Mister French SS15 Lookbook

A superb collection of pictures to present Mister French’s debut, a celebration of one of the most timeless Summer essentials: the linen shirt. Made in Portugal from Italian sourced linen and crafted by skilled artisans, the result is a small but high quality range of shirts that embody the essence of vacation and travel. One of my favourite lookbooks to date, making you wish you were enjoying those scenarios in Mexico along with the careful curated company.


Suited for Spring

As Spring finally seems to be upon us, I thought it was appropriate to celebrate it a proper fashion. Suiting up in warmer days is a recurrent issue when it comes to menswear, especially for those who live in particularly challenging climates where besides temperature, humidity plays a critical role. Although this is not the case in Portugal, the general concepts can still be applied, even if they have to be tweaked accordingly. However, let’s be realistic: despite all the right choices you will still be wearing a suit so please don’t try to establish unbalanced comparisons comfort wise, with relaxed beachwear alternatives such as shorts and tees. 

As a rule of thumb, the primary aspects you should take into account are fabric and fit. Lightweight, breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton or fresco wool are the most popular choices when it comes to looking sharp without compromising (too much) comfort. Adding to the type of fabric, color is also of the utmost importance since lighter shades will reflect sunlight allowing to withstand heat for longer periods, whereas darker ones will absorb it causing you to constantly avoid direct sun exposure. Fit is a critical variable in every single garment, but even more so when it comes to warm weather: the right compromise between comfort and a flattering silhouette dictates clothes should fit you flawlessly, neither tight nor loose with the best way to achieve it being made-to-measure or bespoke. As the latter are not an option for the vast majority of us, my advice is to look for proper fitting RTW garments and have them tailored to your body type; when in doubt, I would recommend having your alterations made on a looser end, with slightly extra fabric for added mobility and comfort. 

This looks applies most of these principles to portray a polished ensemble suited for warmer days. Both the suit jacket and vest are 100% linen, coming in light shades and allowing superb versatility in the event you need to take the jacket off. The plaid vest will keep you looking sharp even you want to roll your shirt sleeves up for whatever reason. The tab collar shirt is made from luxurious 140/2 Egyptian cotton, soft and thin to keep you fresh during the day. Finally, at the core of the whole look are the bespoke Scabal pants from Ayres Bespoke made from fresco wool. For my first pair of truly bespoke pants I decided on a high-waisted version with custom button side fastening, double pleats and cuffs in a beautiful bright blue. The result is as striking as it is comfortable, with the all the handmade details standing out. As usual, accessories pull everything together with the outstanding burnished brown loafers adding a contrasting shade, while the tie and pocket square pick up complementing hues of the remaining pieces.

Details: Jacket and vest by Suitsupply, tab collar shirt by Emmett London, bespoke pants by Ayres Bespoke, tasseled loafers by Herring Shoes, Original Panama, shades by Linda Farrow Luxe, tie by Carolina Herrera, polka dot pocket square and watch by Rolex.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

Ph: Filipa Alves

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