All I ask is that you take care of her for me.

She’s like a 5 year old, she might be a junior in high school but she wants attention 24/7, she wants you to stroke her hair or hold her hand or kiss her face.

She wants to know you’re there. That you love her. And I hope you do. I really hope you do.

Whats not to love though? Shes so easy to love. She will tell you that shes difficult and annoying and that you’re going to leave her, and it’ll frustrate you to hear those words all the time knowing it’ll never happen. But it’s happened to her before.

Please be different. She needs different.

She will never understand the way that other people look at her. I saw it though.

You should feel lucky everyday in her precense, I know I did.

I also knew that I didn’t have much time with her, simply because I saw it coming after the first time I lost her. Though I always treasured holding her hand and feeling her thumb rub against mine. I never took for granted the way she stared into my eyes with pouty lips begging for a kiss.

I knew I didn’t have long, so I kissed her.

I loved the smile that wouldn’t go away once you gave her what she wanted.

I hope you do the same.

Don’t tell her she’s clingy or obsessive. It will destroy her. She just wants your love and your time. She just wants you.

Never make her feel like a burden for simply loving you. You should feel grateful that she even loves you in the first place.

I mean, she’s just so beautiful. Not just her looks. Not just the way her eyes sparkle and the way she bats her eyelashes to get what she wants. Not just her cute laugh.

It’s the way she really looks at you when you speak, its the way you catch her staring at you, it’s the way she sings so loudly in the car, that you can’t help but be annoyed but also admiring her, wondering how on earth you were so lucky that she chose you, it’s the way she can’t go very long without touching you, it’s the way she always wants to wear your clothes because even when you’re apart, she can still feel close to you, its the way she tells you that nature reminds her of you. It’s the way that she looks at the world. It’s her mind.

It’s everything. She’s everything.

But all I ask are these things..

Create a safe place for her to talk to you about anything. She never had many people to talk to about her problems or her thoughts, be that person for her now that I can’t.

Make sure she knows shes beautiful. Tell her constantly, make her sick of hearing it. But at least she knows, at least she knows how you see her.

Listen to her when she speaks, remember all the dates, remember the little things and surprise her with it. It’ll warm her heart to know you cared enough to remember the things she thought you wouldn’t care enough about.

She’ll remember everything. She’ll ask you questions about yourself just so she can keep them in the back of her mind until one day its useful. She wants to know you. She never wants to stop learning you.

If you force her to watch a scary movie, let her cuddle up to you and cover her eyes when you know there is a scary part coming up.

Never make her feel like what shes feeling is invalid. She will never speak about her feelings again if you do. And she’ll let it rip her to shreds.

Be honest with her. If you’re not wanting this anymore, then tell her. Don’t lead her on because once she knows the truth it’ll ruin her to know that you weren’t always happy. That she couldn’t do that for you.

She cares more about other people than her own. So make sure you can really give your all to her. Its about time someone does.

She loves the feeling of being protected. So if someone stares at her the wrong way, be protective. She wants to feel safe. I hope you make her feel that.

Most importantly, love her. Love every part of her. Her emotions that are like on and off, her fears, her insecurities. Just love her now that I’ve been forbidden to. Love the parts of her that shes scared to love herself, the parts of her shes too scared to show anyone else.

Be honored everyday you have her.

I hope you don’t have to wake up everyday in fear that this could be the last day you speak to her, like I did.

I love her but needs stability. Be good to her, please.

—  To the next one that loves her

As humans, we lust to be loved. But we are so fixated on wanting to be loved, that we often forget how to love. 

We demand for a long-lasting love, that we often forget to work on the present love. 

And maybe that is why we end up breaking. We end up breaking because we are selfish. We often forget to give because all we want is to receive. To receive, you must give. And to give, you WILL receive.

—  Love.