• Bernard and Bianca Go to Australia: The Rescuers 2
  • Jafar Comes Back as a Genie: Aladdin 2
  • Belle Makes Christmas: Beauty and the Beast 2
  • Pocahontas Goes to England: Pocahontas 2
  • Simba Has a Daughter: The Lion King 2
  • Max Goes to College: A Goofy Movie 2
  • Ariel Also Has a Daughter: The Little Mermaid 2
  • Scamp Gets Lost: Lady and the Tramp 2
  • The Mice Tell Some Stories: Cinderella 2
  • Quasimodo Gets a Girlfriend: The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2
  • Patch Goes on a TV Show: 101 Dalmatians 2
  • Kida Has to Fix a Staff or Something: Atlantis 2
  • Mulan Helps the Emperor: Mulan 2
  • Tarzan Has an Identity Crisis: Tarzan 2
  • Stitch Has a Glitch: Lilo & Stitch 2
  • Kronk Has a Disapproving Father: The Emperor’s New Groove 2
  • Kenai Also Gets a Girlfriend: Brother Bear 2
  • Copper Joins a Band: The Fox and the Hound 2
  • Elsa Freezes Some More Stuff Maybe: Frozen 2

terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.


No one made a move to help him, and she struck him once more with her power. The red marble splintered where he hit it, spiderwebbing toward me. With wave after wave she hit him. Rhys groaned.

“Stop,” I breathed, blood filling my mouth as I strained a hand to reach her feet. “Please.”

Rhys’s arms buckled as he fought to rise, and blood dripped from his nose, splattering on the marble. His eyes met mine.

The bond between us went taut. I flashed between my body and his, seeing myself through his eyes, bleeding and broken and sobbing.

 I’m just. Going to curl into a ball and cry myself to sleep okay? “No one made a move to help him” is just so…painful yet justified on their parts. Rhys has carved out this place for himself, this no-man’s land. And it’s what I talked about before with the question of how far he went and whether it was ever too far. And he walks an incredibly thin line here to truly fall in a neutral zone whereby no-one will help him…but they won’t help Amarantha either. But he’s alienated himself and I wonder about that over the last 50 years. With no allies but no real enemies either. Just emptiness. It’s not difficult to see how Feyre and Rhys bond so closely in ACOMAF with the similar experiences that they’ve had. 

And I also love that the follow-up to this, to Feyre realising that no-one was helping Rhys…is to reach out and help him herself. Amarantha has shattered her bones at this point, tortured her far beyond anything she’s ever endured…and she lies on the floor, bloody and battered and exhausted and she asks her to stop…She asks her to stop hurting Rhys. 

There’s some really painful parallels going on here? Rhys slaved for Amarantha for fifty years and didn’t dream of killing her for himself. He didn’t pick up that dagger for himself. He was content to let Tamlin have that final kill; he’d already told Feyre that. He picked it up for Feyre. He picked it up for his mate. Amarantha hurting Feyre was what pushed him into action. And that’s just. So important for their dynamic. Rhys saves Feyre in ACOMAF. But as I’ve said before, she’s already saved him in ACOTAR. 

And I love that it’s at this moment that Feyre becomes fully aware of that bond and how closely it binds her to Rhys. She still thinks it’s the bargain, the tattoo, but she feels it in this moment. As they reach for each other. As these two neutral people, the ones that weren’t worth either helping or harming beyond what was happening, these two battered, broken souls made to feel worthless by the world, who won’t lift a finger to defend themselves, reach for each other, help each other and take that first step together down a very long road to healing. 

a concept: baby dan in 2009 at phil’s house, playing final fantasy VIII with him. it’s way too late and they should be asleep, but they can’t seem to stop, and their eyes are getting sleepy. they’re on the couch with blankets thrown over their laps, soft giggles passing between them as conversation turns to a comfortable silence. dan looks over at phil for the millionth time that night, and he notices how much the song playing sounds like him… gentle, hopeful, happy. those words seem to describe how he feels too, how he’s felt the whole time being here. being with phil. a small smile starts to overtake his face as he stares at him, completely forgetting about the game. phil looks up then too, meets his eyes, and grins brightly at him with his tongue poking between his teeth. dan feels a flurry of warmth in his chest. everything feels so different now than it used to, before phil – before life was interrupted by fireworks. dan likes it better this way.


Unless you show me how

Skipping Stone
Skipping Stone

365 Days of Music- Day 61: Skipping Stone//Transit

I’m getting good at saying goodbye
Saying goodbye
Wherever you go, go with all your heart
Worn out and broken in like hand me downs

Every memory is like a skipping stone
You’ll never understand how long it took the tides
To bring them back to us
And we grow into those sadder songs
And leave our love behind in every single line

what if hawke and fenris ever had a kid (in whatever way you want; natural conception, adoption, whatever other way you can think of go wild man) and that kid one day was nabbed by slavers

imagine absolutely infuriated, fiercer than any raging Tal-Vashoth, more rampant than any demon, FenHawke parents completely barging through and decimating any and all slavers until they finally find their kid

imagine the tearful reunion, the hushed words of comfort to the kid, hawke - known for not being the most religious individual- honestly praising the Maker and Andraste and thanking them for their kid being back in their arms, Fenris quiet and obviously shaken but suppressing his anger at the situation in exchange for being fucking relived that his kid didn’t have to go through none of the shit he himself had seen, that he’d fucking been through, before he’d met Hawke

and Varric is there, smiling happily because 1) the little Hawke broodling was safely brought back to their parents, and 2) this was gonna make one hell of a story