List of people I admire


Never ending list of people I admire (x)

“If I do my very best then the camera and the audience will follow me, and eventually they will somehow feel like I feel. I don’t have to show it to them. I don’t have to speak it out loud. I don’t have to do, as you say, the American way of winking to the audience with the eye. I have to do it as honest as possible. The film will help me, and the audience will hopefully follow me. If that doesn’t happen, then I don’t know what to do.I’m against being aware that there is an audience.”  — Mads Mikkelsen

I hit 300 followers!! (  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I wanna thank all those that followed me, tagged me in posts, and overall make my day better. ♡ I love every one of my followers and all the people I follow, thank you for making me cry tear puddles of joy. The only blogs listed below are BTS-related!!
Now here is a huge list of most of the people I admire:

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*waves* This is my updated follow forever list. :3 It has been a long time coming. I had wanted to do this BEFORE the holidays, but alas. That did not happen. Please, please do not fret if you do not see your name on this list. I absolutely adore and love each and every one of you. Truly I do. The people on this here list are those that I have loved and admired since this blog came into existence. A handful have even known me for what seems like forever. We kind of have “grown up” together, I suppose you can say. Many of you - really MOST of you - I have met through The Walking Dead. I cannot even put into words how grateful I am for the show because of this. Just think, without TWD we would not be talking, we would never know we exist in this world. However, because of this one show we talk almost every day. We exchange thoughts, opinions, and share our life with one another. Tumblr may call you my followers, but I call you my friends. Thank you so much for doing everything that you do, for putting a smile on my face, for cheering me up when I am down, and for being so fucking fantastic. I love you!

MY SPECIAL GAGGLE OF GALS (who I can't function without):

Cindy | Megan | Tiffany | Denise | Gabi | Ashley | Chelsea | Zuzanna | Masa | Danielle | Shauni | Laura

You are all the cream to my coffee. ♥ ♥ ♥ The Rick to my Grimes. The Andy to my Lincoln. The swiggity to my swag. Oh you get the point. I love y'all hard.

0 - d

587-785 | andreafuckingharrison | andrewlincolnsbeard | andyjameslincoln | andyobjectified | anneofyorke | attoliancrown | aykowa | bigbeewolf | britofthebacklogs | carriewhiite | chandlerfknriggs | chosenswan | dale-horvaths | darylgrimes | decompose | dontlookbackcarl | dont-opendead-insidedroqo

e - h

flushwithcash | friendlymoose | grimesesh | heavenly-helena | heedusreedus | hershelgrimes | heydixon | hiddlespeare

i - l

iloveyoujhutch | ionsquare | itbelongstothedeadnow | jamesfords | jbernthals | judithandlori | kabum | kendaspntwd | l-aurencohan | ladygrimes | lapasita | laurenncohan | laurieandrea | lightcommasticks | like-a-winter-machine | laxmorales | louisreedus

m - q

meesa | michonneing | miracleininches | nedstax | ninelivesremembernormanreedenstein | normreedus | nosafezone | ohcrowssbows | queen-carol | queen-in-thenorth | queen-maggie | quodl

r - v

rick-grimes | rickgreene | rickgrimesbeard | ricksbutt | ricksfuckingbeard | rickslori | rickyls | risk-your-life | secretly-a-zombie | sherlyhiddles | shhanewalsh | stevensyeun | stillnotspoiledyet | sweetathenais | team-pris0n | the-perfect-andrew-lincoln | the-walking-dead-amc | thegovern0r | thewalkinggifs | thran-duils | veritaaas | viggomortensenn

x - z

walkingdead-amc | walkingdixon | waywardzombies | we-spilt-blood-you-assbutt| williamfichtner | woodburydiaries | woodburyy | xthewalkingdead | you-kill-or-you-die

the church of rick grimesthe rickyl network

the dixon communityministry of michonne

so i recently hit 1,000 followers, which is amazing!! even though i only started this blog two weeks ago, i’ve found some really great disney blogs who have made my tumblr experience 10000 x more fun. the following is a list of all the people i admire in the disney fandom, many of whom produce beautiful gifs and graphics, and i want to thank for making my dash so much better ♡

aladdin-sannabjorgmansannaschocolatearendelsadisnelsadisney-gifdisney-miracle, disneydailly, disneyforeveramen, disneymagiceverywhere, disneytanglesdisneyyandmore, disno, fantasmickdisney, flynnrydah, hakunamatatashallofheroineslilopelekai, llionkings, pocahontases, princekristofprincenaveensrisesoftheguardians, rogeradcliffe, sorryblondie, snowhltesnowwhties, waltdisneysdailywonderfulanimationyzmas-neverlanding

right, so before i start listing off everyone’s names and getting emotional, i just want to say how amazing of a year this has been for me in bandom. you’ve welcomed me into your circles and allowed this silly blog of mine to grow into something i’m extremely proud of. in celebration, here’s a list of people i love and admire from the bottom of my heart. thank you all so much. ♥

this is a shoutout to my current mutuals. you’re all my faves. i love you.


