Lisa Left Eye Lopes


Last Days of Left Eye

This documentary used to creep me out when I was younger. I didn’t really like watching it. I felt like I was watching my childhood idol deteriorate before my eyes, go crazy and mixed up with occultism and strange behavior

But now that I’m older, I appreciate Left Eye’s philosophy and growth and I am able to understand her need to escape those confines. Her whole life she was running, even down to her last minutes when she described that she felt a spirit was haunting/chasing her. 

It’s remarkable they got all this on tape. It’s amazing how they related the theme back to Lisa’s theories about numerology and energies and connections. Coincidence is for the birds. Shame how we are so quick to label folks “crazy”. She was the Crazy in TLC. But this showed her rationality 


‘Street Life’ was originally written for an audition in New York in fall of 1989 By Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes at only 18. The track touches on street violence, broken homes, prostitution, crack babies and being an educated woman.

*After hours of work this -final- version was driven and hand-delivered an hour before the cut-off time. [x]