Lisa Schwartz


“Will Shane and I ever get back together? …Shane and I have declared that we are soulmates and best friends, and we’ve made that very clear to each other so I guess it would be foolish to say never but right now, no”  - Lisa Schwartz in My feelings about Shane Being Bisexual. (x) 

This was such a beautiful video - Lisa is a fucking rockstar and she’s being so so so supportive of Shane. What a sweetheart. 


lisbugonyoutube: our relationship may have died, but our commitment to a great thumbnail lives on! #teamshisa #keepitweird #sodark

reasons to watch bojack horseman

  • realistic and super honest portrayal of depression, anxiety, loneliness and identity issues
  • super fleshed out and endearing characters
  • crazy good continuity, like, shit man, just the best. no loose ends, ever.  
  • SUPER clever writing, overarching plot lines are done SO WELL. 
  • u can rewatch it so many times and still find new and incredibly clever themes, foreshadowing and references (i speak from experience, i have watched the first two seasons at least 5 times each)
  • cast of incredible voice acting talent, including kristen schaal, aaron paul, stanley tucci, ben schwartz, lisa kudrow and kristen chenoweth, to name  a FEW
  • as well as a metric fuck tonne of special guest voices, including daniel freaking radcliffe, tatiana maslany, wallace shawn, lance bass, and john krasinski 
  • excellent portrayal of a character having an abortion in which they do not experience any guilt or turmoil over the decision, and the character receives great support from their partner and friends.
  • CANON ACE CHARACTER WHO IS AN ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE. just trust me. my sweet child, i love them. 
  • in conclusion, this show is so good, and so validating without being condescending or romanticising very real struggles. 10/10. pls watch.