Blackpink Reaction To Making You Jealous But Regretting It

Jennie: She would only realize that making you jealous was stupid when she saw you with an really bad expression on your face. She would quickly explain it all and apologize for acting so ridiculously.

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Jisoo: She would wait some time to see what you were going to do. Seeing that you’ve got really jealous she would apologize and explain that it was just a joke and there’s nothing to worry about.

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Rosé: Honestly I don’t think she would make you jealous. Since she knows how bad and ridiculous jealousy feels, She wouldn’t do that to you, at least not on purpose.

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Lisa: Would feel really embarrassed for trying making you jealous. She would probably feel really bad for doing that to you.

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No Ice Cream for Rainy Days - Jisoo

A/N: This was requested by lewakies, THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING MY FIRST REQUESTING! By the way I tried to make it as fluffy and possible! Enjoy 😊

Word Count: 1800+

Genre: Fluff

For: Both Girls and Boys

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Your hands tightened around the steering wheel of your car nervously. What if she got bored? What if she is reluctant to go out with you at all? What if she only sees you as a friend?

You were about to go on your first date with Kim Jisoo from BLACKPINK. You were a little nerve wracked to say the least. But who wouldn’t, she’s pretty, funny and has a smile that would brighten anyone’s day.

While you were busy mentally listing off her amazing qualities, you pulled up at the YG building to pick up your date. Another reason you were nervous was because you had to reschedule a fair amount of times before today. You get that it was because she’s busy, but it didn’t stop you from thinking a little too much.

Without taking much notice of the lobby, elevator or hallway, getting to the front door of the BLACKPINK dorm had seemed quicker than it probably was. You raised your hand to knock rhythmically on the door, your heart starting to race with excitement.

When you finished knocking you heard giggling, then whispering, “Shh, Y/N will know we’re right behind the door!” You heard the cute voice of your date whispering and giggling.

“Ahhh unnie, were just so excited to see Y/N, why can’t we open the door yet?” You heard another voice.

“Because then a certain person might think that I was waiting for them to show up for the past 30 minutes!” You heard Jisoo whisper back.

“But that’s exactly what you’ve bee- oowww,” you heard groaning then quiet laughter. Since you were about to start laughing out loud yourself, you knocked again.

“Hello? Jisoo?” You say through the door then you hear two more pairs of foot steps rushing to the door. This whole scenario was just so cute to you that your nerves floated away.

Suddenly the door opened revealing a very pretty, made up Jisoo. Her hair was back in a high pony tail with two pieces of hair framing her face. The pieces of hair besides her face and in her hair tie were curled into flawless, bouncy ringlets. She had on a grey crop top jumper, black high waist jeans and black knee high boots. She looked like she didn’t intend to look like the most beautiful person on earth.

You were pulled from your fantasies when you heard a little squeal. You look to the left and saw the maknae, Lisa. She had her fists balled up on the sides of her face looking like a full on fangirl. You smiled at her before bowing.

“Hello, my name is Y/N and I’m here to take Jisoo out on a date,” you explain politely before hearing the words,

“Good looking and manners, nice choice unnie,” Rosé said cheekily nudging Jisoo’s arm playfully. You laughed quietly at the sweet gesture before turning to Jisoo,

“Shall we?” You offer with a smile making Jisoo’s ears turn red. Her members cooed at her and lightly pushed her towards me. You hold your arms out in case she’s gonna fall even though she doesn’t.

She laughed lightly at herself, “Let’s go before they start to really tease us,” Jisoo says smiling widely at you.

“Who said we were teasing Y/N?” Rosé says while laughing through her sentence.

“We promised you we wouldn’t tease Y/N, so we are only teasing you,” Jennie says with slight sarcastic endearment. We all laugh a little before we bid each other goodbye.

“Sorry about them, they can be a little embarrassing,” she said while twiddling her thumbs.

You smiled and laughed softly, “Don’t worry it was cute,” you say letting that sit in the air while you get to the lobby, “By the way, did you really wait half an hour for me?” You say cheekily before quickly nodding at security.

Jisoo gasped, “You heard that?” She asked her cheeks turning pink.

“Yes I did,” you said without the smile leaving your face.

Jisoo stopped and held her face in her hands, “God that’s embarrassing,” she mumbled, her voice being muffled by her hands. You took a bold step forward and held her hands, removing them from her face.

“Hey, if you wanted me to come earlier all you had to do was send a text and I’d be there,” you say softly brushing your thumbs across her four fingers. Before she could show her flustered self again, you softly pulled her to your car and opened the door for her before getting in your own side.

You tightened the jacket you had worn around your shoulders before starting up the car, “So where do you want to go?” You asked.

“You didn’t have anything planned?” She asked surprised.

