List of people I admire

carrie fisher isn’t just princess leia. carrie fisher isn’t just an actress we all admire from a famous series of movies made a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. carrie fisher isn’t just another name on the list of shitty things 2016 has done to people i admire.

carrie fisher is a woman who struggled with addiction and mental illness and never sugar coated it - she spoke honestly, openly, about every ugly truth, and made me so much less ashamed of the things i struggle with in my daily life.

carrie fisher is a woman who fought back against body shaming and misogyny, against agesim, who looked at critics and said “yes, i am a woman who has aged, and had children, and struggled with depression and addiction and my body has changed, so you can just shut the fuck up and deal with it”, and it was absolutely beautiful.

carrie fisher is a woman who was placed in the role of “princess” but didn’t conform to the typical hollywood idea of what a princess should be. she’s loud, brash, crass, and unapologetic for being so.

she’s an idol and an inspiration and she’s a woman who saved my life many times just by being who she was and never shying away from it or feeling the need to say sorry. carrie fisher is so much and more and i cannot begin to stomach the thought of 2016 taking her away from me, from her family, from the rest of the world and those of us who love her so dearly.

i love you, space momma. we all do. keep fighting the good fight.

GOLLY GEE WILIKERS BATMAN !!!!  ….. …that’s.… .. …… a lot of fucking people holy Heck……  . ….. what th

anyways , i want to thank everyone for such generosity & putting up w all my dumb shit & being so , so nice to me . you’re all gorgeous & perfect , every single one of you matter to me , so here’s a small toast to my blogroll bc if i didnt have you guys then , well , i probably would Die

under read more is a list of close friends , people who i admire from afar & just all-around stand-out people who give me the inspiration to push on , in no specific order . thumbs up to you guys ! i love you !

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so… 2016 is ending (finally) and while it was a pretty shitty year, I’m very very very thankfull for the people I met and became friends with, so I decided to compile a list with my mutuals and pals and people I admire to show how thankfull I am, and how much I love y'all. You guys are what makes this site worthwhile.

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much like 2016 that graphic is a bit of a wreck, and while this has been cool and all I’m ready for 2017. it hasn’t been an easy year on like…any count, but we made it scoob. from the bottom of my heart I wish everybody a happy holiday season, a chill winter break, and a good start to the new year. this is a ( by no means exhaustive ) bias list for the staples of my dash, people i admire, and the people who have made my time here worth it. i love you all !

@nathdar. @cuhullin. @oduibhne. @falsebeing. @scrapcollector. @fojistic. @uorax. @laviperae. @effloures. @crownviper. @kxrei. @arthuria. @bilgamesh. @gangguro. @finelendal. @sesshcmaru. @maskedpride. @nightscaped. @shukei. @wyntrbones. @jehennam. @adxchi. @viperyean. @profaene. @aevyternal. @arielshepard. @greyintent. @skopertan. @masochisticsadist. @kaledvoul.  @galactocentric. @kiraahachi. @superiorshot. @thequarrelsome. @bohcja. @cagcdbird. @notjustsaiyan. @upsanta. @shikimii. @ryuuseiken. @shouxryuuxha. @wxiren. @balladofthenight. @picarexque. @astamon. @laxreinextwilit. @starmarkcd. @wonstrous. @demonalia. @emielregiis. @nogcd. @vacillatus@platiinvm. @croawe. @ivorybled. @oni-analyst + you !

happy holidays !!   - vivi.


          but you still chose to follow me !!!!!! &. that is so sweet &. i love you for it oh my goodness ♡ this is nothing big because a) i’m lazy b) i’m The Worst™ and c) i’m lazy but below is just a list of people that i really like &. admire ! thank you to this fandom for being so welcoming, ily times a million gajillion !!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ i’m sorry if i forget anyone because i’m bad at these things, but remember you’re all the coolest, bestest beans &. noodles in the whole wide world !

