midnight snack *smut*


chemistry of an alpha *smut*


house arrest *smut*

do you wanna touch me (there) *smut*

you’re my werepuppy

who do you like?

sweeter than cotton candy


you’re still my werepuppy

in concept *smut*

earned it *smut*

daddy issues (fic)

red lips and rosy cheeks *smut*

teacher’s pet (jealous!isaac) *smut*

wait for me to come home

isaac imagines

isaac’s down for period sex pass it on


the kinky stuff *smut*

stiles imagines


the hot girl *~smut*


dating derek would include

dating stiles would include

So my friend, who’s been playing Dark Souls 3, now really got into the series and is currently playing Demon’s Souls, bless him. He also wrote me that he’d love to know more about the story and the characters and I was just like hooOOOO BOY IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE LET’S MEET AND DISCUSS SOULS LORE FOR 5 HOURS STRAIGHT

In case you thought I do anything productive in my time, no. No I don’t.
Instead I draw Sombra because 1) there are so many great blogs about him with cool interpretations of him and 2) he’s my favorite to draw. And in general. So without any requests to fill I did what any other human would do.
I drew a Sompede.
I might color this, but I can hear my grey and black pencils screaming at the thought.
@ask-king-sombra and the totally dead AF horse
Whitebra from @askopalescentpearl
Freed from @askshysombra
The two Sombras from the IDW comics
The Sombra from a Tale of One Shadow.
The Sombra from Fall of an Empire (gr8 music BTW)
Three that I made up (the two in front and the professor one)
Sombrero, inspired by the Doctor Sombrero video
And @prince-temor.
P.s. requests be open

eleven songs, forty-five minutes | listen on spotify

Take me out tonight
Where there’s music and there’s people
Who are young and alive
Driving in your car
I never, never want to go home
Because I haven’t got one anymore

tangerine dream - love on a real train | the church - under the milky way | fka twigs - two weeks | elvis costello - don’t let me be misunderstood | massive attack feat. damon albarn  - saturday come slow | madonna - frozen | daughter - youth | the national - this is the last time | lykke li - gunshot | beck - lost cause | the smiths - there is a light that never goes out

Black Tumblr, I believe that there is value in communicating with each other outside of just posting pictures. There are so many like-minded people that I see on tumblr everyday. I see the black pride, the black awareness and the ideas which leads to black power. Lets connect and talk to each other. Lets build something. Lets build us. Lets promote each other. No bullshittin. Message me. One

Confession.Maybe we need to come up with some type of meetup in our cities for black women to just hang out and talk to each other in person and encourage each other. It seems like a lot of us here (including me) are going through depression, feeling left out from the world, left behind from  black men and our community.Most of feel alone because even other black women make it hard for us or don’t want to talk to us. The only time someone wants to include us in something is if we’re taking our clothes off. We don’t have to talk about deep things the whole time. I think us just being in each other’s company laughing,eating,playing games and being positive will do some of us some good :)I’m really thinking on this.