Lisa Schwartz


“Will Shane and I ever get back together? …Shane and I have declared that we are soulmates and best friends, and we’ve made that very clear to each other so I guess it would be foolish to say never but right now, no”  - Lisa Schwartz in My feelings about Shane Being Bisexual. (x) 

This was such a beautiful video - Lisa is a fucking rockstar and she’s being so so so supportive of Shane. What a sweetheart. 


lisbugonyoutube: our relationship may have died, but our commitment to a great thumbnail lives on! #teamshisa #keepitweird #sodark


get to know me meme [one/five] real life couples: shane dawson & lisa schwartz

“I love the way she smells because she smells like Peeps and that’s my favorite candy. Sometimes when she breathes really close to me, I start to drool and I think she thinks it’s because I’m like so turned on but in reality, I’m just starving. I love the way she squeezes my hand to see if I’m okay in social situations ‘cause she knows how awkward I get. If we’re at a party or something and she just senses that I’m feeling awkward she’ll give me a little love squeeze. And I always turn to her and say 'I’m fine! I’m totally fine! You need to stop babying me!’ but in reality I really appreciate it and her little love squeezes actually make me feel really good. I love the way she laughs so hard that she cries and then her makeup runs and she looks like a street whore. I love that street whore. I love how much she loves Mexican food. She can literally eat an entire basket of chips and salsa and not even think about it. The best part is, after she eats the entire basket, she’ll look at me and be like 'Can you believe we just took down that whole basket of chips?’ 'No I can’t believe it Lisa because you did it. I had nothing to do with that.’ I love that when I’m driving sometimes in the corner of my eye I can see her looking at me. I don’t know if this is true or not, I just see it in the corner of my eye, but I like to think that she’s staring at me lovingly. In reality, she’s probably looking out the window past my face trying to look for something better. I love how genuinely mad she gets when I find out who got kicked off The Voice before she does. She goes 'Why do you always do this?! Why do you just like to know something that I don’t know?! You are such a fucking asshole!’ And I don’t know why, but I love it that she gets really mad about it. I love the way she drinks water because she kinda drinks water like a baby holding a bottle. I love how dedicated she is with her job. She’s a youtuber, she’s an actress and she owns like this children’s theater company. She works 24/7 and she’s really good at it and it’s really cool to see her owning her own business. It makes me feel like a fucking loser. I love how much she loves my mom. But she genuinely loves my mom. She hugs my mom, she talks to my mom, she texts my mom, she sexts my mom. Okay, I might’ve just made that one up. But I love that when she asks me 'How’s your mom doing?’ I know that she genuinely gives a shit and that’s amazing. I love that she takes pictures of me when I’m sleeping. That’s a lie. I don’t love it. It’s really creepy, stop doing it. I love that she steals my chapstick. I love that she never gets uncomfortable about what I do for a living. I genuinely love her videos. You could be in a relationship with somebody who thinks they’re funny, who makes videos and you don’t think it and they show you the videos and you have to lie and fake laugh. It is so horrible and uncomfortable. I never had to worry about that with her. Before we were even together, I watched her videos and I thought they were funny and now that we’re together I think she’s even more funny. So if you haven’t watched her videos, go check out her channel or I’ll fucking kill you. And the last one is, I love that she is my best friend. I think I’m gonna be her best friend forever. I’ll probably die before she does, so I’m sure after I die, she’ll find a new best friend, but until then, I think we’re gonna be okay.” x