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Signs as Legend of Zelda games

Aries - Wind Waker
Taurus - Hyrule Warriors
Gemini - Ocarina of Time
Cancer - Skyward Sword
Leo - Majora’s Mask
Virgo - Minish Cap
Libra - Twilight Princess
Scorpio - Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link
Sagittarius - Zelda 1
Capricorn - Link’s Awakening
Aquarius - Link Between Worlds
Pisces -  Link to the Past

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bi-doe-caulfield asked:

Do you think it's possible the power armored characters and aircraft belong to the Institute? My first thought was BoS, but the armor looks more advanced and none of the equipment carries visible insignia to link them to the BoS. What's weighing in the most on this is the recruitment poster in Diamond City(?) showing a man in this new armor but likewise lacking any insignia urging people to "ENLIST!"

Oh!!!! This is a VERY good find!!!!

I would have said “they may have just taken out the logos for trailer purposes,” except… they know that the BoS is a well-loved faction by fans. If they did have BoS insignias on all this stuff, it would have generated hype from the large amount of fans who love the BoS. But it’s noticeably absent.

This is a VERY good point, yeah. Very possible! Could also be another faction allied with the Institute or something!


Windows Insider Preview build 10130

As we head closer to the final release of Windows 10, we are actually given a release date–July 29th. Since that is in less than two months by the writing of this post, subsequent builds will focus more on fine-tuning things than introducing new features.

That being said, Project Spartan still hasn’t been renamed to Microsoft Edge.

  • On the desktop, nothing seems to have changed from the previous build. (Except the watermark in the corner.)
  • The Win32 program icons have been fixed to display at a reasonable size instead of scaled up. (Coincidentally, my Photos live tile started working again.)
  • You can customize what links appear in the bottom of the Start Menu. Here I’ve added Settings, Documents, and Network.
  • There’s a program called ‘Network Beta’, but opening it just displays a splash screen with the Microsoft logo and then ‘Coming soon…’. Hopefully that’ll be fixed by July 29th.
  • And as I mentioned in another post, the folder and drive icons have been changed from the bright colors they were before.

On a side note, having a blue taskbar is a bit distracting since the little blue bar that indicates a program is open is barely visible.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Vio would hate Fahrenheit 451's firemen?

Heh.  Canon!Vio wouldn’t know what you’re talking about, since the book doesn’t exist in his universe, but CollegeAU!Vio is probably writing at least a 15 page paper on the subject.  I bet he explains the whole thing to anyone who will sit still long enough - whether or not they’re actually listening.

(Disclaimer - I have actually not read this book myself, and I have no idea if there is anything of particular significance on page 136.)

New from National Geographic: - - Photograph by @mattiasklumofficial
Saving the illusive leopard and its habitat is a smart strategy to secure long term water supply and other ecosystem services for mankind! Please go to @mattiasklumofficial to see an African sunset and learn more. In fact every material, from rare earth metals to textiles, plastics to wood, is extracted from nature. (the biosphere) My dear friend and colleague Professor Johan Rockström and I are releasing our new book called “ Big World Small Planet” - Abundance within Planetary Boundaries shortly. More to follow on this! ◕‿◕ Link: ◕‿◕

Powerful Women Wednesday: Christina Hoff Sommers

Christina Sommers is a writer and former philosophy professor focused on critiques of modern day feminism and the advancement of gender equality. She earned a BA from New York university, and a PhDs from Brandeis University.

Sommers has appeared on many popular television programs, such as Nightline and the Oprah Winfrey show. She has written articles for various news sources, including Time, The New York Times, and the Atlantic. She also has a weekly video blog entitled “Factual Feminist.”

If you’d like to read a speech by Sommers, one can be found at the following link:

Sundance hit TANGERINE, the iPhone-shot transgender film, is on our list of essential trans film & TV. See the full list. Link in bio.