Do I follow all lab safety precautions: yes

Did I put my beverage in liquid nitrogen because it wasn’t cold enough: …maybe

Did I pour liquid nitrogen IN my beverage because it wasn’t working fast enough: I don’t wanna talk about it

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what kind of chemistry do you do?

I’m an inorganic synthetic chemist who specializes in a few heavy metals and a specific type of structure using different flexible ligands (I’m afraid I can’t be less vague; my research is specialized enough that it would be rather identifiable).

In general, I design molecules with my metal/ligand components and synthesize (or attempt to synthesize) them in lab. I then work the compounds up through crystallization so I can utilize single crystal x-ray diffraction on an instrument like this:

This bombards the crystal with x-rays and allows me to collect data to produce a structure of the molecule, which gives me bond lengths, angles, etc. This is the crystal I’m currently running (it’s huge and awful, really, but I just need to confirm what it is before I care about a better collection). The crystal looks enormous on the screen - and it is large by my usual standards - but in actuality, the loop the crystals sit on are quite small:

The crystals go on the very tip of that loop, so I do a lot of work under a microscope.

It’s a pretty neat process (when reactions behave), and for the most part I do enjoy my work. Bonus perk is that many of my compounds display luminescence, so I keep a black light handy:

Cooler Than Liquid Nitrogen

Request: “im literally down for anything about peter because i love him but could you do one where the reader finds out about him being spiderman??”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

AP Chemistry was always approached half-heartedly by most of the students at your school, since it was the last lesson on a Monday. That’s why you were quite intrigued by how giddy Peter Parker looked as he mixed various concoctions, his eyes shifty as he fiddled with something underneath the table. Being the curious creature you were, you approached your friend, leaning beside him silently.

“Having fun?” You voiced, causing the fidgety boy to jump.

“Oh hey (Y/n), didn’t see you there.” He replied awkwardly, stuffing his hands into his pocket.

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Domestic headcanons for Otayuri?

u have found my weakness anon,,,,,,,dorks.

  • Otabek prefers cooking over baking, while Yuri prefers baking over cooking. So often, they’re in the kitchen working on two different things, and eventually they find themselves playing music and singing and dancing together while they get dinner and dessert prepared. 
  • (This is for you Heather bby~) Otabek is actually lactose intolerant, and so Yuri switches his milk diet to be things like soy milk and whatnot and they avoid cheese as much as they can. A little bit wouldn’t bother him, but they try to avoid it if they can. 
  • Every so often they like to go through old pictures on their computer together, and they end up laughing so hard every three pictures and they tease each other about some of the faces they make for weeks. 
  • They got in the habit of doing their morning routine together once their sleep schedules were about the same times. They brushed teeth together, ate breakfast together, the works. Sometimes one is up earlier and they get started on breakfast while the other sleeps in, but they always end up eating it together. 
  • They totally “borrow” each others’ clothes too.
  • After they retire, Yuri decides he’s writing a book about success and self discovery and overcoming obstacles and all that bullshit, but he often works late. Otabek would see him asleep at his desk, and he would simply save the progress, close everything down, and then pick Yuri up and take him to bed where they both sleep cuddling each other.
  • Before they got their mattress, they were just using a simple air mattress for the night when they first moved in. Yuri had already passed out on the mattress, while Otabek had finished up a few things. When he went in, he just flopped on the mattress, launching Yuri into the air. Yuri would have been angry, but he had never seen Otabek laugh so hard in his life that he couldn’t stay mad. 
  • Yuri didn’t have a childhood, for obvious reasons, and so Otabek made it a small personal mission and he promised himself he would give Yuri the childhood memories he never had the chance to have. They would make pillow forts, play stupid games meant for children, and just do anything that would let Yuri be a kid for a while. 
  • Picture them with jet lag for a second and trying to sleep when they absolutely can’t. Great. Now imagine Otabek being the kind of person that tells stupid ass knock-knock jokes and puns when he’s slap happy but can’t sleep. Boom. 
  • Let’s not forget that they go to random places within the town, exploring where they’ve never been before and trying new things together. They ended up finding a place that sold popcorn cooled with liquid nitrogen, and they loved it to bits and they love finding hidden gems like that in the world. 
  • Sometimes, when the days are long and tiring or just overall bad, they just hold each other in the living room, in a place where it just smells like home, holding their lover and kissing them from time to time until the time comes to pull away, and they’re only reminded that everything is going to be okay. 
  • They would have arguments that go on for weeks, but they’re over the stupidest things like who would make a better evil scientist and if the cake really is a lie. 
  • They try to adult™ a lot but they still eat kids cereal and watch cartoons and colour together in a colouring book because you don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.
  • Just,,,picture them so happy and content with life because they’re with each other,,,smiling and kissing and holding each other because home isn’t just four walls and a roof,,,,it’s each other. 

So by my house is an ice cream place called ChillN. It makes ice cream that’s frozen using LIQUID NITROGEN! So they get the base - ice cream or frozen yogurt - and then they add the flavor (say you order Nutella ice cream, they add actual Nutella to the base. Same for the other favors). Then, they put it into these mixing bowls and start mixing, and then in the middle of mixing they just shoot out a bunch of Nitrogen and I swear to God that shit looks like a fucking witch’s cauldron. After that, they add the “Mix-N’s,” and there you go. Fucking Nitrogen ice cream. The reason is that since it cools it super fast, the ice crystals don’t grow as big so that you get INCREDIBLY smooth ice cream. It’s literally the coolest shit ever.

(Ice cream pictured above: Nutella with marshmallows and caramel)

Pluto may have had rivers and lakes of liquid nitrogen

Though New Horizons is nearly 300 million kilometers past the dwarf planet, the probe is still sending back information on Pluto. Current models have indicated that there were periods in Pluto’s history where the temperature and pressure were high enough to melt frozen liquid nitrogen. A contributing factor to this discovery is the peculiarity of Pluto’s oblique rotation in space.

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