@20dollar-novocaine | @3oh3 | @alphadogdemo | @alwaysfob | @americanstumpy | @andvsamberg | @andysgingerbeard | @ashlyfrangipan | @banqthedoldrvms | @barringtonhigh | @bassamplifier | @behindtheseas | @blowfob | @bluerabbitsonnovocaine | @blurryjoshua | @bottomandy | @boytrohman | @brevdons | @bulletproofatbest | @bulletsgee | @cellabratlon | @centurese | @chicagos-so-last-week | @cobracamjunior | @cocoamocha | @coffeesforclosers | @coffeysforclosers | @corktree | @cyberlover | @dadtrick | @dogfather | @doldrummer


@earlgreymonet | @faceyblur | @fairyxlocal | @fallouchboy | @famousrecord | @flowercrowntrohman | @fobae | @fobs​ | @fobsession​ | @foliiadeux​ | @frankierosghost​ | @futctstan​ | @fvck-city​ | @galaxystump​ | @goldenstump​ | @goldndays​ | @grayfucker​ | @hahlsey​ | @heckgerard​ | @homosexualgerard​ | @houseofmemoirs​ | @hurleyvxv​ | @igotadarkalley​ | @infimityonhigh​ | @infinity0nhi​ | @jedie​ | @joemtrohman​ | @joetrohmaniac​ | @joetrohmanvevo​ | @josephtrohman​ | @jtreezy​ | @jxetrohman​ | @kingisdead​ | @kisstherinq


@lapsley​ | @macabrelamb​ | @madasrabbts​ | @memeufacturing​ | @meteoriites​ | @migueljontel​ | @myspacepatrick​ | @nearlywitchesdemo​ | @neckeep​ | @notbadjoe​ | @notyourwinona​ | @nowpressrepeat​ | @ohjoetrohman​ | @omegalow​ | @ourgraine​ | @ourlvdyofsorrows​ | @paramoreover​ | @paramoure​ | @pasteltrohman​ | @paxamdays​ | @paxamdxys​ | @polariiize​ | @preciadology​ | @ptrckstmph​ | @punkfob​ | @punktrick


@racingthroughthecity | @raytorho | @rnillions | @ryanfcker | @saportasupport | @saportuh | @seanysdrums | @sevahn | @skeletoro | @smalloutboy | @sopunk | @soulpatrick | @stardustdun | @stellafiable | @stopjoshdun | @stubborns | @stumpclvb | @stumpdotcom | @stumps | @stumpses | @stumpxvx | @suitehearts | @sweaterpawclub | @sweatpea | @swiftembers | @tearinhisheart | @teenbrendon | @theacadmyis | @theshippedbronzestandard | @thxpete | @tiffanyblcws | @trhmns | @trick-ta-life | @trohmagic | @trohmanus | @trohmn | @trohmosexual | @trohvocaine | @truantwav | @truantwavep | @unsouring | @uuentz | @uwustyles


@walkthcmoon | @waybrothersco | @wentz | @wentzcity | @wentzclvb | @wentzers | @witesky | @xyzef | @yaytrohman | @yourdirtysaddness

once again, thank you. have a great time! 

Hey guys, so I’ve had my blog for a little over 4 years now and after reaching 11k and promising one of these for awhile, I thought I’d finally do a follow forever. I honestly never thought I’d make it past like 5 followers, and this is a list of people who I will never stop admiring c:

a-c: alpacamazing, a-pea-sized-dan, amazingphanonfire, amusingphil,  analzingphil, bands-and-youtuberss, charlie-in-a-beanie, charlieissocutelike, christiannovanilla, crapstickz

d-i: dan-and-phil-arenotonfire, danowell, danlsnotonfire, danisnotorfire, ~*dinosaurswillsitonyourface*~, dantesers, danistheflameprinceelliegalaxies, fabulouslester, fabled-foreigntongues, fuckthepj, fuckderek, flawless-youtubers, gillions, hairlikeharpstringshowellester, heroes-in-headphones, howelled, howelluminatiihateyoutubers,  itsbetterthananal

j-p: jackerybarakat, kardashidan, lowse, literallylester, liguoriliscious, lovelylester, lindseybluth, mic-ro-wave, megangorex, milessluna, mydrunkitchen, ohdanhowells, okaydan, princessryanross, phandone, phaniels, phanphanphan, philslestersphanvevo, phanrocksmycrocs

r-z: ryan-ross-found-your-blog-and, rnarkiplier, satansgiantcock, sirdanielhowell, shawnde1, sassyirony, shel2ina, whiskerswithinughgavino, woahphan, zozeebo

I’m really sorry if I forgot anyone!!

