Some character that I think deserve more love

Character deserving more attention without specific order.

1. Linen by  @i-want-tacos-with-carrots

Just look at this design!

 He seems to be very interesting (⇀ω↼)

2. Lilith by @insane-ej-blog

People should pay more attention to other Afterdeath children.

Lilith is cute and she deserves love <3

3. Refresh by @perisody and @starfallenwolf

I do not know how he is not the most popular ErrorFresh child!

He’s far more creative than anyone I’ve seen.

4. Enya by @xxtheaufactoryxx

I really LOVE this character, the design, the back store … ᖗ♥u♥ᖘ

She and many other third-generation children deserve attention.

5. Any SciFell child

We all deserve more love!