“I wanted you to pick so that you’re doing something you want to do,” you explained with a caring tone in your voice. Your turned your head to see a large grin on her face. When she noticed you looking towards her, she started giggling, her natural, laughing self coming out.

“Hmm how about the family business ice cream parlour?” She asked excitedly.

You didn’t want to say no, but today in Seoul was cloudy and cold, so you didn’t want to make Jisoo sick by buying her ice cream.

“Are you sure? You could get sick, you don’t need a cold no matter how adorable you’d be with a red nose,” you blurt out of no where making yourself feel a little flustered, but you got over it quickly.

“Ahh how do you say such sweet things without getting embarrassed?” She asked looking down to her lap.

“Did you already forget I’m a year older? I’m supposed to be a little more confident,” you say cheekily before nudging her arm gently.

She giggled and grinned at you, “I know, but I still can’t believe you won’t let me call you-”

“Okay, okay, we’ll get ice cream,” you say laughing at her excitement over getting ice cream.

Yes you were older, yes you acted like it, but you didn’t like being called oppa/unnie/hyung/noona. You didn’t mind it, but when it come to your potential girlfriend, you don’t like it too much.

You two sat in comfortable silence for the majority of the drive until Jisoo started to sing, “Juseyo dalkomhan geu mat Ice Cream Cake, Teukbyeolhajin oneure oulineun maseuro, Ibgae mudeun Ice Creame, Ni gaseum dugeungeoryeo naega daga ogetjyo, It’s So Tasty, Come And Chase Me, Mot chamgesseo I Scream, You Scream, Gimme that, Gimme That Ice Cream,” started to sing softly making you smile and unconsciously hold her hand.

Once you two reached the parlour was when you realised you held her hand, you quickly turned to apologise, “Sorry, I don’t know how you are with skin ship and I just grabbed your hand. I should’ve asked first,” you apologised feeling a little guilty. You didn’t know if she even liked to hold hands.

“You’re so sweet and caring,” you heard Jisoo whisper to herself. You smiled at each other before leading her to the front door.

You tried opening the door but before you could keep going, you saw the sign saying,

“Family is sick, two with the flu one with a cold, sorry for not being able to supply you with our delicious creamy ice cream. Come back again soon when we get healthy again, we’ll be here, but for now, goodbye~”

You sighed while Jisoo pouted, “It’s okay Jisoo, we can just go for a walk, yeah?” You offer trying to cheer her up.

She smiled at you, “Sure, but remember I have to be back for practice in half an hour,” she said sadly, reminding you of the short period of time you two could have a date. It was a little upsetting, but understandable.

She grasped your hand in her own cold ones and started walking, slightly pulling you along with her. Her bold action had made your ears go red but you just started walking and shut your mouth.

For a long while there, you two didn’t stop talking, she told you a few clumsy stories about her beloved maknae, you swapped those stories for some baby pictures which she insisted you show her. You told a few stories about you and your best friend and your adventures who.e she told you about her deep thoughts she has a night. You two laughed with each other, talked with each other and neither one of you, dared to let the other ones hand go.

Soon enough though, you felt a few rain drops on your head, “Jisoo, maybe we should head back to my car so I can get you back to the dorms,” you said looking up to the sky.

“Aw but I wanna see more baby photo- what the?” She was interrupted by a large drop of water on her head. You quickly notice that it’s about to start pouring and take off your jacket for Jisoo.

“Come here, it’s about to pour, you don’t need to be getting a cold,” you explain before pulling the jacket over her head and she instinctively holds onto the jacket keeping herself from getting wet.

“But what about you? Aren’t you gonna get sick or at least cold,” she asked sounding worried.

“Probably, but I’ll survive, I just don’t want you getting a cold when you have to perform,” you said smiling at her before the raj started to hit hard, making it difficult for you to see, “Plus I still have a long sleeve and I love the rain,” you spoke loudly over the sound of rain pelting down onto the pavement.

You smiled at her through the rain and started to drag her along the pathway back to your car. You two laughed all the way to your car before unlocking it and getting inside.

You two sighed and looked at each other before bursting out laughing, the sound of rain against the windows almost calming your hype of running together in the rain.

“Do you want your jacket back?” Jisoo asked you.

“It’s okay, you keep that on yourself for now, I have a spare jacket in my backseat,” you say while reaching around your chair to get your not so warm jacket, but at least it is a start.

You two naturally started holdinghands again as you drove Jisoo back to the dorms. You two, without a word distrusting the most comfortable silence in the world, walked back up to where you picked her up.

“Thank you for tonight Y/N, I had so much fun,” Jisoo said smiling up at you.

You offered a grin back, “I would do it again in a heartbeat,” you say whole heartedly before giving her a kiss on the forehead, “Call me,” you whispered before walking backwards down the corridor smiling at her flustered grin.

The last thing you heard in that building was squeals of excitement making a grin form on your face for the rest of the week.