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//told you guys i was making a bias list and HERE IT IS! a compiled list of all the people i love writing with, admire from a distance  and are all a round wonderful! 

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a-fate-held-in-flame, aaznu-aldak, ask-cerus, astrongwill, athol-of-morthal, bloodoftheancients, brothersofthedominion, diistdovahkiin, drogo-nord-of-steel, dwellerofthelibrary, emissaryelenwen, enovire, eveningwolves, faolanredeagle, flameandfeather, guardianhunters, heartofjuniper, highbxrn, houndsofsovngarde, imaginativestrawberry, kingofchange, lastoftheirkind, lielle-the-conjurer, m-y-b-e-l-o-v-e-d, misoradorval, naakleinnemurah, notamongrel, shedalemoon, siladheilnirnim, themageandthemisanthrope, thorvahkiin, traygen, vampyrxs, wewillnotbow, whatdosendhelp, wxld-hunt, zombiehmoni 

personal blogs i admire as well 

pinchitosmcpupas, petitcanard, salvatriss, prettypiexes, skelior 

if you like this blog you will love this shit!/other blogs 

mageandatronach, cursedbyhircine, noshackleswillholdus, redribbxns

I reached 111 followers and I actually felt it was about time to create a list of people I enjoy roleplaying with, seeing on my dash or admire from afar.

Precious sun shines who make my days better:

mxliciousisms | kadenced | bloodyknucklxs | bornwithfireintheirveins 

iicantbecontrolled | prxortris | xnceastiff 

Admiring / Stalking / Loving either from close or from afar:

fracturedxinnocence | hasnofilter | acruelxdesign | maternaliisms | patrxnous 

bandoffactionless | barbastellaa | dauntlessxleader | bloodymissmuffet

unabletolie | txctus | jxyxus

If I forgot someone I am genuinely sorry. Everyone I follow is awesome, lovely and I just enjoy seeing them. You are all perfect beings, deserving love and affection. I hope you all have/had a lovely day because of you I did.

Joining the Divergent Fandom was one of the best decisions I made. I will do my best to give Four a bit of a justice. Love you all!! ♥

perfidiousalbion asked:

5 favourite historical figures.

To be honest I think only the number 1 in this list would be my fav historical figure, but the other ones are people I admire and respect a lot.

1. Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil

The 2nd and last Emperor of Brazil. A man respected even by his enemies, known for his magnanimity, humility and love of science. An anedocte says that French politicians, at his funeral, said that if they had a Pedro II they wouldnt have needed a republic. What is there to not love about him?

2. Cyrus the Great

The founder of one of the most tolerant and powerful empires to have ever existed. Cyrus is the only non-Jew to be called “Messiah” in the Bible. I guess this already speaks enough about him.

3. King Dom Dinis I of Portugal

Probably the greatest king Portugal has. Alfonso Henriques conquered a kingdom, but D. Dinis made the kingdom. He defined Portugal’s borders, instituted Portuguese as the language of the court, founded the University of Coimbra and gave exile to Templars (thus also gaining their knowledge, treasure and ships). Plus he wrote some dank songs.

4. Nuno Álvares Pereira, Constable of Portugal

Other lusophon personality. Nuno was a true example of chivalry, being pious, chaste (he even wanted to remain virgin for his whole life, but his father forced him into marriage) and humble. After he defeated the Castillians, keeping Portugal independent, he went to live in an abbey. He could be a work of fiction, but he was real!

5. Baldwin IV of Jerusalem

The Holy Leper King! Against all odds - his young age, sickness, Saladin - Baldwin IV was an example of good rule in his short life. I wonder if Jerusalem could’ve survived a little bit more if he had a softer form of leper, or no sickness at all.

I don’t usually do things like this, but I’ve only had this blog for about two weeks or so and I honestly can’t believe that I’ve managed to gain so many followers in such a short period of time! I’m relatively new to the Dragon Age fandom so I was extremely nervous making a roleplay account for such a beloved character. However, it was because of the acceptance and support from the people here that I have remained active, and for that I genuinely cannot thank each and every of you enough. 

The admired

A list of people that I stalk and/or always look forward to seeing their posts on my dash. 

colorsofapariah vigiilance heraldoflavellan ironhorns justkrem bullshittting lionford , theharellan truthshaper witandcharms josiewosiie ambrosien rebelliontalesvarric-at-your-service miinstrel path-of-sorrows swampwxtch didntsayandrastesays what-matters-is-i-helped kaxras silvertonguecunningwit itwassupposetobegolden trevelycn wrathofpride stabbystabseeker stormcide amilee-hawke vhenxn tethrxs chesthair-dontcare

… and honestly so many others that I can’t list them all here. 

Consider this a quick reminder that I think all of you are absolutely phenomenal and that I appreciate the fact you’ve been sticking around and putting up with me and my horrible photoshop skills for these few short weeks <3333

no but for real! i literally finish nothing and i’m on a list with people i admire so much for having such amazing OCs and fantastic writing and i’m like

playing in my tiny sandbox crying or something just as embarassing

i really am touched someone thought of me! ;~; thank you more-aoe <3

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dkjnSGKJNADJB AJB Happy Saturday :) What is you dream list of people? Do you like Jelly? Do you believe in soul mates? What is your dream? Do you believe in Ghosts, if you do have you ever seen one? Anyway too many questions but enough to entertain!

Thank you for your enthusiasm!

My dream list of people? Like people I really admire? Because there are too many to count…from people I’ve met on here, to family and friends, the people who I’ve never met but feel connected to like Taylor Goldsmith and Dallas Clayton. There are so many remarkable people who have made me who I am today!

Jelly is great. I have a family friend who makes homemade jelly and it’s THE BEST.

I think soul mates exist in different forms (like musical soul mate) but I don’t think there is only one person out there that is exactly perfect for me.

My dreams are endless. My main dream is to find the things that make me happy and use those things to bring others joy.

I tell myself that I don’t believe in ghosts, but sometimes I get really paranoid and convince myself that they’re real. But no, I’ve never seen one. My parents claim they did before I was born!


List of people I admire: J. K. Rowling

Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power to that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.