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Monster Hunter Fan Arts

#1 Lost in translation, #2 Tetsucabra, #3 Baroth and #4 Rathalos by PE-Travers

#5 Monster Hunter fan art by Zhang Yimin

#6 Monster Hunter by zhang pengzhen

#7 The Final Showdown monster hunter 4 fan art by JoeTheSix

#8 MH Deviljho Sub 20110622 by cyl1981

#9 Monster Hunter by Lisa Nguyen

#10 Monster Hunter by Kaiyuan Lou

Onwards to another Random Post

You know how Mick and Len keep telling their younger selves to ‘do better, be better’
Jax told his dad to keep his head low
All of them are being raised by Mary Poppins pretty much
What if when all this is said and done and they return to 2016, they’ve altered the timeline so much it’s no longer THEIR timeline
What if they get back and Jaxs father is still alive
What if they get back and Leonard or Lisa are mayor
Guys, what if they create earth 2

okay but Kendra as Lens mum

So we all know that Len’s mum left when he was little, before Lisa was born (because they have different mums) But what if she didn’t leave what if it was Kendra, and it was just that Savage got to her when he was little.

Okay so let’s say she’s with Lewis because at this point in time he’s actually an alright guy. She hasn’t met Carter yet (or has but she thought he was just some weird crazy guy) and then one night she finds out that Lewis, while not working as a cop, has been rocking that criminal lifestyle and she doesn’t want that for her son and so plans to leave.
But that night, what if when she goes out to get the money and supplies she needs for them to leave, Savage finds her and Len never hears from her again.

So then cut to Legends and Len can’t help but like Kendra and he doesn’t know why (he wasn’t old enough to remember how she looked). He can’t help but feel comfortable around her.

Then there’s this one mission where maybe Len is in danger and nearly dies and while he’s on the med bay Kendra just loses it and neither her nor anyone else can figure out why because sure Snart is a part of the team but he’s not that close with anyone yet. But Len is sure somethings up.

Obviously Len would figure it out at some point because he’s clever and it wouldn’t take him long to put it together, he asks Carter about her last self and he tells Len he’s happy she doesn’t remember it, because she was stolen from her son and kept captive for 11 years before managing to kill herself to escape him.

Len works it out, he’s 44 and Kendra is 25.
If she went missing when he was 8 and held captive for 11 years Len would’ve been 19 when she died
It’s not a coincidence that there’s a 19 year age gap between them.

Len doesn’t tell her because how can he? Eventually he plans to though, but the Oculus happens and he doesn’t get the chance.

It’s only when Kendra watches the place explode that the memories come flooding back to her and she collapses as she realises she just watched another son die, that she lost Leonard again, she had him back and she didn’t even realise it.

But imagine the legends coming back to 2016
And Barry runs to them to greet them and especially len (everyone else’s family/friends eg. Lisa are there too)

And he notices that len isn’t there
And keeps looking around and than Rips says “not everybody could make it”
And Barry realises that he is talking about len
And he looks to mick to make sure
but he walks to barry lays a hand on his shoulder to just whisper with a broke voice “sorry, kid”
And Barry breaks out in tears
And stutters “wh..? When …h-how…are you s-s-sure … did ..did you check?”
But mick just repeats “sorry kid”
And takes him in a tight hug

I need a crossover in which Team Flash, Legends, and Lisa Snart work together. Or at least try to do it.

Leonard all the time flirting with Barry, but is often distracted, because “GET AWAY FROM MY SISTER, SARA!”

Mick and Caitlin discusses their combat achievements in recent time and complain of their fate. “You think you was bad? This is me was bad. THIS MONSTER WAS FEEDING ME BURGERS ALL THE DAMN TIME.”

Cisco, Jax and Ray having fun together, inventing all sorts of things and “Fucking relationships, man!”So true, man.”

Kendra and Iris are often left alone, drinks coffee and discusses their crises in relations, speaks on the topic of fate and freedom of choice. 

Carter tries unsuccessfully paying attention Kendra on herself and eat her face. All laugh at him.

Martin looks at a photo of Clarissa and sighs. All that romance on the ship causes him often to ask Gideon about his wife.

Rip like ???????? What are you doing? My family is in danger! Whole world is in danger! We have no time for these pink snot!

But then Sara tells all about Jonah and of course the Team Flash wants to see the Time Mom and the Wild West. Barry decides this question. Rip wants to die.