we found out like three months ago that Percy didn’t tell VM - the SHITs, then - his full name for I think several months after they first broke him out of jail, and it still kills me. This pale scarecrow they dragged out of a cell, scareder than he is skinny and angrier than he is scared - except he buries the anger so deep beneath the fear, and that beneath the hastily reassembled reflexes of propriety. Coming off a two-year disassociative episode on a ship, pulled out by a whisper in his mind that promised vengeance, if only he could get to a forge, and pull up, expand on, retool some ideas he had about chemistry and propulsion years ago. Clings to the socially anxious druid who couldn’t be more unlike him in every way just because she says she’s supposed to rule her people some day and that, that he understands, that’s the only thing left in this world that he understands. But the name “de Rolo” doesn’t pass his lips for months, nor all those tumbling, weighty intervening names, heavy with loss and duty and everything he can’t think about right now. Blood in the halls, on the snow. He can’t think about it - and what if he draws attention to himself? He tried to do one thing, kill one person, and he got caught without even seeing her. But what if she found him? (You can’t convince me he thought of anything else, in that cell.) What if the Briarwoods did? All that loss, all that duty, all that legacy…better hidden than ended forever. (He’s so angry, and so scared.)

But it came out. Nights by the fire with Keyleth, talking philosophy and constellation myths and how to accept a hug. Shooting contests with Vex, Pike’s kind smile, Grog’s easy laugh…”Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III”, tripping haltingly off his tongue as they all watch and do not understand the weight and history of every name. Percy’s lost his aristocratic, Whitestone accent a little in the last couple years, but he cannot say his name without it. Not properly. And of course he’ll introduce himself “properly.”

And…the world doesn’t end. Vampires don’t descend from the dark trees around their camp. White stone and snow and frozen rivers of blood do not come crashing down and drown him.

So he repeats it, maybe. Tongue curling around the familiar syllables like a blanket, this name that has placed him in history since he was born. I’m sure a warm campfire isn’t the first time Percy tells the SHITs his first name - spontaneous, or even minimally prompted, emotional vulnerability and information-sharing? Don’t be ridiculous. I’m sure it’s because earlier that day they had to get somewhere Official, and their Percy-from-the-jail-cell stepped forward whipped out all seventeen syllables in one haughty breath. Ever practical, that boy. But that night, there had to be Questions.

And the world didn’t come crashing down, so he does it again. Maybe not the next time they meet new people, but maybe the time after that. Maybe the time after the time after that. Maybe just “Percival de Rolo”, to start - but by the time they save Emon and Sovereign Uriel, it’s as easy as it ever was to put on court manners and introduce himself with a bow of just the right degree, as Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III.

There are de Rolo cousins, after all. They’ve married good families across Tal’Dorei, and even into Wildemount and Marquet. There’s no reason anyone needs to know he’s from Whitestone. It’s his name, his family, his lineage and legacy, but by the time we meet him, he can already roll it off his tongue so lightly. No weight of duty, loss, and terror (they’re shoved down as deep as the dreams of black smoke.) Guilty though he was about how giddy it made him, he was free. Even by then he’d grown so much, gotten so much better…

And then Uriel told a page to send a letter to the Briarwoods, in Whitestone, and it all. came. crashing. down.

(…and look how he’s grown since then.)

Totally respect Jon Steinberg’s vision for Black Sails. And I actually love where he left Silver and Madi in the finale. It felt right, you know? The two of them on that bluff facing each other, neither quite ready to close the distance between them. It made sense. And I loved it. But. This notion of Steinberg’s …this head canon that he’s expressed in recent interviews (because lbr if we didn’t see it unfold on screen, then his ideas are personal headcanon - and no more or less valid than yours or mine) that has Madi marrying Silver despite feeling that their relationship is irrevocably broken? It just doesn’t bear out. “itsjustnotrealistic.gif.

Because unlike Silver, Madi has options. She is a free woman with a home, a family, and a fucking royal lineage and legacy. Without love, there is no reason for her to bind herself to a man that describes himself as a wretch, “a no one from nowhere, belonging to nothing.”

