Literally please please don’t interrupt people who have speech impediments to correct or rush them.

That includes not interrupting:

• Stuttering

• Really slow speech / lots of pauses or ums

• People who have difficulty being concise because thats really common for autism/adhd/other nd brains

• People with lisps/slurred speech due to a natural impediment

• People who repeat themselves without meaning to (another nd brain thing)

We KNOW that our speech isn’t typical, and a lot of us (though not speaking (yes that was a pun) for all of us) are pretty sensitive about it.

By interrupting you disrupt our train of thought, and in some cases we will literally forget everything about what we were going to say.

Also noah fence but if you interrupt to mock, laugh at, or get angry at us for our speech I hope you have a bad day and step on a lego.


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Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr - Me


Hans Zanger - Aaron Burr, Sir?

I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video, except for the use of my voice!

I’ve been reading up on different types of lisps (yes, for fun), mostly because I couldn’t put a word to the way that Emma Stone talks.  I like Emma Stone (and I loved La La Land), but I just really needed a name for whatever she has going on. I’ve noticed this with others in my life - a former boss, another colleague, something with their /s/ sounds is just…off. I kept thinking it was like a lisp, but when you think of a lisp you think, “I’m tho thorry you didn’t like the prethent I got you for Chrithmith.”

So here’s what I found (taken from Wikipedia, though there were several other sources on this that provided an interesting read):

  • A frontal lisp occurs when the tongue is placed anterior of the target. Interdental lisping is produced when the tip of the tongue protrudes between the front teeth and dentalised lisping is produced when the tip of the tongue just touches the front teeth. The transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet for interdental sibilants is [s̪͆] and [z̪͆] and for simple dental sibilants is [s̟] and [z̟]. When a fronted lisp does not have a sibilant quality, due to placing the lack of a grooved articulation, the IPA transcription would be [θ, ð] or variants thereof.
  • A lateral lisp is where the [s] and [z] sounds are produced with air-flow over the sides of the tongue. It is also called “slushy ess” or a “slushy lisp” due to its wet, spitty sound. The symbols for these lateralised sounds in the extensions to the International Phonetic Alphabet for disordered speech are [ʪ] and [ʫ].
  • A nasal lisp occurs when part or the entire air stream is directed through the nasal cavity. The transcription for sibilants with nasal frication in the extensions to the IPA is [s͋] and [z͋]; simple nasal fricatives are [s̃] and [z̃].
  • A strident lisp results in a high-frequency whistle of hissing sound caused by stream passing between the tongue and the hard surface. In the extensions to the IPA, whistled sibilants are transcribed [s͎] and [z͎].
  • A palatal lisp is where the speaker attempts to make a sibilant while the middle of the tongue is in contact with the soft palate,[1] or with a posterior articulation of the sibilant. The latter may be transcribed [s̠] and [z̠], [ʃ] and [ʒ], or the like.

Who knew there were so many types? I believe, from reading and from what I remember of IPA, Emma Stone has either a dental lisp or a palatal lisp. I can’t decide exactly where her tongue is falling. I’m leaning toward the dental lisp.  The example I gave above (the Chrithmith prethent) is the standard interdental lisp, interdental being “between the teeth” and dental being actually on the teeth.

Aaaand…that’s what’s on my mind today. Carry on, Internet.

anonymous asked:

Do you perhaps have a link to a video or an audio (or more) where Minho's lisp is notable? Preferably Korean :) I find his lisp more notable in English, which makes sense, but I've never noticed it when he speaks Korean. I just kind of adore it and I've gotten curious about it after your BN post <3

Of course! Let me put together a compilation for you!

(image included cause you can actually see him lisping…so cute…so pure…admin m is crying)


There’s several instances of it here, in his cover of ‘Good Day.’

In a lot of his raps, his lisp is more pronounced than it is in his singing! In this rap compilation, you can hear a lot of rap-lisps.

Minho being teased for his tone of voice while trying to MC.

Here in a soundbite from his cover of In My Room, you can hear it.

Minho introducing Candy Jelly Love on Music Core.