@involuntaryfailed / @ofdeletedmemories / @loycltybound / @beautyruled / @hckrgod / @luxuriiously / @metfate / @loyaltist / @zensome / @hourglass-hearts / @techgifted / @maetda / @kindtyped / @sadhax / @yeoubii / @rationalclover / @siderion / @yeojuin / @felicitaes / @maskedpride / @kyvngjae / @heonsa / @conseille / @hostiing / @chatheroine@chatloved / @ryuhyunn / @juminhahn / @amouriie / @codegcd / @accruralic / @felishcir / @frozenlegacy / @gcdsmistake / @pcrtytime / @longneko / @nunchiis / @warxmth / @workaholiic / @byecl / @chorimparkofrfa / @geimhaja / @elitemewls / @bujileonhan / @jiinya / @coffeelcving / @blindbound / @vcnderwood / @zenderela / @starwished / @splitpaths / @crganizing / @guildleader / @routewalks / @sentimcnt / @cheuritz / @pobezhdat / @lovelornes / @lethalhands / @lunarbarks / @sevenohs / @obluer / @chatloved / @pinstripen / @of707 / @programmiings / @artificx / @businessprince / @sunveiined / @trcblemaker / @haekeo / @illegitimte / @resetgod / @faithrot / @sarxng / @solarphotos / @d3-bug / @faithfooled / @routeshot / @venusgifted / @driverkims / @ofmodelchange / @faithfails / @choelusiel / @dothacke / @shclia / @faithbled / @softaste / @gliittch / @travaile / @felinentice / @rfa—emily

          thanks so much for following me ♡♡ i appreciate it a ton &. hope to see more of you guys as time goes on !  사랑해 ♡

( art cred. x. )

so let me just say- wow! 130 followers already??? god you guys are kiling me <3 it’s been about a month since i’ve made this blog, and i have to say that this rp community is probably the best one i’ve encountered so far. i’ve already became awesome friends with some mutuals, and it makes me happy to interact and talk with you guys ;v; i’ve been in the fandom since december and i’ve experienced nothing but greatness in it and wonderful people to discus jojo with

i love you all!!! 

so here’s a list of people that i find awesome to talk with and/or admire from the distance/want to rp with! <3

@cinderella-esque@haandstand@materialbcy@mudoro@memoryserved@obedientshield@hirosegawa@banchojo@bizarrepleasures@suziequtie @clackerss @nadeshixo @xstringbean @cherrrydonuts @pridemasked @cultjammed @versacesunderworld @tanukicycle @temperaturecontrol @argenteuse 

Y’all, doing this was so stressful and I’ll probably never do it again cause it was exhausting trying to remember everyone so if I forgot you please don’t kill me, I love you.

To everyone on the list, thank you for all your amazing content and for being amazing people. I admire you so much and I love seeing you on my dash everyday. Please note that I adore all of you and I’m here if anyone needs anything

To those in bold, y’all are my extra babes.

I put some symbols next to some URL’s and put a message at the end for you.

I LOVE YOU GUYS and thank you for existing.

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Fav ppl on tumblr???????

I wasn’t sure if I should list my friends or people I admire, so I will be sticking to people I admire, and currently, there are only three, and they are all writers.

Dee / btssmutaglore (I visit her page every day without fail, love love love her), Jordan / floralseokjin (she’s more like Jin than she realizes but she SWEARS she’s more like Tae LOL), and Inktae (Never spoken to her so I have no idea what she’s like, but let me tell you, her fics are CLASSICS)

I hit 300 followers!! (  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I wanna thank all those that followed me, tagged me in posts, and overall make my day better. ♡ I love every one of my followers and all the people I follow, thank you for making me cry tear puddles of joy. The only blogs listed below are BTS-related!!
Now here is a huge list of most of the people I admire:

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right, so before i start listing off everyone’s names and getting emotional, i just want to say how amazing of a year this has been for me in bandom. you’ve welcomed me into your circles and allowed this silly blog of mine to grow into something i’m extremely proud of. in celebration, here’s a list of people i love and admire from the bottom of my heart. thank you all so much. ♥

this is a shoutout to my current mutuals. you’re all my faves. i love you.


@20dollar-novocaine | @3oh3 | @alphadogdemo | @alwaysfob | @americanstumpy | @andvsamberg | @andysgingerbeard | @ashlyfrangipan | @banqthedoldrvms | @barringtonhigh | @bassamplifier | @behindtheseas | @blowfob | @bluerabbitsonnovocaine | @blurryjoshua | @bottomandy | @boytrohman | @brevdons | @bulletproofatbest | @bulletsgee | @cellabratlon | @centurese | @chicagos-so-last-week | @cobracamjunior | @cocoamocha | @coffeesforclosers | @coffeysforclosers | @corktree | @cyberlover | @dadtrick | @dogfather | @doldrummer