So why would she do it? Why would Madi not only forgive a man with whom, according to Steinberg, she could never again connect emotionally, but actually MARRY him?

It doesn’t make sense for someone as surefooted and self aware as Madi is. now, I get that this break between Silver and Madi, this irreparable damage, is central to the sense of loss and tragedy that Steinberg has tried to imbue into the finale. But I just don’t buy it lol. And obviously I reject Steinberg’s headcanon because I love Silver and Madi and want nothing but happiness for them, but I also reject it because it doesn’t map to the way he’s built either character - Madi, especially

In the finale, Madi cast Silver out of her life, but in the end, she sought HIM out–ostensibly to grant her forgiveness. Given how surefooted and self aware Madi was written to be, I don’t believe that she would do that unless she understood on some level what Silver did–-and wanted to make peace with it. And maybe the distance between her and Silver on that bluff speaks to that. She sought him out having arrived at a point where she was ready to make peace with what he had done. And though she wasn’t quite there yet, she wanted to be, and, perhaps most significantly, she KNEW she was capable of getting there.

You could argue that her disappointment in Silver is just too great - that she would resent him forever for cheating her out of her war. I disagree. Yes, Madi’s anger at being lied to and undermined was justified, but I’m certain that she would inevitably see the wisdom in choosing that peace treaty. Remember Madi’s commitment to her people. Remember when she told Silver that: “No one has greater cause to swear England an enemy and desire vengeance against her as we do. Yet I believe if we were offered…a chance to be made free in the eyes of the law, it would not have been so roundly rejected.” I imagine that Silver returned to those those words often as he was setting his covert plans into motion. In the end, all of his behind-the-scenes wrangling led to her people being offered that choice–and they took it. They did. Can you imagine Madi lashing out at them for making that choice? I can’t. I cannot imagine Madi NOT understanding why the people of Maroon Island and the other camps chose peace and freedom over carnage and ideology. And if she could understand and empathize with their view, than she could do the same for Silver. Tl;dr - Madi climbed up to that bluff because her anger over Silver’s betrayal was outmatched by her love for him. And while their marriage - like ALL marriages - is flawed, the love that they share is deep, abiding and worth the effort.

Of Legacy and Choice...

People had always insisted that Rey Unrelated would somehow make a good story because it would make her an “independent” character.   That she would not be defined by the Skywalkers.  I find that to be laughable given that Rey’s entire story emulates a Skywalker journey and she will likely follow in Luke Skywalker’s footsteps as a Jedi, thus being overshadowed by the Skywalkers regardless.

But what if Rey is a Skywalker BUT chooses a path that is different from the Jedi or the Knights of Ren?

There is something poetic about Rey being a Skywalker yet not taking the Jedi path that her father took. It’s a perfect foil to Kylo Ren, who is obsessed with his grandfather’s legacy that he doesn’t become his own person.  He is trapped under the shadow of Darth Vader, forever compared unfavorably to the Sith Lord’s feared reputation.  Rey, on the other, just wants her family, regardless of what her heritage is and is not. 

As stated before, if Rey is unrelated then she is just following someone else’s legacy and not making her own. She will never get out of the shadows of Anakin or Luke because of her similarities with them as well as being trained under Luke. But if she’s a Skywalker, then her backstory and themes are understandable motifs and not just a copy of Luke and Anakin.  All Skywalker tropes are rightfully hers and not simply copying them off because LFL was creatively bankrupted.  As such, people will focus how she is different from Luke and Anakin rather than how she is the same.  Just like how Luke is different from Anakin despite having similar backstories.  This is what allows a character to stand out.

And it creates a nice poetry regarding Rey and Kylo Ren:

Son of Daughter

Daughter of Son

A young man who cares more about his lineage and legacy to the point that it alienates him from his family and consumes his identity.

A young woman who cares more about reuniting with family than wondering about any mysterious legacy that she inherited.

One feels he needs to live up to his grandfather’s legacy in order to find his place in the galaxy, as he has no identity without it.

The other realizes that family legacy doesn’t define your place or your identity in the galaxy.  It’s the choices you make that define who you are.

Ben Solo lives defined by Darth Vader.

