Lisa Burke

DIY Easy Polymer Clay Ring Tutorial from Alisa Burke.

This is a beginner polymer clay project because imperfections don’t matter i.e. fingerprints (always a problem with polymer clay), unevenness etc… **What Other Bloggers Don’t Tell You: Anything That Touches Unbaked Polymer Clay Cannot Be Used On or For Food Ever Again** In the past I’ve posted numerous links to articles about this. Be safe and you polymer clay designated tools.

I also posted Alisa Burke’s DIY Easy Polymer Clay Bangle Tutorial here.


myers-briggs personality types

↳ ESTJ (The Supervisor)

ESTJs are conventional, factual, and grounded in reality. For the ESTJ, the proof is in the past: what has worked and what has been done before. They value evidence over conjecture, and trust their personal experience. ESTJs look for rules to follow and standards to meet, and often take a leadership role in helping other people meet expectations as well. They concern themselves with maintaining the social order and keeping others in line.

ESTJs often take on a project manager role at home as well as at work, and excel at setting goals, making decisions, and organizing resources to accomplish a task. The ESTJ wants to achieve efficient productivity and typically believes this is best accomplished when people and systems are well organized.


  • more likely than other types to exhibit Type A behavior
  • of all types, scored highest in coping resources
  • ranked 3rd highest in marital satisfaction
  • among top 4 types of highest college GPA
  • among most likely to stay in college
  • among most types most satisfied with their work
  • high ranking personal values include prestige, health, financial security, and achievement
  • Commonly found in occupations such as bank officers, financial managers, and business owners
  • famous estjs: george washington, sandra day o'connor, colin powell, and vince lombardi

“The image of Goddess Lakshmi will not appear on any piece of Lisa Blue swimwear for the new season, with a halt put on all production of the new range and pieces shown on the runway from last week removed. The use of images of Goddess Lakshmi was not in any way a measure of calculated risk taking, simply it was a desire to celebrate different cultures and share that through our brand.”

(via Lakshmi Swimsuit Enrages A Lot Of People)


altering the facture of the photographic surface creates an unfamiliar boundary between the
viewer and the image, accosting the viewers perception of what is being presented.
Employing abstraction to the portrait capitalizes on the idea of portraiture not being a true 
representation of the self, but merely a constructed portrayal.

*a seldom used philosophical term to describe an internal and subjective experience which is so familiar to 
us yet we cannot describe.