List of favorite people

I tell everyone this and I mean it. Buy a journal. Carry it with you everywhere you go. And I mean everywhere. Write about your favorite moments, your least favorite moments, ideas, grocery lists, people you’ve met, strangers you’ve walked past on the street, favorite quotes, words to remember, what the sky looked like at 7pm, new songs you’ve discovered and what they mean to you, your childhood, places you want to go or places you’ve been, write about your passions, how you feel in this exact moment, draw out the mountains, scribble all over the pages. And when that one gets full, buy a new one. Reread it in 2 years, 20 years, when you need a good laugh, when you’re crying on your bathroom floor, read it to your children. You need to remember these moments in your life. They are so important.


List of Favorite Movies   8. Pocahontas (1995)

“You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.”


endless list of favorite people || angelica schuyler || hamilton

I rely on Angelica. While she’s alive, we tell your story. She is buried in Trinity Church near you; when I needed her most she was right on time.

How to help out your local tumblr artist™

-Tag it with the fandom and characters its in so it appears in the tags more. (Note: after the first five tags it doesn’t show up.)

-Leave nice things in the tags!

-Send them asks with nice messages, or if they take requests ask for one! 

-make favorite artist lists and tag them in them so more people can follow!! (Also you’ll make their day because they’re somebody’s favorite artist!!!)

-Tell your friends about the artist you like so they can follow them!

-commission your favorite artist if you can and if you can’t, reblog their commission sheet so somebody else can

-If an artists draws your request, REBLOG IT. 

-Ditch the mindset of ‘nobody will reblog it from me so whats the point of me reblogging it???’ because no offense sweaty :))) It would still…mean a lot to me….if you…reblogged…my god damn….art….and said something nice…in the tags…. :)))))))))

-reblog their art. 

-r e b l o g  t h e i r  a r t 

-reblog their art

-reblog their a r t.


You can Ask💖
  1. Sunrise or sunset?
  2. Are you mentally ill?
  3. Are you physically ill?
  4. What is the most expensive thing you have bought?
  5. Do you have a job?
  6. Are you in school?
  7. Are you a dropout?
  8. Are you in college?
  9. Introvert or extrovert?
  10. What do you think when you look at your body?
  11. What have others said when they look at your body?
  12. Do you have a particular song that you feel deeply?
  13. Talk about a time in your life where you have felt most alive?
  14. Are you confident wearing a bikini?
  15. Can you look people in the eyes while talking?
  16. Has anything terrible happened to you?
  17. Has anything wonderful happened to you?
  18. Favorite part of your personality?
  19. Least favorite part of your personality?
  20. Favorite part of your body?
  21. Least favorite part of your body?
  22. Favorite quote?
  23. Do you have friendships with all genders?
  24. Do you have a good relationship with your father?
  25. Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
  26. Do you have a good relationship with your siblings?
  27. Have you ever been hurt physically or mentally by a family member?
  28. Have you ever had a near death experience?
  29. Do you know anyone who has taken their own life?
  30. Have you ever tried to take your own life?
  31. Biggest lie you have told?
  32. Do you follow any conspiracies?
  33. Do you believe in a New World Order?
  34. Do you respect your government and the way your country is run?
  35. Is there currently any strife in your country?
  36. Have you ever been displaced within your country?
  37. Are your friendships healthy?
  38. Are you currently fighting with a friend?
  39. Are you jealous of a friend? Why?
  40. Do you believe in the Illuminati?
  41. Do you think any celebrities are associated with the Illuminati? Who?
  42. How can people tell you are nervous?
  43. How can people tell you are sad?
  44. Do you ever express your true feelings?
  45. Regrets in your life?
  46. Achievements in your life?
  47. What did people say about you in school?
  48. What did you say about people in school?
  49. Is there something you have never told anyone?
  50. Have you committed an illegal act?
  51. If you had two days to spend one million dollars how would you spend it?
  52. What were your aspirations at age 5, 10, 15, 18?
  53. Describe your first kiss? Was it how you imagined?
  54. Growing up were you in a wealthy, average, or low income household?
  55. Are you from a broken marriage?
  56. Have you been raised by a solo parent?
  57. Do you know both your parents?
  58. What colour eyes, hair and skin do you have?
  59. Have you abused drugs or alcohol?
  60. What languages can you speak?
  61. Do you conform to your societies standards?
  62. Do you cry often?
  63. Do you tell people what you think of them?
  64. Are you comfortable accepting compliments?
  65. Are you comfortable giving compliments?
  66. Is any mental illness hindering your life?
  67. Is any physical illness hindering your life?
  68. Do you keep up with current events?
  69. What’s the latest news in the world you have heard/read?
  70. What have you done today?
  71. Do you sleep well?
  72. Do you sleep badly?
  73. Have you ever hurt anyone because you were hurting?
  74. Has anyone ever hurt you because they were hurting?
  75. Have you ever had to end a friendship/relationship? Why?
  76. Have you ever stopped someone from hurting themselves?
  77. Has anyone ever stopped you from hurting yourself?
  78. Do you like your laugh?
  79. Are you preparing for an apocalypse? And what kind?
  80. Do you have any funny family stories?
  81. Are you religious?
  82. Do you like to watch true crime shows or movies?
  83. Are you interested in cults?
  84. Would you like to raise a family in your country?
  85. List some things you wanted in your childhood but never got?
  86. Is there a large age gap between you and a sibling?
  87. Are you from a blended family?
  88. Do you believe in marriage? Why/Why not?
  89. What is the nicest thing anyone has said to you?
  90. Do you keep a journal?
  91. Would anyone be hurt by reading it?
  92. Do you have children?
  93. Have you been pregnant?
  94. List your favorite movies?
  95. List your favorite people?
  96. Talk about the birthmarks and scars on your body?
  97. Do you look after yourself?
  98. Do you put yourself or others first?
  99. Are you happy today?
  100. Are you loved?
Witchy Mood Music

I responded to a post about chants and music to help raise energy (for hausofsageandcrystals & ace-of-pentacles) before or during practicing magic, and I thought instead of just helping that person, I’d just make a master post to help anyone who might be looking for a list like this.