@earlgreymonet | @faceyblur | @fairyxlocal | @fallouchboy | @famousrecord | @flowercrowntrohman | @fobae | @fobs​ | @fobsession​ | @foliiadeux​ | @frankierosghost​ | @futctstan​ | @fvck-city​ | @galaxystump​ | @goldenstump​ | @goldndays​ | @grayfucker​ | @hahlsey​ | @heckgerard​ | @homosexualgerard​ | @houseofmemoirs​ | @hurleyvxv​ | @igotadarkalley​ | @infimityonhigh​ | @infinity0nhi​ | @jedie​ | @joemtrohman​ | @joetrohmaniac​ | @joetrohmanvevo​ | @josephtrohman​ | @jtreezy​ | @jxetrohman​ | @kingisdead​ | @kisstherinq


@lapsley​ | @macabrelamb​ | @madasrabbts​ | @memeufacturing​ | @meteoriites​ | @migueljontel​ | @myspacepatrick​ | @nearlywitchesdemo​ | @neckeep​ | @notbadjoe​ | @notyourwinona​ | @nowpressrepeat​ | @ohjoetrohman​ | @omegalow​ | @ourgraine​ | @ourlvdyofsorrows​ | @paramoreover​ | @paramoure​ | @pasteltrohman​ | @paxamdays​ | @paxamdxys​ | @polariiize​ | @preciadology​ | @ptrckstmph​ | @punkfob​ | @punktrick


@racingthroughthecity | @raytorho | @rnillions | @ryanfcker | @saportasupport | @saportuh | @seanysdrums | @sevahn | @skeletoro | @smalloutboy | @sopunk | @soulpatrick | @stardustdun | @stellafiable | @stopjoshdun | @stubborns | @stumpclvb | @stumpdotcom | @stumps | @stumpses | @stumpxvx | @suitehearts | @sweaterpawclub | @sweatpea | @swiftembers | @tearinhisheart | @teenbrendon | @theacadmyis | @theshippedbronzestandard | @thxpete | @tiffanyblcws | @trhmns | @trick-ta-life | @trohmagic | @trohmanus | @trohmn | @trohmosexual | @trohvocaine | @truantwav | @truantwavep | @unsouring | @uuentz | @uwustyles


@walkthcmoon | @waybrothersco | @wentz | @wentzcity | @wentzclvb | @wentzers | @witesky | @xyzef | @yaytrohman | @yourdirtysaddness

once again, thank you. have a great time! 

❝Rogue Squadron.❞
                                           ❝This is Rogue Leader.❞
❝Abort mission.❞

It has only been a few weeks since I last hit a new milestone… Here I’m sitting at my desk, nursing a migraine, not entirely believing that I’ve hit another one last week…

I know I haven’t been quite active lately due to my health being a little weak. I’m much better though. 

So anyway, I’m tired and blabbering. I just wanted to thank you all and let you know that I appreciate and love every single one of you!

Thank you for being part of my tumblr life :P.

Here’s a little list of people I love and I admire. 

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;; so while im on ‘vacation’ I somehow managed to gain another 150 followers in a week’s time. I’m now at 650+ followers and since I’m away for another three days I can’t put together some garb graphic thing so I’m just going to list the people I think are considered; friends, people i admire and people who are just generally cool & relatable ( in no particular order ) — sO onto the list!!

| @dercliictionis | @redheadreptile | @red-boston-batter | @gamurgrill | @sorceress-lulu | @climxtologist | @m0rrison | @formerlytracer | @lacrcix | @wandcrings | @robotfamiliar | @unchainedagent | @puffywarrior | @pexce-and-order | @perigreen | @waterwiitchy | @deus-angeli | @daggeriisms | @ghostlyanon | @helioshero | @kidgem | @kirykeio | @fixedarc | @lionhcrdt | @cazadoric | @vortship | @buryingthebodies | @novasurge | @nxrfed | @auditivae | @deathbrcught | @deejaylucio | @mathmcn | @bcdgrandpa | @spaceape | @tracelcss | @reapiiing | @symmettra | @cryocutie | @frogbeatz | @ezjun | @bostoniian | @meiyoumare | @senshiumare | @seistiro | @revolvcer | @tinytemper | @humanitygained | @watchmemeimei | @sixshots | @valkiriyas | @wholehogs | @snypur | @meiiyo | @hannzo | @fiascobang | @saltygrumpdad | @saviorish | @fraglaunchers | @megadriven | @britishcheers | @impaired-conductor | @reapinghellfire | @deathrife | @omnicmcnk | @mother-russia-zaryanova | @arrmo | @tortureisims | @shcllshock | @shincbi | @venus-theflytrap | @highnooning | @chrxnicdreams | @chivalryisundead | @manoranxmal | @mathimaticalshit | @mortyiisms | @timewarpcd | @tallidus | @hanzamura | @darrigant | @pistclmouth | @overzealousquartz | @jumpins | @kiimatsu | @dimcntio | @bleckblumiere | @saiintmxrcy |