Minho in 2009 doing the dibidibidis rap has the most cute lisp!

Lispy rapping in Destination.

Lisping while reciting poetry.


This is Japanese, so not exactly what you asked for, but when he is rapping in his cover of キセキ(Miracle) you can hear that pretty lisp.

Actually, now that i think of it, he does tend to lisp a lot in Japanese! Most of it is likely that he is concentrating so hard on speaking a foreign language that the lisp is more pronounced.

A collection of Minho in London, with a lot of lisping to boot.

Minho’s lisp is simply the cutest! He seems to mostly do it while rapping, talking quickly, or speaking another language. One source claims he went to speech therapy for this as a child, but there is no confirmation of this. In our eyes, it’s just one more reason to love Choi Minho!

-Admin M

Brace yourself

this is a collab fic between me and @mon-cher-angelique !, this is my  first time ever even writing story, so ya. (mon-cher-angelique is the true genius behind this, i was just kinda there) Mon-cher-angelique is also posting this same fic on their account too so check them out! (btw this idea was partially based off of @bunny-yams art) 

Word Count: 3900

Pairing: HamilSquad x Reader

Summary: The reader decides that it’s finally time for some braces but what will their boys think? Will they even tell them. Only time will tell.

The clinically white walls of the unrecognisable office swirled around your body in a drug infused haze, a feeling of numbness having already surpassed your mouth and running downwards towards your legs. Any pain that your body was registering and attempting to communicate with your non-functioning brain cells were quickly being overridden by the anaesthetic that was coursing heavily through your bloodstream and rerouting your neurons to fall into a sublime forgery of blissful ecstasy. As you attempted to move your heavy limbs off of the dentist’s chair that you had been trapped within for the past 2-3 hours, you began to realise how heavy and limp your legs had become as the numbness spread and infected every nerve in your system. All because your teeth had been caged into a 3 year commitment that they never truly agreed to.

Your body slowly shifted, sliding down the chair in an uncomfortable and uncontrollable manner. The orthodontists was busy else where currently, leaving only the nurses to watch your embarrassing  fall to the cold, hard ground in the sterile office. You splurted out an incoherent string of apologies but every word seemed to arrive into the atmosphere in a forced and muffled manner, very different to the melody of chords that used to arise from that small box in your throat. Was this how you would alway sound now? Like a child whose teeth had never even arrived or a person wearing a set of teeth guards as they played a contact sport.  

The nurse took a minute to even comprehend what was going on but she soon snapped out of it and helped you off the ground, which took a few times considering you could barely move your body. Finding it a difficult process to even lift your body in this distorted state. The Orthodontist came in shortly after the nurse finally managed to get you back on the chair. He spoke in a very soft tone, almost patronizing yet despite your mental state, you could tell it was unintentional.

“Hello (Y/N), how do you feel?”

A slur of words came out and the orthodontist quietly chuckled to himself,basing his judgment off of your face that was crinkled in anger at the lack of movement your body possessed.  The orthodontist turned his back to you and gathered a bunch of tools that would be useful in this new, painful chapter of your life. With his back still turned to you, he started asking you pointless questions such as want color toothbrush you wanted. The decisions seemed futile so you simply pointed to a random colour which in turn the nurse provided you. Your whole mouth felt as dry as the desert and like it was stuffed to the be with cotton wool.

The doctor continued to ramble into you about care for your braces and the necessities that could no longer be avoided. Concentrating was possibly the hardest thing to do when the drugs were still in your system, your eyes never being able to focus properly on the orthodontists unattractive face. No wonder they had to earn a lot of money, if they all looked like him then they would need it. His hooked nose that bent to the left, his beady little eyes that didn’t have a colour and his messy hair that wouldn’t seem to sit still no in any direction. To be honest though, since you started dating your boys, you had found every male unattractive and staring up the doctor’s nose hairs did not improve his image. One of the nurses, you think her name was Maria, gently tapped the orthodontist’s arm to indicate that you were barely able to sit on a chair, let alone remember his easily forgettable monologue. Yet seeing how slutty this Maria dressed, she could have possibly tapped the orthodontist for a booty call or a quickie, probably the reason why her boobs were practically hanging out of her shirt for the whole operation.

