Exposition du Centenaire de la Lithographie (1895). Frédéric Hugo d'Alési (Romanian-French, 1849-1906). Colour lithograph. V&A.

A poster advertising a centennial exhibition of Lithography at the Galerie Rapp, Paris, in 1895. Frédéric d'Alési worked mainly in Paris. In this Paris scene (the Eiffel Tower is in the distance), he depicts a fashionably dressed woman of the 1890s admiring prints at an outdoor print booth. Although the place where the exhibition is being held - Galerie Rapp - is mentioned, no dates or opening times appear.

Countdown to Opening Day, 1939 World’s Fair

Artwork by Albert Staehle (1899 - 1974). Handbill in the Collection on the 1939/1940 New York World’s Fair at the Museum of the City of New York.

The Fair Opened on April 30th, 1939, and was promoted via many beautiful posters and design renderings