Are You Holding on for Dear Life or Are You Smiling Enjoying the Ride Divine Heart Guided Meditation

Are You Holding On for Dear Life or Are You Smiling Enjoying the Ride
© 2013 - Lisa Whatley

How are you holding up with the intense influx of wacky ‘n wild energies?

Are you feeling the energy drains:

- relationships that suck the life right out of you
- going to a job you can’t stand
- disease and imbalance in the physical, mental and/or emotional
- no longer getting fulfillment from the place you live in
- or maybe all of the above?

Basically do you feel like your life just sucks monkey-balls in some or all areas?

You are experiencing these energy drains as gentle energetic nudges in order to motivate you, to move you to make some necessary changes in your life.

As an example, when you are in the presence of a long time friend and it doesn’t feel good anymore or you feel drained while in conversation with this person - go within and figure out why, what changes do YOU need to make. In most cases you have moved beyond what the relationship can offer you and remaining within this relationship can hold you back so you are receiving energetic nudges to kick-start you into another gear, to get you moving, to begin flowing with life again.

The energy drain if you can look at it from an optimist view point, is a gift. You are being presented the gift of change and it’s your choice to take it or not. Perhaps the gift is knowing that it’s time to move forward and yes that may mean leaving that relationship behind and it’s completely okay to do so. If you remain out of fear, set your intention to move forward with ease and grace and then allow the changes to take place while taking inspired action, this transition will be graceful, exciting and will provide you the opportunities you need that are perfect for you at this time in your life. Go with the flow not against it; it’s a much smoother ride! ♥

In the beginning the nudges will be gentle. If you don’t begin moving they will turn into little pushes, to shoves and if you still won’t make the necessary adjustments and changes you’ll eventually get the rug pulled right out from under you and you’ll land right on your ass wondering what the hell just happened. Trust me it’s easier to move with the flow of life then to fight against it. :D

Are you ready to forgive and let go of what no longer serves you at this time in your life? The following Guided Meditation was designed so you could heal yourself easily and effortlessly, clearing stagnant energy, old emotional programs, releasing tension and stress, washing away anger, resentment, releasing fear and suspicion, letting go of past hurts, pains and trauma along with allowing you time to forgive and receive forgiveness. Ultimately this is all up to you. Will you take the time to let it all go is the question?

This guided meditation has energetic transmissions that will penetrate down to the cellular level if you allow yourself the gift of healing. It can reprogram your cells with joy, peace, abundance, health and harmony if you allow yourself to accept the gift.

If your life sucks monkey-balls, you have been nudged energetically to make changes. The tool has been shared to assist you on your journey. Go within and see if this a journey for you.

Free will, the choice is yours - push play or click away from this page.
What will you choose?

As always, many blessings, keep smiling and create a fab one!
~ xoxo

PS: Share this with anyone or group that you feel will benefit from this message. ♥