Lions (Part 2)

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Lance ended up being the first person they found, or more accurately, Lance’s scream prompted them to run to his room first.  As the door slid open to reveal his bedroom, Keith dearly wished he had a camera to record the scene.  The Blue Paladin was sprawled face first on the floor beside his bed, one foot still on the mattress where it had gotten tangled with the sheets.  Blue was pinning him to the ground with her paws and superior weight, looking extremely proud of herself.

Lance reached out a hand to them, “Guys, help! This thing is going to eat me!”  He shouted.  Keith lost it.  He didn’t care if it made him a bad person, he doubled over laughing.  “What the hell man!?” Lance yelled.

“That thing is Blue,” Shiro explained, when Keith couldn’t stop his laughter.  He swore he saw the corners of the older man’s mouth twitch as he spoke.

“What?” Lance said, dumbfounded, craning his neck around to try and look Blue in the face.

Shiro walked over and tapped the happy lion on the side of the head, “Come on Blue, let him up,” He said. She shoved off Lance and waited expectantly as he sat up.  Keith couldn’t help noticing she was a bit bigger than Red.  Nowhere near as massive as Black, but a couple inches taller easily.  “We’re not sure what’s going on yet, but all our lions seemed to have turned into actual lions sometime during the night.” Shiro said, “Did you see anything that might help explain?”

Lance dusted himself off while looking Blue up and down, “Um, no, not really,” He said.  He reached out hesitantly for his lion, and Blue met him half way, rubbing her head against his hand lovingly, “Wow, it really is you isn’t it,” He said a bit awed, Blue let out a purr in confirmation.   Lance smiled, then seemed to remember that Shiro was waiting on his report, “I was sleeping, then suddenly there was this big thwump in my bed and Blue was standing over me.  I tried to get away, but she tackled me.  Which, what was up with that?”  Blue didn’t give him a response, just seemed to finally get bored of being petted and started wandering towards the door to where the other lions were looking in.

Keith long since recovered from his laughing fit decided to chime in as Blue pushed past him, “Red didn’t hop into bed with us, but she was standing right beside it staring at me when I woke.   Maybe she just wanted to wake you up?”  Or maybe Blue had just been trying to make Lance scream and flail because it was funny. That’s what he would have done if he’d been in that position.  Keith really didn’t know the blue lion well enough to tell if her sense of humor lined up with his, though.

Shiro looked between Lance and Keith considering, and then glanced over to where the lions were exchanging friendly greeting headrubs  with each other.  He seemed to reach a decision, “Alright, so we still don’t know why this happened or how the lions got into our rooms.  Though, Blue’s presence confirms every lion is being affected.  Lance, get your clothes on.  We need to collect Pidge and Hunk, before going to see if Allura knows what’s happening.” He ordered.  Lance nodded.

Keith waited outside with Shiro and the lions as Lance dressed.  He was a bit surprised how well Red got along with Black and Blue. Happily receiving and giving affection to both.  He sometime forgot that she wasn’t just an extension of himself.  The other lions were her family, she known them for a minimum of 10,000 years.  Of course, she was more open with them than Keith was with anyone but Shiro.  She wasn’t Keith.  She was her own person.  He really should keep that in mind.

Blue broke off from the other two and crouched against the wall by the door.  Soon after, it slid open, and Lance walked out.  Keith wished again he had a camera.  “Why are you guys stari-“ Blue tackled her Paladin back to the floor.

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Lions (Part 3)

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They didn’t have to track Pidge down, she contacted them.  They’d just managed to convince Blue to get off Lance, when their coms came to life. “Is anyone there, I think I have a small emergency,” Pidge’s voice filtered through.  She sounded worried, but not like she feared for her life.

Shiro was busy helping Lance off the ground, so Keith answered, “Let me guess, you woke up to a green lion in your bedroom?”

“No?  I mean there was a green lion, but I wasn’t in my bedroom or sleeping.” She replied, “I was down in the hangar working on Green, when suddenly my computer readings went crazy.  Then there was this huge whoosh of wind.  I turned around, and Green was gone!  Well not gone, she was just smaller, way smaller and not a robot anymore.   She is a real lion now!  Except she has green fur, but she’s a perfectly average lion otherwise.  I scanned her and checked against the Castle databases.” Pidge was talking a mile a minute. Her excitement at the development was palpable.  If he could have seen her, he’s sure she would have been pulling up all the work she’d been doing on her computer to show to them.

Shiro activated his own com, “The same has happened to Red, Blue, and Black. We’re heading to check on Hunk and Yellow now.  Meet us on the bridge with Green and you can show us what you found out.” He said, waving Keith and Lance to start heading towards Hunk’s room.

“Well see, that’s where the small emergency comes in, “ Pidge said, “Green sorta ran away.” Keith stopped.  One of the lions left?  For some reason, he’d been thinking that they were stuck by their paladin’s sides.  Maybe because Red had been following close to his heels since changing forms, if she could have left, he’d figured she would have taken off by now.  She was probably sticking close to Black.

Shiro must have asked for clarification, because Pidge continued, “After she changed, she really didn’t want to stay still.  She kept chasing my tools around the floor and batting my wires.  I barely got her to stand for the scans.  Then when I went to call you guys, she was playing with my helmet and wouldn’t give it back.  I had to rig up this laser, so she’d let it go and chase the light instead, but when I turned it off she spotted something in the hall outside and took off.  She was too fast, by the time I got out there she was gone.  I don’t know where she is.”  Pidge was starting to sound panicked by the end.  Keith couldn’t blame her.  He knew that feeling.

“She’s going to be okay, Pidge.  The Castle is as safe a location for her as possible.” Shiro soothed, Keith resisted pointing out how the Castle had tried to kill them all in the past.  He did have some impulse control, “Set something up to monitor the hangar, to let you know if she comes back, then meet us on the bridge like originally planned.  We’ll keep an eye out for her in the meantime, and we’ll bring her up there if we see her.  You can try to locate her using the bridge equipment until we arrive.  Worst case, Allura can sense the lions’ locations.”

The plan seemed to calm her back down, her voice was steady when she responded, “Alright, I’ll see you guys soon.”


This is a short comic of Lance accepting his feelings for Keith, (as someone suggested it). Also bonus pictures of all the big cats, and the gems they belong to. I had a lot of fun drawing the cats and seeing which species would best fit each character.

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Dying Lion Had No Hope Of Survival – Until She Found Love

Lions Kahn and Sheila were rescued by Texas’ In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center from an owner who habitually rented them for photo ops and parties. Due to the levels of stress, poor maintenance and boredom, 6-year-old Kahn was malnourished and has the end of his tail chewed off, while his young friend Sheila was dying.

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