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UNDER HYPED: Ciate Precious Metal Eyeshadows

When you think Ciate you instantly think nail polishes with pretty bows on them, but did you know the brand also has a makeup line? Although the makeup line is relativity unknown/unmentioned it’s got some great products like the Precious Metal Eyeshadows. I’ve never been a massive fan of loose eyeshadows/pigments (I find them a huge pain to be honest, they always seem to make a mess everywhere no matter how hard I try, my clothes, my bench-top, my bathroom, my hair) but these are just too good not to use and love. These eyeshadows come in five gorgeous shimmery metallic shades (I have two, ) and each one comes with an eye primer (which is surprisingly good) The eyeshadows are finely milded (no chunky glitter here) and for a loose eyeshadow fallout isn’t too bad. When used dry the shades can be blended out to look sheer and natural or they can be built up for a more noticeable finish. The magic of these eyeshadows though, really lies in them being used wet, when used with a small amount of mixing medium and applied with a brush, each shade looks like intense, high pigment liquid metal on the eyelids. I can’t understand why more people don’t talk about these.

*This post contains a product which was was sent to me for consideration: disclosure policy

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On my face I used Kat Von D Lock It Foundation in Light 45

I concealed with NARS concealer in Chantilly

I then baked my face with Illamasqua translucent loose powder

I set my contour using my Kat Von D Shade + Light contouring kit, shade Sombre


Crease: Kat Von D Monarch palette shade Vanish

Inner Socket: Kat Von D Monarch Palette shade Disintegration 

I cut my crease using MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre

Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony

Eyeliner: Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper and Rimmel London exaggerate liquid eyeliner

Glitter: Urban Decay heavy metal glitter in Distortion


Lip liner: MAC lipliner in Vino

Lips: Limecrime velvetine in Jinx

Highlighting/Strobing: Makeup Academy Shimmer Highlighter shade Iridescent Gold

Blush: MAC blush in Melba



Inspired by the Queeeen! Miss Fame!

On my face I used Kat Von D Lock It Foundation in Light 45

I concealed with NARS concealer in Chantilly

I contoured using Laura Mercier cream contour kit using all 3 medium shades on my forehead, cheeks and jawline

I then baked my face with Illamasqua translucent loose powder

I set my contour using my Kat Von D Shade + Light contouring kit, shade Sombre


Transition #1: Kat Von D Monarch palette shade Vanish

Transition #2: Illamasqua pure pigment shade Draco

Transition #3: Kat Von D Monarch palette shade Shadow Box

Crease: Kat Von D Monarch palette shade Deadhead

Lid: Kat Von D Metal Crush eyeshadow shade Thunderstruck (I used LIT cosmetics glitter base to apply the pigment onto my lid)

Glitter: Limecrime Zodiac glitter in Virgo and Urban Decay heavy metal glitter in Distortion 

Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony

Eyeliner: Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper and Rimmel London exaggerate liquid eyeliner


Lip liner: (TOP LIP) any black kohl liner (BOTTOM LIP) MAC lip liner in Vino

Lips: (TOP LIP) Kat Von D everlasting lipstick in Exorcism and Limecrime velvetine in Jinx 

(BOTTOM LIP) Kat Von D everlasting lipstick in Bow ‘N’ Arrow and Limecrime velvetine in Jinx 

Highlighting/Strobing: BECCA pressed highlighter in Champagne Pop

Blush: Kat Von D shade & light blush in Samson & Delilah


This week’s video is up! Today I’m sharing my top 5 lip products that I feel like are staples in my collection. Thanks for watching!



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Lipsticks That'll Survive a Makeout Session

Lipsticks That’ll Survive a Makeout Session

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Hello Everybodyyy,

Welcome back to my blog.Ok so there are few lipsticks out there that keep going for a considerable length of time—yes, even through eating, drinking, and kissing Simply recollect to shed your pout and spot on a thin layer of balm before applying, following enduring lipsticks because they are frequently drying.

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Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge

This liquid lipstick contains polymers…

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Something Unexpected Happened When A Distressed Credit Fund Tried To Liquidate

Ever since the unexpected gating and liquidation of Third Avenue’s credit fund in early December, there has been a jump in comparable credit money managers, both of the mutual and hedge fund variety, such as Claren Road and Stone Lion Capital, who have decided they’d rather hand in the keys and repay their investors (at a loss) than try to eek out alpha in an environment where, as Richard Breslow put it earlier, “it feels like the algos are hooked up to Tinder.”

It is also clear that as long as both IG and HY continue to bleed, the liquidations will continue: just this Monday in his latest fire and brimstone sermon, Jeff Gundlach told Reuters that more “credit fund bankruptcies are coming.” Sure enough they are, and as HF Alert reported today, the latest hedge fund to liquidate is London-based Warwick Capital, which was founded in 2010 by former Polygon executives Ian Burgess and Alfredo Mattera and which according to its website had $900 million in AUM most recently.

As HFA writes, the London firm began liquidating its Warwick European Distressed & Special Situations Credit Fund in May after investors submitted redemption requests amounting to 90% of the fund’s assets, and yet, nearly a year later limited partners have yet to get all of their money back, or even a majority of it.

Because something unexpected happened: “the problem” as HFA writes, is that “the fund’s remaining assets — encompassing debt and equity positions in Fitness First, New Gulf Resources, Oasis Holdings and Punch Taverns — are too illiquid to be sold right away.”

