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Gamer Fashion Week: Fangamer & Insert Coin

Yesterday marked the beginning of Gamer Fashion Week with Lisa Foiles. Each day we will be showcasing some of our favorite shops and items. Fangamer and Insert Coin were on the top of our list for some great gaming gear. Head on over the full post on Top 5 with Lisa Foiles for item links and prices. 



Lisa Foiles (Actress/Model/Journalist/Voice Actress) is a creative entertainer whose talents are spread across many mediums including television (All That, Malcolm in the Middle).  She’s shared an incredible passion for gaming in many ways as a video games journalist, worked on several gaming themed fan projects and done voice work in video games including the upcoming Twisted Pixel game LocoCycle where she is the voice of main character I.R.I.S.

We sat her down awhile back to get her thoughts about what’s better Trek or Wars, what movie she’d like to see made into a video game one day and her favorite memory from video games’ past.  

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live now?
My name is Lisa Foiles, I’m from Portland, OR originally, and I now live in shiny Hollywood, CA.  I’m a proven foosball champion and I think PinkBerry frozen yogurt is just OK.

Tell us about any current projects you’re working on.
I recently became the new host of The Game Station’s weekly gaming news show, Remag.  It’ll be interesting how the show’s current fans react to me being the host, since they’re all pretty loyal to the show’s previous host, Layne Pavoggi.  They’ll probably hate me, actually.  I’m sure I’ll have to bribe them with gifts or lapdances or something (Nothing I haven’t done before, amiright?).  I’ll also be appearing on Kotaku a lot more in the near future, plus I plan on posting a bunch of pictures of my cats soon.

What do you do for fun?
Drink.  Ha ha!  No, but in all seriousness I do probably drink too much.  Not in an alcoholism type of way, more in like an alcohol-makes-me-FINALLY-relax type of way.  See, I’m a very paranoid person who’s on edge pretty much 24/7, so a good Guinness now and then or ten whiskey sours is really my ticket to a better evening.  This answer really went down an unintended path.  Hmm…I also enjoy dressing up in costumes!

What game(s) are you currently playing? What game(s) are you looking forward to playing later this year?
Just finished Dragon’s Dogma (I did a review of it for The Game Station!) and I thought it was pretty fun-tastic.  Right there is an example of me not knowing whether to say “fun” or “fantastic,” and as a result, combining the two into a ridiculous, unfunny word that I really should erase and retype, but it’s 8AM and I’m going to leave it.  As for upcoming games, I cannot wait to play Fable 4!  Oh wait, that game hasn’t been announced yet and probably never will.  I’m pretty stoked to play Lollipop Chainsaw, and I’ll be counting the days until the new Gears of War is out.

Many video games today are based on popular tv shows and movie franchises; is there anything you would like to see made into a video game one day?
Okay, hear me out: “It’s A Wonderful Life” set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where Jimmy Stewart’s head has been affixed to a robot body and everybody has guns.  You’ll get classic lines like, “Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings,” but with the word “Bitch” at the end to make it more intense, and it’ll be said right before someone’s head gets blown off with a triple-barreled pistol.  I’m still working out the kinks, but I’m sure Bethesda will be interested.

We have a Video Game Memory Project in which we ask people to share their favorite memory (good, bad or otherwise) about a video game. What’s yours?
Goldeneye 007 on N64 made me cry.  It’s clearly one of the greatest games ever, especially because – correct me if I’m wrong – it was kind of a thrown-together game to coincide with the movie, and for a thrown-together game, it’s quite a classic.  But back to my sadness, when the game came out, I didn’t get to play it until all of my friends had owned it for a while.  Needless to say by the time I played with them, they very much excelled at the game and I very much did not, and no one would take the time to teach me what any of the buttons did.  So, I just got my tiny ass whooped over and over.

What is your favorite video game genre?
Comedic point-and-click adventures, like Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, and my favorite, the Monkey Island series.

If Nickelodeon were to make a video game based on All That, what type of game do you think it would be: collection of mini-games or epic RPG adventure to become the greatest Nickelodeon star ever?
Probably a collection of insanely stupid mini games like Hangman Trivia or a Crossword Puzzle.  OH WAIT they already did that for All That on the Nickelodeon website years and years ago.  They were the worst games of all time, and they even spelled our names wrong.  I think I was “Lisa Foles” at one point.

What’s the worst video game you’ve ever played?
Quest 64.

What were your thoughts on this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo?  Any highlights that stood out for you or new favorite games to look forward to?
I think Watch Dogs looks pretty cool, and I like the look of the new Tomb Raider game.  I just wish Lara Croft wasn’t such a whiner in all of the footage we’ve seen so far.

Marry/Shag/Kill: Nathan Drake, Kratos, Max Payne?
Marry Nathan, Shag Max, Try To Reason With Kratos.

Star Trek or Star Wars (You can only choose one)?
Star Wars.  It’s that sentimental value thing.  My dad and I love the movies and play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit: Saga Edition pretty often to keep each other on our toes with our Star Wars knowledge.  He’s actually pretty good, though he’ll still occasionally let a “Bobo Fett” or a “Qui-Gon Jim” slip.  One time he asked my grandma who the King of Gungans was because he couldn’t remember.  My grandma probably thought we were on young people drugs.  That all being said, I have a lot of respect for the high intelligence level of Star Trek through the years.  I’m really cool with either side, but I’ll stick with Star Wars.


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Gamer Fashion Week: General Goods, Sanshee & Bitmap’d

Lisa and I put the spotlight on some of our favorite video games fashion vendors including:

General Goods the creator of adorable and affordable geeky jewelry inspired by video games, television, books, movies and more. I want that Buffy necklace.

Sanshee, known for their Pokemon Gym Badge Pins, creates a variety of t-shirts and accessories inspired by gaming and anime. 

Bitmap’d is a small clothing line packed with high quality t-shirts with subtle references to the video games that we all love. It’s not a surprise that Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist is a fan like us.

Make sure to go check out the full post on Top 5 with Lisa Foiles for item prices and links.


Tetris Tonight?

Lisa Foiles is a Tetris addict and will go on a rampage if anyone beats her high score. As a Tetris addict, she owns Tetris merch including an an amazing Tetris V-Neck Top that she got from Urban Outfitters years ago. I’ve coveted that shirt in her closet and she’d never let me borrow her beloved t-shirt. Luckily, I found a similar style for all the fellow Tetris fans out there and wore it for Day 194 of 365 Days of Video Games Fashion. Perhaps, match it with some Tetris underwear?

  • Be Priv Tetris T-shirt exclusive to ASOS ($27.15)

A tweet of mine has been mentioned in a Top 5 With Lisa Foiles!

<Zoidberg> At last, recognition! </Zoidberg>

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