Literal trash

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we gotta give michonne props for snuggling all up into rick after he was in a garbage pit where trash literally rained down on him and was covered in his own blood like if that ain't love idk what is

Lmao, right? Because it sure as hell wouldn’t be me! But also, dead people are everywhere, they’ve covered themselves in guts – she probably doesn’t even notice the smell anymore. 😄

tank you @raeviyn and @i-m-what-i-am for the tag, i realy appreciate this <3

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Name/Nickname: Ilona/I don’t have a nickname

Relationship Status: in love with Park Jimin, other than this single.

Favourite Colour: Yellow. But favourite colour to wear is pastel pink or dark blue.

Last song I listened to: Spring Day - BTS, because i was watching MCoundown.

Favourite TV Show: Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin (yeah, I’m a nerd)

First Fandom: Harry Potter

Hobbies: Reading, learning languages, greek mythology, criminal studies.

Books that I’m currently reading: uh, currently i’m reading a book by a polish author.

Worst thing I’ve eaten: liver, i guess?

Favourite place(s): my room and with friends, place doesn’t matter

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12 AM analysis on IDW Optimus Prime:

excuse the grammar… its late…

lmao when Optimus Prime doesnt know what to do with his life anymore because primes aint really needed rn because Starscream is running cybertron, megatron has shown that he’s capable of change, and theres no war, etc.

therefore prime is essentially useless rn so hes throwing a fit on earth/relating to earth because he cant protect anything or anyone rn. so he tries to take over earth to “protect it” but everyones calling him out on his shit.

there’s literally no use for him anymore like even Megatron still has some purpose and thats to be on the lost light; he has a quest (kinda). he was supposed to die but nope, still has a purpose.

But then OP was literally thrown into the trash bin that is earth as everyone “chose” SS for their leader over him so he feels useless and that he needs to do something something.

what did he always do?  protect, serve, fight. and he can’t do that anymore now that the war is over.

he cant do any of those things so what does he do? he takes over earth to “protect it”, he hopes that he can once again bring autobots to him to serve with him to “protect” earth and as for the fighting? well look at what he did to Galvatron along the way and look at what he’s about to cause.

so he probably thinks that the other mechs cant socialize with him he probably feels outcast because he doesnt have purpose.

also the title of “Prime” is some big respectful thing but imo the title was kinda lost during the war when most religious stuff died out for sake of survival and fighting. Like youre not gonna pray to prime or primus to help you when youre in battle youre gonna just fight and eventually rely on instincts so theres that fact maybe? that he probably feels as if he cant socialize with people because hes, for lack of a better way to say, “too high in status/title" or some shit

im tired its 12 AM and i havent slept for a few days so have this ramble

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I'm getting over a break up and I need some advice. I have a fear of falling in love. Ever since being dumped, I have felt like literal trash. I get into moods where I don't feel like I'm worth it, that no one will love me and that no one deserves to deal with me or my problems. I know it's not true but it's hard to fully believe it when I'm so low on self-esteem

Hey there, i have gone through the same thing and have some experience with this so i actually wrote a post about how to deal with a break up. So my advice is in that post :) 

I can promise you that you are worth it. You are amazing and wonderful and breaking up with someone cannot change that. 

You just gotta give yourself some time and lots of love. Be strong, i love you and everything will be okay. 

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You have no problem trashing movies you don't like during awards season yet you're so upset about any criticism La La Land gets.

literally what have i trashed besides the mel gibson war movie and yea its called bpd LMAO 

me??? doing bad art??? its more likely than you think

I gotta say the first time an internet friend told me Thomas had taken part in heathers, I sat there for a full minute and legitimately thought “ah yes, he must’ve played the red heather” then spent the next 4 minutes crying as I realized my mistake, so have some Thomas Sanders featuring some rlly good leggys bc high heels make everyones legs look bomb

@thatsthat24 i apologize for this lmaaoooo