Each artist is listed here with a link to an example of their music… I would 10/10 recommend all of these artists to anyone with a taste for the medieval/pagan/witchy feel. I will do my best to define the genre of music they all fall under for you guys. 

I hope this list is helpful for people! These are just some of my favorites, if there is anyone you think I should add to this list, message me! :)


Voltron Season 3 Predictions: Discourse Edition

After much debate, Allura will attempt to pilot the black lion, and fail like she did in 80′s Voltron. Keith ultimately takes over piloting the black lion.

  • People will call the writers racist.

Lance will have a meltdown from being in Keith’s shadow. Him and Keith have a very good episode(s) of working out their troubles. In the end they declare each other brothers.

  • Shippers scramble to explain how this is different from when Keith called Shiro “like a brother” and that kl@nce will still happen.

Lotor is introduced. He is a very well rounded, morally gray villain. There are glimmers of a possible redemption arc.

  • Anti-shipping blogs multiply like bunnies. Everyone who has Lotor as a favorite character is immediately put on a list of problematic people to avoid and redemption arcs/problematic faves are myths. Zuko who?

It is hinted that the Alteans might not have been 100% good guys.

  • It will somehow be interpreted as racist writing.

More Kallura moments. Maybe even some Lance and Allura moments.

  • More complaints of heteronormity. Possibly more staff harassment because why not.

Coran is awesome.

  • Nobody complains

There will be more Hunk cooking jokes.

  • Even if Hunk gets more screentime/development, people will still complain.

Keith saves Shiro.

  • People are angry because Allura (or fan favorite Lance) should have saved him. Who cares if that’s how it was in season 1 and 2.

She!th reunion hug. There are tears. (Bonus points for that being the last scene of season 3.)

  • People will complain because Sh@llura reunion was much less tender (or even non-existant).

Feel free to add more!


endless list of favorite people  kristen stewart (april 9th, 1990)

I grew up on a movie set, and before I was an actor, I wanted so badly to be part of this feeling, where everybody was protecting this treasure. Everybody would…work too many hours and sacrifice their lives to discover something. I felt that protection, and I know the possibility that it exists. I want to be responsible for it so badly.

Pssst, Fictionkin:

Want to know what makes me happy?

Somewhere out there, my favorite fictional characters, especially the ones who’s lives weren’t what they wanted them to be, are getting another chance.

Maybe they’re shopping.

Maybe they’re watching silly youtube videos.

Maybe they’re laughing with friends, or playing a favorite game, or driving to work, or making dinner.

So wherever you are, fictionkin, whatever you’re doing, just know that you’re what everyone hoped for, a new chance for the character that they love!


I’ve been taged by @mysterybunnies (awesome blog check them out!)

This is in no particular order

1-Breezblock by alt-j

2-born in a flash by mother mother

3-rhinestone eyes by gorillaz

4-drugstore perfume by Gerard way

5-love and truth by mother mother

6-introduction to the snow by tally hall (miracle musical)

7-& by tally hall

8-pusher by alt-j

9-omen by mother mother

10-feel good inc. by gorillaz

And now for the tags!: @starlumen @anjoysblog @jessitale @pepamint709 and @aisla229!! None of you are obligated to participate tho…
Favorite Destiel Fic Survey
What are the most popular fics in the Destiel fandom, based on a survey of people currently active in the fandom? Let's find out!

Apropos of the post I put together yesterday, a couple people mentioned that a “fan favorite” list would likely look very different from a top AO3 list like the one I compiled. So, I thought I’d make a survey.

I’ll leave this open, say, a week? Until the end of February? Unless I’m still getting a lot of replies by then, in which case I might leave it open longer. (I’m posting this on 2/22/2017)

Please respond and/or signal boost! Fics that have Destiel as the primary ship only, please!

Once replies stop coming in, I’ll compile and share a list of our favorite fics! I’m really curious if it’ll be different from the “top” lists as listed on AO3.


endless list of favorite people ben barnes (august 20th, 1981)  

There’s a story that I lied when I said I had horse-riding experience when I was auditioning for the Narnia films. They asked me if I’d been on a horse before and I said yes, because I had. It’s just that it was when I was five and it was a Shetland pony. But that’s not the point—I answered the question truthfully.


endless list of favorite people || minerva mcgonagall || harry potter

“Now, the Vanishing Spell –" "Hem, hem.“ "I wonder,” said Professor McGonagall in cold fury, turning on Professor Umbridge, “how you expect to gain an idea of my usual teaching methods if you continue to interrupt me? You see, I do not generally permit people to talk when I am talking.”