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In honor of the regular version of my book photo Bring The Noise being officially SOLD OUT! The LAST BATCH of limited signed edition of 66 is on sale for LESS THAN the regular version! - the limited signed and numbered edition is signed by MickDeth (eighteen visions - foreward) and Lisa Marx (kittie - cover) as well as myself, and numbered up to 66. - LETS SELL THIS OUT!

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The War Inside is on the look out for new members to join our community.  The premise of TWI is to play as though you are whom you are playing.  While we do have rules and guidelines, we are very lenient as to what is posted—WE ARE A MATURE RP.  MATURE ITEMS DO COME ON DASH.  We’re looking for anything and everything (OCs included).  Come, check us out, reserve a role, or apply today.

No para samples required until Friday.


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The Witch Was Right - Show Me The Way

New project by Trevor Friedrich, Bobby Schubenski, Lisa Marx, Abbey Nex!
Worth of listening!!!