(sorry for my cheap attempt at making cool graphics)

This is a call out post towards a bunch of cool peeps for making my dash and my blog content super fresh throughout 2015. Bellow are the list of people whose blog I admire from afar; some are my mutuals, and some are not. Some I’ve talked to before, and some I’ve never even say hi to before. But you know what, all of them are cool this year, so I decided to just put them together in this list!

# - C 

@2-2-1-b ☯ @acdwatson ☯ @addignisherlock ☯ @alenturing@alicvnte@astudyinkinks@bakerstreetbabes@bakerstreetintellect@baskervle​ ☯ @bbcmindpalacemoriarty@bbcsdetective@bbcsubtext@bbcwatsn@begravia@benadlct@billiejoetm  ☯ @bluecarbuncle@bondairisgo@captainjohnwatson@christmasqvinn@cleanstorms@cloudalas@clueinglooks  ☯ @consultingjohn@consultingmurderhusbands@consvlted@cumberbangers@cumberblessed

D - I


J - M

@jamesmoriartv@jasontvdds@jimclaus@jmauriarty@jmoriatry@johix@johnandsherlocks@johnlawks@johnlockhell@johnlockisses@johnlockville@johnthreecontinents@johnnlocked@johns-tea@johntective@johnwatsugh@kinklock@ladyinabowtie@landlady-not-your-plot-device@leepae@lordcvmberbatch​ ☯ @martinsbaby@meanmycroft@merriarty@militarykink@militarywatson@mindpalace@mlndpalace@mlndpalaces@mvran

O - S

@ohinterstellar@oimarvel@ofsleuths@officialjohn@otterlcck@painlock@piningfemlock@primrosee@properlock@punklock@queerdraco@reapersun@reichenbrook@riseofwillgraham​ ☯ @sadgaydetective@sakibatch@sassmycroft@scruffyshezza@sirarthur-conan-doyle@sherlocksbelstaff@sherlocksblogger@sherrllocked@shorlock@signofthreegarridebs@sinnermoriarty@siriuscrushonjames@slashscribe@snowysherlock  ☯ @sobbingsebby@sungl0ry@sverlock 

T - Z

@teajens@theabominablesherlock@thecumbercollective@thejohnlockhell@tietjvns​ ☯ @ughmartinfreeman@ughsh@vatican-ccameos@victorianlovers@vitruvianwatson@vvadevvilson@waltzofjohnlock@watsonswaltz@wilde-holmes@williamsherlockscott@wintrysherlock@wsswatson

Also, check out my blogroll page for more cool people to check out. 

Hope all of you had an awesome 2015, and hope to see y’all again in 2016!


(Decided to create this thing because I reached 2K not too long ago, and a new year is about to begin!)

I started this blog on the 23rd of August, 2013. It’s been an amazing four and a half months with lots of ups and downs for not only myself, but for everyone else! During my existence on this website, I’ve met some new friends who not only proved that they’re absolutely flawless in every way, but that they can be relied on when I’m not emotionally all there, and I am thankful. When I had first started this blog, I honestly thought that I wouldn’t have gained more than a hundred followers, and to have reached my second milestone in under half a year’s time is incredible (for me, at least!). So, here is a list of all the people I adore and admire, merry Christmas and happy holidays!

And to my followers, thank you for staying with me even though I’m almost always on semi-hiatus (explains why I have a very little amount of posts), thank you for existing and making me happy!
((FORGIVE ME DEARLY IF I LEFT ANYONE OUT I’m 300% sure I did so please please please don’t hesitate to message me and correct my dumb!))

Bolded : Mutuals
Italicized : Teach Me 
aka Please Notice Me aka Why Won’t You Notice Me
♡ : Hover for a message!

