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Hi, could you please link me somewhere realiable or just point me in the right direction where I can help to protect the lions in Africa? Or do something against poaching in general. I'm getting seriously outraged by what's going on lately. I'm aware that poaching has been a serious matter for God knows how long but maybe it's my last year's visit to Kenya together with the media coverage it's all getting now but I don't want to feel helpless anymore. I want to do something. Thank you very much.

Education and awareness is a huge part of it.  For some reason, Cecil was the straw that broke the camel’s back in the public’s outrage over big game hunting.  And the public, in violent groupthink, is always gonna find a way to be unproductive about it: “kill Palmer!” “we’re gonna skin him too!” and all that.  So I just want to say that I appreciate you asking for ways you can support lions.  I’m gonna give you a couple off the top of my head that should hopefully lead you to more.

Panthera’s “Project Leonardo” (Panthera is also a great and reputable conservation organization that focuses specifically on cats).  You can donate to Panthera, specifically in honor of Cecil, here.

There’s also the Kenya Wildlife Service that manages the national parks and actively works against poaching.

The Niassa Carnivore Project focuses on carnivore-coexistence, which is a really important issue, because predator conflicts with people are what drive a lot of of the apathy/opposition towards preserving their wild populations.  They are Panthera supported.

Finally, there are the Lion Guardians.

The best thing you can feasibly do to help is to donate to any of these groups/causes, AND to share them with other people.  Get the word out.  Explain why this is a problem, explain to them that wild lion numbers have declined about 42% in the last 21 years according to the IUCN, and that we need to do something about it.

Walter Palmer is a rather pathetic and, I assume, impotent person who needs to go to Zimbabwean jail for a few years.But the people acting like he is "THE WORST, MOST EVIL PERSON IN THE WORLD EVER" aren't much better, tbh. I don't know how driving a man to suicide is going to make this horrible situation any better.

Advantage of practising: some things come out the way you want, finally.
Disadvantage of practising: not ALL things come out the way you want.

I tried other kind of lineart this time. NEVER. AGAIN. Photoshop mistook some colours as the same and ended fucking up the drawing twelve times

HOWEVER! I sort of improved at backgrounds, which is a good thing. The sketch of Mondo and Ishida is actually months old, but since I had no inspiration to draw today, I decided to experiment a little.

Mondo loves his little fluff ball so much <’3

The biggest threat to African lions isn’t foreign hunters—it’s African people

“Whatever you think of big game hunters, the reality is that they aren’t to blame for shrinking lion populations. African population growth and economic development is.

In 2012, a group of scientists used satellite data to estimate the size of African savannas where lions could live without being bothered by humans. They found that between 1960 and 2000, the available habitat shrunk by 2.2 million square kilometers, to about 9.7 million square km (about a 20% reduction), while the size of the lion population shrunk by 75%.

While some populations appear secure, the researchers still expect further shrinkage in the years to come and more local extinctions—out of a total population ranging from 32,000 to 35,000, they identified some 6,000 lions in areas of “doubtful long-term longevity.”

That’s 6,000 Cecils who probably won’t make it.

Many African nations have created large national parks to protect their animals, some of the largest in the world. But nearby farmers tend to keep the majority of their wealth in livestock. When hungry lions stray off the reservation and threaten their farms, they get killed. Lions also can find their way into the snares of local hunters looking for wild meat.

“The biggest threats to lions are the loss of habitat and when lions come into conflict with people outside the protected area,” says Stuart Pimm, a professor of conservation ecology at Duke University who worked on the study. “The wider context for Cecil the lion is how we manage lions and other animals when they are outside of the protected area.”

Pimm works with National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative on several grant programs toward that end. One program helps farmers build sturdier enclosures, known as bomas, for their herds, reducing the threat of lions without having to kill them.

Whether or not Zimbabwe and other countries with lions decide to change their hunting-conservation model, they are unlikely to change their aspirations of increased prosperity and development. And that means more lions are going to die. They just won’t necessarily attract the same attention that Cecil did.”

The internet is outraged over tragic loss of #CeciltheLion and for a very good reason – He was illegally poached by American, #WalterPalmer. Walt is a rich older white guy, a dentist, a big game hunter and – you guessed it – a major fucking douchebag. Here’s why:

1) He paid $50K to kill, skin, and behead a treasured African icon. Walt is apparently flush in murder money.
2) Palmer and team lured the great animal out of a protected reserve with bait and spot light to kill him. Illegal? You can say that again.
3) Cecil suffered for over 40 hours before Palmer tracked him down and finally killed him – for a trophy. Sickening.
4) Palmer was previously sentenced to a year of probation after lying about where he killed a black bear in Wisconsin a few years back. Walt clearly isn’t new to this game.
5) Palmer often goes after endangered big game, even killing a WHITE RHINO.
6) There are tons of photos circulating of Palmer posing with his dead endangered trophies. Google it if you want to see a grown man hugging bloody animal caucuses.
7) Cecil was part of longterm Oxford study and a major tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. The already hurting economy will surely suffer more.
8) Conservationists say that Cecil’s 5 cubs will likely be killed by the new Alpha male. So Walt really killed 6 lions in this illegal endeavor.
9) Locals serve 2-5 years for illegal poaching, but charges against Palmer have yet to be served.
10) There’s currently a manhunt underway in Zimbabwe to find Palmer. Why are you hiding, Walt?
11) According to a spokesperson for Palmer, he’s “upset” over the internet outrage and that the hunter has become the hunted. Sorry, Walt. You’re just a cruel asshole. It was a only a matter of time.

Just because you’re an old rich guy, doesn’t give you permission to do this heinous shit like this. Sign the petition to demand justice for Cecil and to end trophy hunting in Zimbabwe:

#endtrophyhunting Photo: Paula French


Two Adorable Inseparable Lion Cubs

Rescued in a refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, these two adorable lions have been inseparable since living together at the Rafah Zoo for two weeks. After the zoo’s destruction, a Gaza resident purchased the two five-month old cubs and named them “Shalom” and “Salaam.” Eventually the animal welfare group Four Paws took custody of the lions for safety reasons.