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one of my most memorable times as a vip was the couple of months leading up to the made comeback:

  • the limited amount of teasers etc that we cherished like gifts from god (x)
  • all of a sudden - BLONDE SEUNGRI
  • every airport picture of them seemed to count as a teaser
  • why is taeyang in a wheelchair? (x)
  • why does jiyong have SIDEBURNS?? (x)
  • that time when everyone thought top and daesung had pink and purple hair (x)
  • when we all thought it would be a romeo + juliet themed comeback partly cos of gd’s gun tattoo (x)
  • that cryptic post on gd’s insta that had “ #**D* “ (x) and we were all trying to work out what the new comeback would be called (faves include “GODS”, “LADS” and “SODA”)
  • the tour trailer to end all tour trailers 
  • …. and the subsequent memeing (x)

and of course there were many more amazing (and ridiculous) things to come from that time but those are the ones i remember best! i wish i could go back just to feel that excitement and anticipation that we all felt back then~ thank u for all the good memories, VIP