how i make my notes look nice 

0. Why Bother?

This sounds superficial, but I love pretty things. I also love to doodle, but this is a productive way to do it. It helps your notes seem more organized and manageable, and because they’re so pretty you’ll want to study from them instead of shoving them into the deep dark recesses of your bag.

1. Borders and Dividers

You know how pictures always look better in a frame? The same goes for notes. 

These don’t need to be anything fancy, they can be boxes or squiggly lines. Here are some ideas, ft. my slanting columns and messy scanning :)

2. Nice Headers

I usually have 2 classes of headers - one for the title of the notes and one for subheadings in the notes. 

My heading system is fairly consistent - I only have two types of main headers and a few subheaders. Here’s how mine look, ft. another bad scan

Here are some more ideas!

3. Tables, Diagrams, Graphic Organizers

Instead of writing information in big blocks of text, you can organize it in a different way.

4. Doodle!

Drawings related to the topic can improve visual interest and memory. You can also draw random things that are somewhat related to the topic, just to spice up the notes. For example, in Biology I drew plants when learning about the chemical processes of photosynthesis.

5. Get Inspired

You can browse the studyblr and studyspo tags on tumblr, my pretty notes tag, or some pictures of how I structure my notes.

Some people with beautiful inspiring notes:

and many other blogs, tag your faves in the reblogs please!

Normally I just skim over the photos, but when looking for inspiration you should look closely and incorporate elements you like into your own notes. While you’re at it, you may as well read the information because learning!


Pretty notes are very popular in the studyblr community, but don’t feel forced to make them. If it doesn’t help you, don’t waste your time. I don’t recommend rewriting your notes just to decorate, make sure you’re also clarifying/condensing/adding to/etc the information.

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To Do Lists

to do lists by @apricot-studies
let’s do this! by @thearialligraphyproject
assignment tracker by @thearialligraphyproject
hand drawn to do list printable by @setldwn
to do lists by @studeying
unresolved matter by @boligraff
brain dump by emily ley
to do lists by me 


daily planner v2 by @boligraff
daily planner by @arystudies
daily planner + today’s meals by @studyvet
the simplified planner by emily ley
daily schedule by buttoned up
daily planning page by day designer


weekly planner by @cofene
one step at a time by @vestiblr
weekly planner by @theorganisedstudent
weekly planner by @arystudies


calendar series by @thearialligraphyproject
2016 calendars by @annistudio


definitions of terms by @thearialligraphyproject
exam study pack by @ennui-for-me
formula sheet by @studyvet
polyglot starter pack by @ennui-for-me
overcoming the curve of forgetting by @studyingalpacas
reading academic articles by @ennui-for-me


productivity tracker by @hexaneandheels
habit tracker by @studyvet
goal getter by @theorganisedstudent
monthly spending by buttoned up


class information printable by me (shameless plug)
2016 calendar by emily ley
meal planner by elegance and enchantment
chore schedule by me (another plug)


  • goals for the year
  • monthly goals
  • weekly to do
  • daily to do
  • to do by category (ex. blogging, writing, art)
  • birthday calendar
  • wishlist
  • spending tracker
  • income tracker
  • bucket list
  • level 10 life
  • outfit ideas
  • blog post ideas
  • places to travel

Health & Happiness

  • things that make me happy
  • gratitude log
  • workout plans
  • meal plans
  • recipes
  • food tracker
  • water tracker
  • groceries to buy


  • habit tracker
  • motivational quotes page
  • goals progress tracker
  • challenge tracker
  • time tracker
  • daily schedule


  • class schedule
  • classes to take
  • 4 year class plan
  • credits tracker
  • study hours log
  • teacher/class information


  • books read
  • reading progress tracker
  • books to read
  • quick book reviews/thoughts
  • upcoming release dates
  • favorite books
  • favorite quotes
  • book lists by genre or mood


  • songs/artists to listen to
  • playlists by mood
  • favorite songs journal
  • favorite lyrics

Movies & TV

  • what to watch
  • what i’ve watched
  • quick reviews/thoughts
  • favorite shows/movies
  • movies watched in cinema


  • traditional diary format
  • poems and quotes + thoughts
  • original writing
  • 1 sentence to describe your day
  • outfit of the day
  • daily moods
  • photos and scrapbooking


  • header ideas
  • handwriting/calligraphy practice

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first of all i’d like to clarify that this is a guide for a huge shopping trip at real life stores, not shopping online. some of this might apply, but most of it won’t.

if you don’t need to plan out each time you leave the house to the minute, this might not be the best for you either. i like to plan, and this is what i do.