“ (F/N), (L/N).” The doctor muttered as he stared down at his clipboard with your information on it. Look, he had already forgotten your name, probably something to do with Maria’s tits. “Due to the need to install some fillings and do some minor dental repair - We were required to put you under anaesthetic. It seemed to have affected you dramatically and as per usual, you are unable to drive and it is certainly suggested to stay away from all alcohol and any drugs that are not prescribed. As you are unable to drive it is required that you have someone to come and pick you up from the office.Do you have anyone? Do you need me to call your next of kin or your partner?”

You slowly shook your head, there was no way you were letting your boyfriend’s see these braces before you had enough time to adjust. You smiled as your remembered that you had called your older brother to come and pick you up, then you stopped smiling because of the pain. A knock echoed through the surgery room, causing the inhabitants of the room to turn and wait for the grand entry. A tall, frizzy headed man peeked through the door with a nervous grin on his face.

“That would be me, the most amazing brother this world has ever seen.” You groaned as Thomas Jefferson spoke, a cheeky grin lighting up his entire face. Gosh, why couldn’t you have called Madison or someone? “It’s alright doctor. I’ll take them home and tell their boyfriend everything they need to know. they are just embarrassed about having to get them back on because they didn’t look after them well enough the first time.” His gloating came as a sharp jab to your ego. It was true that the only reason you were needing braces this late in life was because you had some jack all to keep them perfect. You didn’t wear your retainer, your dental hygiene was often poor except for a brushing and you never wore tight enough bands. Plus, What was all this boyfriend nonsense? You clearly had a polyamorous relationship - why wouldn’t he just say it? You growled angrily at Tom as you crossed your arms and stared daggers into his skull. Why the fuck did you pick him?

“That’s great…(Y/N)!” The awkward pause between his sentence and your name was to provide time for Dr Reynolds to actually look down at your papers and find your name. You just wanted to be out of this hell hole and you wanted it quickly. Dr Reynolds handed Thomas  enough pieces of paper to make a small manuscript as rambled on about the importance of food and instructions on how to care for the metal cage in your mouth, all while you were just mumbling to yourself and fiddling with your fingers. You gripped your brothers long sleeve and tugged on it as gently as your fumbling hands could, quickly grabbing his attention. He gave you a kiss on the cheek and a pat on your head and gave you a hand single that represented that he would be just a minute. Thomas was a very kind, gentle man and he never left his siblings when they needed him instead he would take them under his arm and coddle them until he deemed any danger to be gone. His attention was quickly snapped up by the orthodontist once more before your tugging quickly began, making him sigh gently as he swapped the sleeve trapped in your clutches with his own hand as an attempt to calm you. He didn’t understand what emotion you were feeling as the drugs continued to backhand you into reality. Once Thomas and your orthodontist were done talking, Thomas walked up to you and spoke softly.

“Hey (Y/N), you ready to leave darlin?” his southern drawl started to peak out. It was a creature comfort to hear your brothers natural accent. You managed to speak out a spluttered form of yes, embellishing the new lisp that you hadn’t had for almost 7 years. Your entire body was flaccid and lax, your eyes barely managing to stay open as you narrowly attempted to keep your body awake. Thomas scooped up your slack body, which naturally draped itself and contorted to provide him a gentle grip so he was able to carry you. Thomas pecked your forehead gently as he carried you bridal style down the flights of stairs and into his imported, fancy car that your parents had bought him.

“Y-youuuu shaid that I had a boyfriend. I h-have four, shhhhithead.” You groaned. Everything about talking was annoying; your added lisp, your stutter and the elongated way you stretched out your words. Not to mention the pain.You were almost crying “Ow…”

“I’m sorry (Y/N). I know it hurts…I went through it myself remember but think about the positives. Your teeth will look amazing darlin! Heck, I will even buy you all new veneers so they are pearly white just like mine. Besides, your boyfriends will love it.” His words were met with an evil stare as he gently placed you in the passenger seat of the car, letting you do your own buckle because you were strong and independent. Plus he had copped a beating from you before and he didn’t want to relive those terrifying memories - especially when you were in this foul of a mood. “The only reason I didn’t mention them was because I doubt that Dr Reynolds would understand. So look, I am sorry. Just please don’t hit me while I am driving.” His words were gentle as he shifted his bulky frame into the hideously painted, custom maroon Lamborghini.