A - D

astrospace | ♡aishkrim♡ | amazitao | baekxun | baekhyu-n | byunbunnie | cutiehuns | chanyeolll | doresque | deerxings | deerstation | dyeomi

E - J

exolutely | fqzpocky | flowermaknae | fabulay flawlesszitao | ♡humanised
hyons | joomyuns jiyeolie | jessicajungs | jongene | jjangeu | jongins | jonqdaes | jonginnies 

K - N

k-suho | krismebaek | ♡krismyking♡ | kris-wu | krisyeol | kaicecream | kai-laydoscope | kaiwaiian | leikai | lusakei | leedong-hae | leihans | leuhans | lays-wifeu | luludeery | milklu | ♡mminseok♡ | niucan 

O - S

oh-sehun | ohxing | ohsehunni | oshzt | pohroro | qrishan | royalsehun |
seheartless | sehun88 |
sjaddiction | shixeun | ♡screwufan♡ | ♡sehwun♡ | shixing seuke | shthun |sushisaranghae 
sehuna | soegogi

T- Z

taomi | viitakissme | wuyifanxing | ♡wubulge♡ | wingedtears | wintershower | xinggyi 

| ♡xiens♡ | xiumania | xehun xehunter | yghws | yixingy |zhangminseok | zhunnie 

(((Again, I probably left at least 1 person out because Min’s stupidity is incredible so I’ll make a blogroll later!)))


No, seriously, I can’t believe it. 

Sincerely, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. 

So to celebrate this, I’ll be doing a little follow forever list! Either they’re terrific people with terrific blogs that I admire from afar, either they’re terrific people with terrific blogs that I also happen to be friends with! Go and follow them! 

(And with people changing their URLs, I just hope I didn’t forget anyone. Sorry if I do)


@absynthe–minded, @alfredsnightmare, @alvadee, @amyable-nature@ancientphantom@andsculptedangels, @angelicaschvylers, @annabellioncourt@anngiry@antonzetterholmie@artbecoming, @astoryinred, @atruevaljean, @auroraenchante, @baronesspontmercy@batcii, @bethschuyler, @bloomingbanana, @cdaae, @celia-keenanbolger, @cinema-phantom, @clara-watches-tv, @clearascountryair, @combefrance, @cometomecosette, @cosettx, @dalekofchaos@dammit-daroga, @dasyridley, @discount-de-chagny, @discipleofkreia@dorkshadows, @dysquatch, @electricportcullis, @elektrahnatchios, @elfinmirror@elfuhbuh, @elisabethhamilton, @elizabethgracey@elphabaoftheopera, @elphiewonderful, @enchantedseastudio, @escaily


@fdelopera, @feministdaae, @flaviamarquesart@forsakenwitchery, @forthegothicheroine, @geeneelee, @glassprism, @heaven-by-the-sea@hihiyas, @hopsjollyhigh, @imlookingforamindatwork, @imsuchadorkitsfunny, @inlovewithecocoooo, @i-remember-there-was-mist, @irinasergeyevna@isawhimoncethenhewasgone, @joyesthers, @juliehansn, @julienjolras, @just-french-me-up


@kcrabb88@little–mercedesz@littlelottie@liv-brereton@lottes-red-scarf, @luinaluna, @maddeningstars, @marian-paroo@mariusvonkrolock@meganphntmgrl@meggiry, @meggiry-khaleesi@michi-heller, @miss-annie-kay, @miss-evangeline-barley@motherfckindemocraticrepublicans, @miss-glindas-bubble, @mrskroger, @muirin007, @musicalhell, @nessarose-charlebois, @not-another-chandelier, @operafantomet, @operafish


@panarobread, @patina-millers-biceps, @phantomofthegallifreyanopera, @phantoonsoftheopera@phrasies, @pleading-eyes, @puppetmastersstrings, @raggedymans, @raphael2054, @readingwithavengeance@readpaintwrite, @reggietate@riccardamngreco@rjdaae @rosemarycountess@rumpelstiltskinned, @sarahchagal@schuylerseliza@sedgewina, @shadows-of-1832, @sibellahalllward@sibella-my-sibella, @silverfoxstole@sinanbertrand, @sirfaggot@sourieetlavietesourira@southerncalcosette, @success-is-not-final, @suchknowingreticence@summerb4jc, @swirlofgown@tamarakotova@thatsthat24, @thedrawingduke, @thefleetstreetvicomte@thephantomsangel, @thesecretyouknow, @thewolfesden, @theyseemeraoulling@thinkofaugust@tiffiyero, @tullusaufidius


@uselessbrokengem, @viscountess, @wekeeplivinganyway@where-is-your-red-scaaf, @whereisyourspookyscarf, @wicked-elegy, @wilwarien, @xxjessworldxx, @xxsparksxx