Was this the watch?

New video sharing 12 of my pocket watches. Possibly hypnotic.

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Angela sings everybody wants to rule the world

sombra scares me

okay OKAY the Sombra stuff has got me so excited like honestly i eat this stuff up BUT THE ONE THING I THING PEOPLE ARE MISSING THAT IM FREAKING OUT ABOUT IS THIS:

long story short: this website was connected to the count down that happened on a post on the blizzard forums that was seemingly hacked by Sombra. when the countdown hit zero, the website changed to what it is now, again seemingly hacked by Sombra, and the percentage is slowing going up.

I guess the above message only popped up for a few people? I havent seen it, but im inclined to believe its legit because ive seen a handful of people mention it on the #sombra tag on twitter and the #sombraarg tag. 

Sombra’s also been ‘hacking’ the twitters of popular overwatch youtubers and such, tweeting cryptic things, changing their pictures etc. so a lot of people have been focusing on the fact that Sombra is talking about re awakening a god ai (which is bad neWS BEARS BUT THATS ANOTHER POST ENTIRELY) 

but can we focus on the above for a second?

first and foremost, what happened in Gibraltar?! Sombra knows, and Sombra wants evvverrryyyyyone to know, but why? she’s been painted as a bad guy, she’s obviously affiliated with Reaper and awakening a god ai is, again, not good. theres a line on the moment in crime website where it mentions ‘transmitting information to active omnics’ which, again, god ai + active omnics = NOT GOOD. so yeah, bad guy. 

which would explain why she’s so interested in revealing something ‘cold blooded’ that happened at Gibraltar. she could be trying to besmirch the good guys image, especially after the recall. theres this faux news article that talks about the history of overwatch and the events of the cinematic trailer, and ers on the side of being pro-overwatch. 

i can imagine this being something Reaper would be angry about, especially if the positive actions of the overwatch members could convince the UN to make overwatch legal again. Sombra bringing back a god ai COULD be enough for the UN to do that, but if in the same breath she unearths something horrible that happened at Gibraltar, overwatch could still technically remain illegal, making it harder for overwatch to bring down this god ai. 

tl;dr - Sombra is gonna unearth something bad that happened in Gibraltar to make it harder for the Overwatch gang to bring down whatever god ai she’s planning on releasing. 

tl;dr - Sombra sounds like a badass bitch and i already want her to Stand On Me