“Fine but-t onshy becaushue you ashked nicely, youuu fuckerr”


On the drive home, you began to question the driving system of America - How the fuck had they let your brother on the road?If it wasn’t bad enough that you were already in pain, having Thomas speed over every bump as though he was a race car driver, almost made you break your word about no hitting him.  The wheels of his ugly yet expensive car came to a speeding halt on the bitchumen road outside of your New York apartment building, barely parking in between the clear white lines of the car space. “We’re here!” he said as he turned to you with a Cheshire cat grin spreading across his defined cheekbones.

“Shank Fuck forr shat!” you groaned as you quickly opened the door, before hastily unbuckling yourself. Your brain failed to recognise in its desperate attempt to free yourself of your brother, that the nerves which played a cumbersome role in maneuvering , your entire body were  currently fired, leaving your lax figure falling to the  unbreakable gravel beneath the custom wheels of your obnoxious brother’s car. Thomas was still busy trying to change the radio back to whatever songs he was playing before you infiltrated his radio system on the drive here when he heard the distinctive crash of your body colliding with the road. Thomas quickly threw off his seatbelt and dashed to the passenger side of the car only to see you passionately bombarding the ground with kisses. His grin disappeared to a flicker of worry before a hyena like cackle filled the air, how typical was it for you to complain about his driving in the most dramatically way even if you were high on drugs.

“My driving isn’t that bad (Y/N).” He chuckled as he bent down to his knees and gave you his hand. Holy shit, had your brother had a manicure? Madison must have had something to do with this, you could tell. Taking his hand into your own grip, you let him pull you up so your feet landed gently on the solid floor beneath you.

A heavy groan escaped your lips before and words could be formed by your dazed brain. “For onsh I’mm not trying to complain about your shhhit driving” your new lisp heavily impairing your speech like a drunk man on his sixth beer. Your brothers laughter died down to a slight giggle as he propped your lax body up with his toned arms. Letting you balance yourself  on his broad shoulders in an attempt to disconnect you from your current partner, the ground.

“Alright alright, let’s get you off of the nasty, grotty road and get you home, I don’t think the ground appreciates how you are touching it anyway” with whatever body movement you had left, you rolled your eyes at what he said as he picked you up again to bring you inside. He bested your weight easily, as though you were no more than a feather, as he lead you into the lobby of your shabby apartment building that you shared with your boyfriends; Lafayette, Hercules, John and Alex. Stumbling, wobbling and terrifying was the only way to describe your fifteen minute long journey to level4, your apartment being on level 8. It was at this point in time when Thomas realized he forgot every document that the orthodontist had provided you with on caring for yourself in your…impaired state. “Fuck” he muttered aggressively. “I’ll be right back (Y/N), I forgot your papers. Don’t move okay? No trying anything stupid, I need you to stay in one piece so the boys don’t kill me”

He sat you down on the ground, giving you another coddling kiss on your cheek before he raced back down the flights of stairs to retrieve them. You sat there for the first five minutes just fumbling with your thumbs acting like a toddler who couldn’t be left alone without supervision for 5 minutes without causing mischief. Some people passed by and they gave you strange looks, recognising you as that weird girl with four boyfriends from level 8 but you just shrugged it off. It had become normal for you to do that. You were starting to wonder where Tommy was, did it really take this long to get some papers? Especially with his long legs. After a what felt like a millennium of waiting, you saw your older brother nearly trip up the stairs in a rush to get back to you. You started to giggle wishing you could have seen him actually trip, the mere thought of him tripping made you smile. Something that Thomas hadn’t seen in the hour and half since he picked you up from the orthodontists office, New York traffic was a nightmare.

