holding onto a set of important negotiation files, which your boss had asked you to deliver to Russia’s representatives. A tender smile bloomed onto your lips when a pair of energizing green eyes turned to look at you curiously. “Oh, um, do you know where Mr Russia is?” You asked softly, while your gaze had shyly dropped onto the carpet beneath you both. You held out the documents in your hands out to him, determined to continue on your little quest. “I’ve got the Financial Aid agreed deals for him to take.”

“(Y/N), your boss really worked hard for these,” He mumbled, lightly flicking through the paperwork with a concerned expression. The brunette sighed quietly as he read through the long list of resources that would be traded between the two large countries, until he noticed the peculiar item at the end of the list. His jaw dropped, nearly jumping out of his shoes in surprise at what was written. “wait, you’re aware that your boss has put you down, as an expendable employee of hers?” Lithuania looked up to you, seeing you bob your head and making his hurt in confusion. “Why would you do that?”

“Well,” You mumbled thoughtfully, raising your gaze to meet his as you thoughtfully tapped your chin. A light pink hit your cheeks, thinking of spending time with a particular favourite Baltic state. “I-I heard that Mr Russia tends to over work you, so I offered to come over in the agreement to make things easier for you.” With a bright smile, you failed to notice the large, intimidating figure come to stand beside you. Tilting your head, your innocent eyes looked to Lithuania. “Is that bad?”

Da, (Yes,) Lithuania, is that bad?” A cheery chuckle caught you by surprise, soon, you were wrapped in a warm hug. The perpetrator was wearing a large tanned coat, and was a man, based upon the deep voice, broad chest and masculine musky smell. “This is, (Y/N), right? Let’s take her home now.” The tall man, who certainly overshadowed you, looked down at you with large lavender eyes. His hair fell in front of his face, shading it just right, to make his welcoming smile seem much brighter. He paused, his smile faltering when he did a double take on you - the small, petite girl in his arms. You saw pink creep onto his ears, mouth limply hanging open for a moment. “You come home with me, okay, Без перевода? (Little Flower?)”

Your cheeks warmed, feeling a faint stirring of butterflies in your stomach Being held as you were, your heart couldn’t help but pound against your chest when you gazed into the captivating lavender hues. Only Estonia had managed to make you like this, but he was soon a long distant thought now that your eyes had finally laid upon Russia, a man you had been told was ‘threatening’. You smiled up to him with a shy wave. “It’s a ple-pleasure to be working for you, Mr Russia.”

Hej! So, I wrote this at midnight, finished it when I got to school and finally typed it up when I got home. (My school has blocked Tumblr :( ) So, here’s the first Prompt of the month - I’ve already started writing America’s, but it’s a little bit more awkward than I had intended. You’ll soon see what I mean by that, but in the mean time, enjoy the idea of big ol’ Russia becoming your boss. I maybe threw in a little Estonia-crush in there, but Mr Russia will soon make that thought disappear ;3 Poor Lithuania is worried for the reader, ah, I may make a continual story for the characters who have more than one day request.

Enjoy! See you tomorrow!