This is what the fund said:

“In the final quarter of 2015, the funds experienced a substantial increase in volatility in the credit markets, primarily due to market concerns over global growth, the collapse in oil and other commodity prices and the illiquidity experienced by certain credit funds,” Warwick director Ralph Woodford wrote in a Feb. 5 letter to investors. “As a consequence, there was little or no liquidity in the markets for the fund’s remaining positions. Where liquidity was available, there was dramatic widening of the bid-offer spreads, meaning that it was not possible to sell these assets at what we considered to be their fair price.”

Actually, what HFA says is the problem is not the problem at all, because there is always a buyer for any bond - even bankrupt ones - at the right, low enough price. The real problem is that Warwick Capital had marked these bonds at ridiculously high levels and had refused to mark them lower to follow market prices. As a result, its LPs have an erroneous impression of what their true holdings are, which are based on bond prices which may never be seen again.

The result: another redemption gate, in the vein of Third Avenue:

“the bottom line: For now, limited partners will receive cash payments equal to just 57% of the fund’s net asset value on Dec. 31. The remaining assets will be transferred to a special-purpose vehicle dubbed Realising Fund, which will be unwound as market conditions permit.”

In short, a modest 10-20% correction in equity prices from all time highs, and suddenly nobody can possibly find buyers due to massive deltas between marks and markets.

Adding insult to injury, investors will pay fees equal to 1.25% of assets and 20% of profits on their stakes in Realising Fund.

Finally, what is perhaps most disturbing is that like in the case of many other liquidating credit funds, the NAV of Warwick’s European Distressed & Special Situations Credit Fund fell only 5.3% in 2014 and presumably continued to drop in 2015, but hardly too much if the management team was using such bettered-up marks that it can’t possibly find a willing buyer anywhere close to its marks.

As HFA concludes, “how much money remains in the Warwick vehicle is unclear. Warwick pegged the fund’s assets at $340 million last May. But at the time, investors representing perhaps 30% of the fund’s capital expressed interest in transferring their money to Warwick European Credit Opportunities Fund, a private equity-like vehicle that locks up capital for at least four years.”

Or that may be just more fabrications by the fund’s management team in hopes of buying some more time, time which will force central banks into reflating asset values once again, and Warwick will luck out and can sell at higher prices.

It may not be so lucky.

And so, as another hedge fund gates, we wonder, as we did back in December, just how many other funds are artificially inflating marks on largely OTC instruments like junk bonds, to avoid a panic among the LPs and prevent a redemption scramble; one thing is certain - the longer junk and IG bond prices drift lower, the greater the concerns of LPs around the entire asset management world, until one day the massively pent up redemption flood is unleashed.

It is only then that we will truly see what a bidless bond market looks like, and incidentally that is the catalyst Jeffrey Gundlach has been waiting for to start buying.

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Accountants London - What Is Necessity as far as Will Accountant From London?

Liquidator london are inside of book of curdling up three essential kind as regards financial explanations for a business. The wage proclamation reports the profit-making exercises of the art and how the money adds up profit or misfortune for a tagged period. The monetary records reports the financial position of the business at a the particulars engraving tool in mixed times, regularly the most recent day of the period. also the announcement touching cash streams reports the amount cash was created from profit and what the acting did in addition to this money. Everyone knows profit is a elegant pursuit. It’s what our economy is established on. The very thing doesn’t ingenious like such a older criterion. Profit than you use in offer or assembling items. Anyway for real nothing’s ever truly mandate, would yourselves exhortation it is? A do good report, or net wage explanation first distinguishes the business and the time period that is constantly short-cut in the allegorize.

You read a pay explanation from the top line until how the money adds up. Each affair of the pay explanation reports the doublet of a cost. The wage proclamation too reports changes in frozen assets and liabilities also, like so that if there’s an entrance water down, its either in light of the fact that there’s been a build with easy circumstances or a reduction way out an organization’s liabilities. In the event that there’s been a build in the cost line, this is on account of there’s been likewise a diminishing in assets or an expand in carrying charge. Net concern is additionally alluded to as managers’ value in the business. They’re not precisely exchangeable. Total high tax bracket communicates the aggregate re bottom dollar less the expenditures. Managers’ value alludes to who claims the assets after the liabilities are fulfilled.

These movements in assets and liabilities are paramount on route to holders and executives re a business over the silt that its their obligation to oversee and skillfulness cognate changes. Patterning a surplus in a business includes a few variable, not simply expanding the measure of cash that courses through an organization, yet top brass of different assets as things go cascade. Most individuals presumably consider accounting and accounting after this fashion the same thing, except supersonic flow detection is really someone capacity of accounting, although accounting incorporates numerous capacities included in balance of trade with the financial undertakings of a business. Accountant london get ready reports based, partially, on the giveaway of bookkeepers.

Bookkeepers perform the whole range forwarding referring to record-keeping assignments. Quantitive re them assimilate the accompanying:

-They get quite some what are alluded to as source reports for collectively the operations of a function - the purchasing, offering, exchanging, paying and gathering. The archives flux papers, for representative, buy requests, receipts, Visa slips, psychological moment cards, time sheets and cost reports. Bookkeepers likewise focus and cross the threshold in the source records what are known as the financial impacts of the transactions and different business occasions. Those incorporate paying the employees, devising deals, getting prosperity saffron-colored purchasing items or crude materials in favor of production. There are numerous diverse reasons and methods for making monied that a praedium of people little organizations and giantlike companies have requirement for accountants that are commanding with keeping things in color. In the occasion that you have ever put any measures as regards filthy lucre into the stock joke something state whatsoever, its canny to consider scouring the site for somebody who kick out help you get to the superior with your well deserved money.
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