I put some greys and emoticons on my lunch sketches from this week. Didn’t have the energy to do anything more exiting than faces.

From left to right, top to bottom: Lisp, Martin, Jasper, Jesse, Nima, Tove, Alex, Jona, Aaron, Ester, Jonathan, Silly/Aurora, Gallamore, Khelán

Characters with names in bold belong to xhakhal

Listen up, kids.

Don’t fucking make fun of someone’s lisp

or stutter

or accent

or weight

or acne

or birthmarks

or any other unique shit they got going on.

I know it seems like easy prey. Maybe you’ve had a horrible day or you’re bored but that’s just too fucking bad. Don’t take it out on them. Your thoughtless words/actions could affect them for a fucking long time.

Besides, it’s not like they haven’t heard it before. It’s not like they aren’t aware of their differences. You think your little joke is original? You think it’s news to them? No. It’s just really fucking cruel.

There’s this awesome quote from George Watksy on people who make fun of lisps. “And if you think your speech is normal, it’s because your impediment is listening.” Listen to his spoken word piece, S for Lisp. This dude knows what he’s talking about.

And get it through your skulls that by picking at what may very well be their biggest fucking insecurity, you’re confirming their belief that they can never be seen as a normal human being.

That’s some heavy-ass shit for one person to carry on their shoulders.

So just don’t do it. Please.

Ch'ney out.

There needs to be more support and representation for those with speech impediments. 

I want to see someone with a speech impediment on tv who is not the butt of a joke because of it.

I want to feel like a normal person and be taken seriously and I want that for everyone else who can’t talk “normal”

People with speech impediments:

If someone laughs at how you speak, your voice is not the problem.

If someone finishes your sentences, your voice is not the problem.

If someone can’t be bothered to pay attention to what you’re saying, your voice is not the problem.

If someone refuses to look at you because of the way you speak, your voice is not the problem.

If someone excludes you to speed up conversation, your voice is not the problem.

If someone tells you that you should change how you speak, your voice is not the problem.

They are. 

If you want to tell them as much, you can.

But whether you want to confront them or not, just remember that none of these reactions make your speech bad or wrong. Some people just suck at knowing how to be respectful. And that’s a problem with them, not with your voice.


This had me in tears within the first 30 seconds. This man is amazing. I’ve never had a work of art be so relevant, or so touching, or so empowering. Don’t like my subtle lisp? Watch this.


S is for Lisp
by George Watsky 


to anyone who has been said they have a lisp, tell them this.