Rey lives as her own person in spite of being a Skywalker.

anonymous asked:

Pablo said "The theme of family, legacy, lineage and all that is always important in SW. Sure, it's important in regards to Rey." Right here he confirmed Rey is a Skywalker. Because how would all that be important as he claims if her parents are some "random" characters?

There are other lineages in the galaxy beyond the Skywalker one. Rey’s being a Kenobi, a Palpatine or even the last in a line of dark Force users would make Pablo’s words here equally valid.

General Headcanons: Auradon

- The Beast is not the only person in charge. The United States of Auradon is made up of a lot of kingdoms - Auradon itself is only one. There is a council of people who rule those kingdoms and the Beast can’t make unilateral decisions on things that affect all of them. He can make decisions for the kingdom Auradon and he can make proclamations that basically direct policy for royal institutions (like Ben deciding to say that, since the kids didn’t do anything wrong, keeping them there because of their connection with their parents is unjust), as he is the High King, but he can’t make anybody run their kingdoms a certain way.

- There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the VKs. Most people can agree that sure, sending the actual villains away somewhere else where they can’t hurt anybody and letting them do as they will is one thing, but their children make it a thorny situation. Some people, like Aurora’s mother used to, don’t really care, the kids can rot as far as they’re concerned. Some people genuinely don’t know how the Isle is run. Some people figured even if the Isle itself is horrible, the villains would love their children and wouldn’t be harming them and would give them the best the Isle could (and, in fact, that’s generally the most common belief, at least until Maleficent attacks her own daughter). Some people have never thought about it. Some people agree with Ben that leaving the children there is unjust (though that’s been on the rise since the VKs actually showed up). It’s a very controversial thing in Auradon and news that the success of the 5 VKs at the school might lead to a more comprehensive VK program has sparked a lot of discussion. In anticipation, Auradon Prep has started beefing up it’s school counselling and troubled student outreach. The Fairy Godmother’s been collecting resources everywhere she can on the double and is getting ready for a lot more tension around the school. 

- As with most societies, fashion tends to emulate people who are admired, and in this case a lot of the people admired are heroes. So you end up with the eye-bleedingly bright colours of Auradon and the smoother lines. The idea is that it’s more welcoming. 

- Romance is held up as one of the biggest deals there is for royalty or heroes’ kids, because the paparazzi will not leave them alone. It’s significantly less pressure for commoner’s kids but you could be dealing with dynastic lineages and heroic legacies. And the less said about the impact of this on aroace kids, the better. It’s unpleasant.

- There is an Auradon Princess’ charity foundation set up to help various causes around Auradon, like poverty relief and safety regulations. I’m sure it doesn’t take much explanation to see who’s on it. Audrey and some of their daughters have been getting more involved lately (and if Audrey’s been very privately considering inviting Evie, that’s her business).

- Genies and creatures who have innate magic tend to be far more likely to utilize their magic than creatures who channel it via spell books, wands, staffs, etc. It’s a much more ‘I do what I want’ attitude.

- Say what you want about the rest of their infrastructure, it probably deserves it, but their supports for people with disabilities and accessibility are fantastic.

- Auradon’s Museum of Cultural History is largely a brainchild between Belle and the Fairy Godmother. 

young justice fic recs

because i am incapable of entering a fandom without consuming a shit ton of fics. 

a bold heart turns

by: Hinn_Raven

relationships: artemis’s familial relationships, artemis/wally

summary:  Artemis leaps to her feet, vaults over the couch and tries to punch him, red hot fury pouring through her veins. How dare he be like that, how dare he say something like that, how dare—
Robin grabs her arms, holding her back. “Hey, c’mon now, he didn’t mean anything by it!”
“What did I say?” Wally demands.
“I’m trans, you ass,” Artemis snaps.

poster’s note: i love a good trans fic, and i love a good character study and this is both. i highly recommend it. 

and again

by:  Barkour

pairings: jaime/bart

summary:  Ten years after the Reach failed on Earth, Jaime Reyes goes on with his life, day by day. So, too, does Bart Allen.