“What are you smiling about? Oh whatever, it probably something immature, you are on drugs after all. Not that you don’t laugh at stupid crap for no reason without drugs but you’re just a weirdo (Y/N).” He brushed it off like he didn’t care, but it made the fake French man ecstatic to see you smile, he loved seeing you happy. “Come on, let’s get you up stairs now before your boyfriends hunt me down and accuse me of stealing you”.

He allowed you to lean on his shoulders yet again before hiking up another four  flights of steep stairs to get you back home finally. As you reached your apartment, he knocked on the door loudly, purely to piss of alex because he knew alex hated that obnoxious loud knock, Thomas’s favourite pastime was pissing off your shortest boyfriend. Noises echoed from the inside of your home, the sounds of booming footsteps echoed into the hall as four men clearly raced to answer the door. The door was viciously swung open to see your four men as excited as Pomeranians hearing the word ‘walkies’ in an obnoxiously high pitched voice. Alex was the first to shove everyone other man aside in order to see their little angel arrive back home. You had left the house that morning proclaiming you had a doctor’s appointment but you never specified what that meant or involved, hoping that no would notice the embarrassing barriers clasping your teeth together. It was impossible not to notice a set of braces, so you knew it was best to keep your mouth shut and not say a word. What would happen if they kissed you? The last time you kissed a boy when you had braces, he cut his tongue on the snipped wire when he tried to French kiss you. Thank god it wasn’t your boys.

“(Y/N)!!! My god your home. I missed you! How was your appointment?” His babbles bombarded your sense as you felt the short man jump into your warm and unexpecting embrace. His started planting kisses all over your face, once again resembling a small dog that had been away from his owner for too long. Suddenly is dreamy gaze turned sour, realising who the man behind you was. “Why are you here Jefferson?”

John had to stifle a giggle as Alex’s face started to resemble an angry tomato, caught somewhere between rage and blushing. His furs with Jefferson managed to surpass the office doors every time he left for work, bringing his hatred for your eldest brother into the small apartment you all shared.

“I came to drop off my sister, fuck face. Don’t look so surprised, I can show affection to people Hamilton. They just have to deserve it.” He retorted back with a cheeky smirk spread across his face, your closed fist colliding with his beefy shoulders in a hard punch. “Ow, piss off metal mouth. I am just telling your idiot of a boyfriend over here that I care enough to pick up my little sibling from the orthodontist when they had their braces put on. Where were they, Huh?”

You face palmed your face aggressively, letting a sigh out. Why the fuck had he said that?

“Orthodontist? Metal mouth?” John said confused. What on earth was Jefferson talking about today? . “Why would he call yo-” John cut himself off quickly realizing that you got braces. The men had known you used to have braces “Open up let me see” he spoke sternly. You tried to refuse, squirming you head away from his grip but eventually you gave in. The pain of having your face prodded and briskly moving away from someone’s touch spread through your face, feeling like a car colliding with a tree.

“Oh mon amor…why didn’t you tell us?” Questioned Lafayette as a pout quickly enveloped his face. His large eyes looking genuinely shocked and upset with your hidden medical agenda, making your heart break into tiny pieces.”Were you scared we would tease you? We would never tease you mon cher! We love you… why hide it?”

“Ish hurtss.” You cried back, your bottom lip wobbling as tears streamed down your face, clouding your beautiful eyes. “I n-no like my brashis.” You whispered as Hercules pushed through the men and hugged you tightly, slowly leading everyone including your brother into the apartment’s lounge room. Setting your body gently down on the couch, pecking your forehead gently, he was far to scared to kiss your lips.

“Do you mind dropping the affection? I’m here too you know and it’s bad enough I have to see them kiss ponytail over here.” Said Thomas as he spread himself out on the couch, letting his feet sit on the coffee table as though he owned the place. You grumbled angrily as you have him a hard smack to the chops, trying to get him to take back the statement and to understand his place here. Alex looked fuming as he got up ready to start a fist fight with your brother, one hard stare from you brought your little lover him back to reality.