0. go early.

do not go in the beginning of august. do not go in the middle of august. early to mid july or even late june are your best bet. i went on like august 15 last year and there was literally nothing left in target. it looked like a war zone. it took me 10 minutes to find a basic composition book. 

if you’re going to a stationery store, not target or walmart or the like, you’ll probably fare better.

1. make a list.

lists lists lists. when shopping, lists will be your best friend. i like to make a list with two different sections;

  • needs - things i absolutely need to get
  • whims - if i find one of these i like, i’ll get it

+ P R I N T A B L E blank list with sections | list of supplies

make your list as specific as possible. and when you’re shopping, only get things that are on the list! this will prevent you from making impulse buys.

+ what do i need?

here’s a school supply masterpost i made.
the printable list also has a huge list.

make sure you know what you already have, you don’t want to accidentally buy duplicates.

2. find stores near you that sell stationery. 

+ recs; (may not be near you, i live near a big city)

+ P R I N T A B L E store list

3. plan the order.

+ method 1: by price **recommended

go by the prices of store from cheapest to most expensive. that way you can get most of the things you need from cheaper stores.

+ method 2; by location 

if you’re walking or tight on gas, use this method. go on google maps and plot all the addresses of the stores you’re going to and figure out the order you go in that will be the shortest distance. (if you didn’t know, you can set via points on google maps.)

4. go shopping!

+ stick to a budget

it helps to use cash instead of a credit or debit card if you’re trying to keep under a budget because you have a physical representation of how much you have left to spend.

+ prevent impulse purchases

stick to the list you made! 

use the $ / use rule. this mostly applies to more expensive items. are you going to use this the same number of times as the number of dollars you spent? for example if you want to buy a $30 fountain pen, are you really going to use it 30 times? 

how to expand your studyblr! 

Let’s face it, at some degree we all want notes and followers. No need to be ashamed of it. So how do you do that?

1. Talk to People

Don’t just talk to people to get followers, that’s manipulative. Talk to people whose blogs you like, who have cool personalities and/or similar interests with you. There’s no need for fear, almost all studyblrs are lovely kind people who would love to talk! 

When you talk to people, you make friends. Friends are mutuals. Mutuals reblog each other’s posts. Mutuals are friends. Friends meet new friends through other friends. Which means more mutuals. Which means more reblogs. And more friends.

2. Post Original Content

This is the single best way to get attention. When you post something and people reblog it, everyone who sees the post will also see a link to your blog. On mobile, they’ll also see a little follow button. Usually, when people like your original content they’ll follow you. 

What to post? Pictures of your notes, planner, work, anything you want. Masterposts, guides, study tips, advice, motivational quotes, infographics, and more. Anything and everything. 

2½. Tag People

A lot of blogs track tags! For example, if you tag something with #studyquill, I’ll see it and most likely reblog it. If you have mutuals who track tags, make sure you tag them too as I bet they’d love to see what you’re posting :+)

3. Join Networks

There are so many studyblr networks you can join! You can check my about page for links to all of the networks I am in, or this masterpost by @wlwstudies! They are a great way to be featured, and to find people through common interests, subjects, and other things. 

4. Be Consistent

If the last time you posted was 2 months ago, I’m going to unfollow you. (Unless you have a hiatus notice on your blog or I really like your blog.) The best way to keep posting regularly is to set up a queue. 

I have a running queue for studyspo pictures and motivational quotes, but any important resources I will reblog as soon as I see it (because you never know who may need it). 

5. More Social Media

You can have a studygram, studysnap, or studytube! (An Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube channel about studying!) They can be ways to promote your blog to a different audience, and promote your other social media on your blog. 

(#spon - check out my YouTube channel maybe?)

6. Be Organized

A good tagging system can turn your blog from a mess of posts to a resource library. You can check out my navigation page as an example.

A lovely theme can make your blog seem much more professional. Check out @theme-hunter for a load of them!

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Cultural Ignorance Can Sometimes Lead to Really Good Alcohol

Norwegians brought liquor to Indonesia in 1805, thinking to sell it in exchange for  spices. But they realized upon arrival that Indonesians did not drink alcohol (because the majority, then and now, are Muslim). After returning to Norway, they thought why not try the alcohol? To their great surprise, the liquor had a distinctive, delicious taste. Its unique taste came from being on an ocean trip, and to this day “Linie Aquavit” must sail an ocean voyage before being sold.