;; okay i bet i forgot a few people but pfftftft i tried my best,,
    anyways thank you guys for 650+ bc damn??? that’s a lot

Although I’ve been writing Anastasia since 2013, about six months ago, I moved her to a fresh blog, ready to work with a clean slate. In those six months, I’ve managed to reach over 1,000 followers and I can barely even comprehend that. It’s crazy– especially considering how sporadic my activity’s been lately ( weeps ). 

I’m so grateful to everyone who’s followed me, whether you’ve followed me from the beginning or just followed me today. I love all of you, and the support and love you’ve shown me and Anya over the years. This muse has truly been one of the best roleplay experiences I’ve had and I can only hope I’ll have many more months and years to write and develop and get to know all the lovely muns behind these great blogs I follow. 

Before I get too mushy, though I just wanted to drop a little list of people I’ve interacted with, befriended or generally admire. You’re all lovely and talented and I’m so lucky to be able to write with you guys! ; w ;


@toerr + all your blogs @prochncst @eightholyterrors @severnayastolitsa @imperatriitsa @svyatayaolga @galaxychord / @alterphase @notaquawoman @sollucem + all your blogs @chaordiic @hofdingi @eyesofwater @mithraiic @raijinrozu @promisestoned @michitariru


@empressium @masondixons @thyellae @russiaraised @lcbeau @cinderbcy @coldbarbie @brandofhercin @iindiscriminate @adellaenchanted @ensavaged @swordriven @swordgiven @vinylchanges @legacycaptain @cxrrera @untilmiidnight @mxdam @veryclevcr @veryprctty @wxrshiiped @whatsthesiitch @whatwatson @dyncstes @asundrop @alleyspat @bupagentkent @bozhestvo @bloodthirstygod @learnedskill @ohfiendangelical @resilientboned @syrenieulogy @lanternlit @frystsnow @mercwithoutmirth @sanguinumrosa @truander @sanctamater @wondertold @everboy @forgedleader @flooredunder @judgmentcast @explcsive @torturedmemory @unseenmockingjay @piiratescave @criedhard @notapriize @notfoul @charmerattack @desouffrance @indxstress @trickstercaptain @hangtherules @lordiism @bozhestvo @protivach @manipvlare @noblehell @mutinouscaptain @streetratted @raajasii @naturallyhosting @irukas + BLOGROLL


Hey guys. Here’s a list of super cool people that make my page a million times better. They are my favourites and I love everything they post. This is a list of people I talk to, and others that I admire from afar, too scared to talk to cause they are too perfect. I have most likely forgotten people, so soz. In no particular order.

@corlgrimes, @leslie-wyatt, @jedipilotstorm, @fuckyeahoscarisaac, @poeydameron, @brookheimers, @chrisbeck, @peetamellarkthebaker, @mcavoys, @jenniferlawrencedaily, @michonnescarl, @twistofates, @bartowskichucks, @nathanrscott, @ricksmichonne, @stuff-and-thangs, @scavengerrey, @21stormpilots, @confusedsweetgirl, @isaacoscar, @llewyndavis, @helluvadameron, @colinfirth, @allarelost, @christopherkeller, @katcossio, @kal-el, @chrisnolanfilms, @dailymarvelkings, @bb8beepbeep, @getawaywithgifs, @beardedchrisevans, @prettylittlekeegan, @troianbellisaros, @peterjqsonquill


it’s been 4 years since i got on here, and i’d like to thank everyone who makes my time scrolling through my dash enjoyable, whether we speak or not and whether you blog much about merlin anymore or not, you guys are still the best. like i always say, i tend to not follow a lot of people, so this list is basically those i talk to and/or the blogs/people i admire most. many thanks to you all who made my year great and i hope you have a wonderful 2016! ♥​​​

@arthurpendragonns @brolinskeep @castials @colinmorgasms @deanpendragon @die-atyourside @johanen @kingswarlock @newberried @nomical @landofmerlin @merlinsprat @mykingdomscome @ofkingsandlionhearts @permanentmochakisses @pratleyjames @sky-reid @wallydicks

+blogroll of course!