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its crack theory hour with Henry. When Alfor put Allura into cryosleep and called for the lions to be separated and hidden, were the lions led by their paladins or did they hide on their own with the instruction to? I wanna believe the lions found their own way without their paladins. Blue is shown walking among a stampede of antelopes in their habitat, the desert where Blue was found to be hidden away. We’ve already seen that the lions can find their way to their paladins through Red and Keith. What if the lions knew where their future paladins would be because they knew that the current ones were “obsolete,” black paladin Zarkon tried to steal the rest of Voltron and yellow paladin Alfor resisted and ordered the lions to separate. Just from these two we already know the lions understood what was going on. The reason why Yellow and Green weren’t on Earth is because it was risky to put three lions on the same planet. 

Three? What about Red? Well, I’d say Red has shown her attachment to Keith well before the episode where she raced to Keith and Allura in the middle of space. Red was with the Galra. I could be very wrong here because I don’t remember if it was explained why Red was with the Galra. What if Red knew Keith was Galra and gave herself to the ship knowing Keith would be there in due time. But Keith was taken away from the ship by his mother at an early age when she joined the resistance. From there is where she sent her son to Earth, with the only memento of her, the knife. He was never given the chance to meet Red and bond with her then. 

Blue was trusted with being the one to bring the four paladins to the castle and awaken Allura and Coran. Blue found her own way back to the castle with only a little bit of help from Lance, she needed his help to open the portal. Green and Yellow trusted Blue with finding their paladins on Earth because she is the most open lion to her paladins. If any of them were given the reigns, she could have flown them to the castle regardless. Pidge and Hunk would be handed off to their lions and Allura would take the reigns of Blue. Or if one of the three were to not make it, Coran was their to take a lion, too. We know he shows the potential for Red, he was just denied because she knew Keith was still out there and chose to save her paladin before anyone else would be allowed to pilot her. 

Once Blue and Red were found, they would have been to awaken Allura and Coran and find the other two, knowing Black was still in the castle. The plan was jostled, though, when Keith was hidden from Red rather than Red hidden from Keith. 

TL;DR The lions knew exactly where their paladins 10,000 years in the future would be and knew exactly what to do when they arrived as paladins. They had their own plan for how the paladins would be assigned to the lions and how they would be found long before they were born.

Overstanding Life, Religion, and Spirituality

Most Humans essentially do not consider evaluating the time to think things in full-depths. Whether it be, decision making, that could eventually harm or even help ones need, or fulfillments we generally often throw away because of the lack of confidence we oftentimes choose to not retain. Contemplating matters should be a very important aspect to society. Apparently, most of our main focus is unintentionally aimed to ‘act’ on a decision, b4 taking into consideration on how the outcomes may reflect in a negative or even positive light, whether it is to — attend college for your parents interest and not your own, or paying massive amount of money since the solidity of the material was “nice”. Sometimes this, notion or way of thinking is supplemented directly towards the sense of being “pressured” from other opinions; and as well as “peer” pressure due to lack of esteem, financial stability and self confidence.

Moreover, I feel that I can unequivocally reference my own experience to this discourse of the matter — which is to draw the attention on religious people. Religious folks are a prime victims of the impediment. They presumably tend to proceed in their actions, than to cogitate their issues strategically. Instead of examining the consequences for the decisions, that they look forward to committing, they’re more so distressed about the goods that they can uncertainly afford. But due to greed, hypocrisy, peer pressure, misery and human unsatisfactory, they enter paying debt for the actions they had made before contemplating things through and all while feeling sad and empty.

The reflection of worthlessness manifests from a vision to reality from what one posses in mind. But some lack this knowledge, that’s why most are devoted to worshipping a source of authority to all natural things called - God and while praying and cultivating the words of the holy scriptures as a means to 'living right’ ; believing that God can manifest anything in sight just by praying and worshipping the power to every living aspects of the planet, in which some believe(s). Giving that religious groups believe that humans are set on earth to worship the creator and to those whom worship other than the creator, but the creations and the creations creator i.e., humans and material goods, are to live in 'fear’ that comes with unsatisfactory.

Most of us deal with alluring the substance we most definitely want, and expanding our desire into wanting more than what we unquestionably already have, but the downside of this, is to deal with chasing dollars when enter paying debt. This is somewhat believed as a eminent response to living in fear, because when giving ultimate power and ownership to humans for pleasure by pleasing them in order for reciprocal access and possessing over such things, we can not be assured or guaranteed that they are to give-back or grant exhilaration from it. This combo will eventually lead to unhappiness, and fear.

Worshiping only the “creator” may be a good way of living, since the main idea is to worship the creator and authority holder of all things — that is God, and to not be afraid of any form of creation, but most followers of the system of worshipping called religion manifests the opposite of what the religion supposedly meant, and in their ignorance they influences some to turn away from it or loose confidence on joining the religion. Most of them intentionally deem to push and shove “the message” down on folks throats and have a response to everything that doesn’t merit to much of anything. But ironically, these are the same ones worshiping material goods and flip the coin when commodity is needed or wanted; i.e., money, junk food, jewelries, college, and extravagant material. They tend to place that aspect of things on high pedestal of all goods of this earth. They tend to care so much about money and material goods, but never study how they contradict their own values of their religious beliefs.

Moreover, out of religion,and material they are less likely concerned with spirituality, self preservation, and metaphysics and the spiritual aspects of creation. With being religious and worshipping God, does it keep us dependent? Does it keeps us to sloth? This is why some say “God helps you if you help yourself”. We tend to ignore what matters most importantly— which is your being — what are you feeding it? How are you absorbing energy, what energy are you feeling? And why are you letting it vibrate your energy? To them that is not the true matter of life. What life means to them is worshiping God only. But then again what is God? And why are some wishes, or dreams aren’t granted when depending and asking Him to manifest them in sight? Maybe God is in spirit of man.

Most of the time Man, doesn’t understand to make things happen unless praying for “it” to actually succeeding on it to happen, and most likely it doesnt happen. Well I personally believe that man can display any form of imagery in mind to sight if he or she believes that the power of a universal soul and the psyche is undesirable element of the human life, in so many ways that words can adjust. If we know but “overstand” this crituqe I personally believe that no humans shall suffer emotionally, spiritually, mentally and sometimes even physicallly. That’s why it is important to contemplate and think strategically, because everything on this earth will reveal itself if you would take the time and examine what’s missing in life and detach from your surroundings to enter a spiritual journey, and by this everything will display in ones mind that can be exhibit to reality. It won’t be easy if distraction is inserted into your life at all times. You understand life, but remember to overstand the confusion of unrevealed matters of life.
— MACswing

Title: You do the Honors
Pairing: Null ARC Cpt. N-11 - Ordo / RC-8015 - Fi
Fandom: Star Wars: Republic Commando
Rating: PG
Word Count: 770~
Prompt: #25 - do it right the first time
Summary: Everyone needs a place to catch their breath.
Expect: Fluff. Mostly fluff. Lots of introspection. 

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keith [cutting lance’s birthday cake]:

lance: sharp work, samurai ;)))))

keith [sighing]: lance, we already talked about this


So we laugh about “it’s high noon” but listen. Matt Mercer voiced Shigure from Fire Emblem Fates, and I don’t think you guys realize how lovely his singing voice is and how well it fits Yusuke.

Akira is tortured every day.