It’s the kobold boy Dismas! He got a present from a close friend. But it’s not his birthday! He didn’t seem all that excited about it but like all sweaters, it warmed on him. :3

Points to the Pheonix Wright costume. ^^
(The original artist has given me permission to share this work with the condition that they remain anonymous.)

More boy is happening… I changed his face like 20 times to get the specific look I want, I’ll be glad to finish the lineart and get to inking it! For the plants I was mostly inspired by weeds, which I found oddly fitting for Silver. In Dutch we have a saying, “onkruid vergaat niet”, for which the English translation is “ill weeds grow apace”: the useless or unworthy are the toughest and will survive the longest. 

Saint James Flint | More Black Sails fanart | Commission info

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron // Re-imagined

✿  Future: Dad Moves 

It’s been a while since my last upload. I’ve drawn up some sketches but lately have been doing other things and have not worked on art. Never fear though, that’s just how I flow, still have enthusiasm to draw more Jimmy/Cindy. 

This is another older Jindy moment; The Jimster inherited his dad’s dorky “moves,” and on Cindy… they actually work.

Art by me, ArtistUnknown2017. | Color Version