“If you don’t lishk it, then pisssh off fuck facesh.” You spat back quickly, letting yourself be cuddled by Hercules. Lafayette seemed to think this was a hoot as he started to holler in fits of laughter, slapping his hand roughly against the side of the couch. Alex looked like the cat who caught the rat, a smug grin and a raised eyebrow with a small head nod let Thomas knew where he stood here.

“Your lisp is adorable baby.” Said John as he kissed your cheek gently, slowly walking out of the room and into the kitchen. You made grabby hands for your boyfriend as you watched him walk away, what was he doing? “Don’t worry kitten. I am making you something to eat. What do you want?”

“Oh about that. Yeah, here’s some papers turtle boy. It’s says what they can and can’t eat.” Said Thomas as he threw the white bag to John, filled with papers given to you by the orthodontist. Johns face contorted into a shocked expression, the colour draining from his face.

“What did you mean they can’t eat popcorn?!?!” Screamed john as he scanned the typed words. How could they not eat popcorn or hard candy, that was there lifeline these days. All five of them would come home and make a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie, a small token of appreciation for the person who did everything in the tiny apartment. John attempted to win over his lover “I’ll tell you what. We can eat it one last time, just the five of us,” all the boys moved their heads simultaneously nodded their heads, trying to get Thomas to catch on. “We can settle down and watch a movie. Snuggle up to the most beautiful person ever with the most adorable lisp I have ever heard. The five of us…Just us.”

“Fine, fine. I know when I’m not wanted here. Remember, my Mac and cheese will be nice in your teeth. Eat that for dinner.” huffed Thomas as he grabbed his distastefully purple jacket and gave you a small kiss. You loved your big brother no matter what happened and it was times like these that you truly appreciated him for what he is.

“NO YOU FUCKING DON’T OTHERWISE YOU WOULD HAVE LEFT HALF AN HOUR AGO RAT MAN!! BUGGER OFF YOU FUCKER!” Screamed Alex loudly, stomping his foot on the ground like an upset child. “AND YOUR MAC AND CHEESE IS SHIT THOMAS. “ he slammed the door behind your brother, not wanting to hear or see his political nemesis for another week until the next cabinet battle.

You giggled as you sat on the couch with your boys, your metal braces in clear view for your partners to see. As Alex returned back into the loveseat that you all shared, he carried a fluffy blanket from the linen closet. Draping it over your body before plopping down beside you. John returned from the small kitchen with a bag of ready made microwave popcorn, dripping in butter (just how you liked it) under his right arm and a bowl of hard candy in his left. He slapped them down on the table as Hercules put on a movie and Lafayette fiddles with your hair gently. Maybe having these braces weren’t so bad.

“You knows, I love you boysh.”

“We know mon amor. We know. You know we love your braces and your lisp? It sounds adorable.” Questioned Lafayette with a wink as his arm slipped across your shoulder and pulled you close so that all of the boys sat together on the same couch with you.

“I know. My amashing boyfriendsh.”

People with speech impediments:

If someone laughs at how you speak, your voice is not the problem.

If someone finishes your sentences, your voice is not the problem.

If someone can’t be bothered to pay attention to what you’re saying, your voice is not the problem.

If someone refuses to look at you because of the way you speak, your voice is not the problem.

If someone excludes you to speed up conversation, your voice is not the problem.

If someone tells you that you should change how you speak, your voice is not the problem.

They are. 

If you want to tell them as much, you can.

But whether you want to confront them or not, just remember that none of these reactions make your speech bad or wrong. Some people just suck at knowing how to be respectful. And that’s a problem with them, not with your voice.


If this ask was of a purely technical nature, the answer is that I vary, depending on what kind of picture it is. I’m not very impressed by the eyes I usually make; they mostly seem to consist of five lines or so. 

The thought process for them is more important to me. That way I can at least try to get a good variation and give each character their own snowflake look. Above is a very boiled down version of what goes on in my mind when I draw the eyes. I’m more sure about some characters than others…

Alex, Martin and Aaron belongs to xhakhal
The rest are mine.

(Yes, that’s me)