How important is the Kenobi Family Legacy?’

We don’t know the names of Obi Wan’s parents. We don’t know if he had brothers or sisters. We don’t know his extended family. We don’t even know what planet Obi Wan is from in canon. 

I’ll tell you what we do know.

We know that Obi Wan loved his master like a father and his padawan like a brother. He loved Ahsoka and Padme and Satine and he loved his people. He asks about Dooku in AOTC not just because Dooku was important in a Big Picture sense but also because this man was his master’s master. Count Dooku was interesting to Obi Wan in a legacy sense, because Obi Wan considers himself and Dooku to be of the same lineage, the same legacy. Luke his padawan and  the son of the man he thought of as family, who he watched over and mentored shortly to share his traditions with. To make sure that the Jedi and their way of life was still present in the galaxy. That’s the legacy that matters to Obi Wan. Not the people who he shared DNA with, he doesn’t once mention them on screen or in canon books or comics. His legacy is the people he loved, the people who were actually his family. The Jedi.

This is what Obi Wan Kenobi loved. This is what Obi Wan Kenobi thought was important. The Jedi were Obi Wan Kenobi’s family first and foremost. So why do people think that Obi Wan’s biological legacy is important to him or to the overall story? 



It’s a bit long because I had it running while there were two scenes still left, but I cut through some of the parts where I lost my train of thought/sat enraptured staring at the screen. I promise that for the most part I’m actually saying insightful meaningful understandable words. (Sometimes through subtitles.)


Dad and I started on Lineage & Legacies in Graces last night after beating the main story~ It’s now my second favorite Tales game. ♥ (Best battle system by far though! I only wanted to play as Sophie, but Hubert is fun as well.) Sophie is a precious, adorable cupcake and Richard is such a ham. I love them. :’D 


Here are just a few more I noticed (I’ll replace them with better screen captures later). Japanese is on the right, English is on the left. Since the mouth flaps had to be redone to match the dub during motion capture scenes in Lineage & Legacies, we’re thinking these may have been connected to the facial expressions, and that those had to be reworked too.

Brief summary of noticed things (so far):

  • Eyes open/closed while speaking switched between versions
  • Pascal winked a few times with opposite eyes (see above!)
  • Asbel actually pouts at Hubert outside Yu Liberte (Japanese)
  • Cheria spends longer tearing up outside Yu Liberte (Japanese)
  • Richard smiles less/appears more serious (Japanese)
  • Miscellaneous: Lambda’s monologue goes on for longer (English)