poster’s note: if you have ever in your life thought “hm, i wonder what jaime and bart are like when they’re all grown up and married” this is your fic. like wow. you have to read this. jaime’s a doctor and the scarab’s a little shit, and bart’s the flash, and jaime has a flash pinup okay. you need this. 

also, since this is the first bluepulse fic on the list i’d like to mention that i’m not recommending every single bluepulse fic that i like, because then this rec list would be waaaaayyyyyy too long. this is restricted to my absolute favorites. 

are you one or two? 

by: walkawayfromemptygold

relationships: zatanna & giovanni, zatanna/artemis

summary:  How Zatanna deals with Doctor Fate. 

poster’s note: if you were disappointed by the lack of zatanna focus in the second season, this fic is for you. if you were disappointed that they didn’t focus more on the way that her dad becoming doctor fate affected her, read this fic. if you were disappointed that there was no snaibsel reunion, read this fic. 

if you like zatanna zatara at all read this damn fic. 

body swap

by: the author orphaned it

summary:  Birthday fic for a friend. Bart and Jaime end up body swapped.

poster’s note: i just really love body swap fics and jaime and bart. 

blue like a prison, a kiss and a dream

by: Laroyena

pairings: jaime/bart, jaime/bart/khaji da

summary: Bart Allen was born to a soulmate who was already dead.(Bluepulse Soulmate AU) Bart goes back to the past to kill the Blue Beetle, only to find out Jaime Reyes is his soulmate. Things get… complicated after that.

poster’s note: warnings for tentacle sex at the end. also, the timeline is wildly different from the show, but the heart of the pairing and the way that they get together still feels like the show. plus, the characterization of khaji da is cool and i can… understand adding him into the dynamic even if it sorta squicks me. 

mainly, i like it because bart was born with a dead soulmate and jaime doesn’t get his mark until bart comes back, so it’s a really interesting take on the trope. 


by: waywardflower

pairings: artemis/kaldur and m’gann/connor

summary: "What concerns me is the children. We now know the league is willing to employ young heroes to do their dirty work. That’s a dark twist.“
A darker twist. The Light employs the young would-be heroes. Recovery of Dark!TeamAU.

poster’s note: this fic is so interesting! it places all the members of the original team except wally on the light, and builds a really interesting dynamic and backstory for each of them. if you’re looking for a mirrorverse of young justice, this is definitely for you. 

dig up her bones

by: aFigureOfSpeech

relationships: every platonic relationship artemis has, artemis/wally, and artemis/dick

summary:  Most people only die once, but Artemis always was one of a kind. [Before, during, and after Depths.]

poster’s note: this is a fantastic look at the way that artemis’s “death” affected everyone involved. like hot damn this is a good fic. also it has minor zatanna/raquel which is my jam. 

dimension hopping series

by:  LaLaCat1

additional fandom: under the red hood

relationships: jason todd & dealing with his death, the batfamily, artemis/wally, jaime/bart, the flash family, artemis & bart

series summary: the first fic focuses on jason todd’s trip to the young justice universe. in the second fic, wally ends up in jason’s universe after “dying” and shit goes down in the young justice universe, with bart at the epicenter. 

poster’s note: a great fic series. there are some spelling errors that you might find glaring to begin with, but the overall writing is very good. the plot and characterization is solid, the character relationships all feel natural, and it’s one of my favorite pieces of yj fic because it focuses on all my favorite characters and does a good job with them. 

drowning (drag me back)

by: RocksCanFly

pairings: kaldur/red arrow roy

summary: It was only a matter of time. Or, Kaldur'ahm of Shayeris Can Fool The World, But He Still Hasn’t Learned How To Lie To Roy Harper

poster’s note: i really love this author’s stuff, but this is my favorite of their kaldur/roy fics. it’s the fic that sold me on this ship. 

drunken asshole guilt-party rumpus 2016

by: RocksCanFly

relationships: artemis & kaldur, past artemis/wally and kaldur/red arrow roy

summary: The Invasion’s over, Wally’s dead, Dick is busy avoiding everyone, M'gann and Superboy are on Mars, and all Artemis Crock wants is to get drunk on Kaldur’s couch and talk about her feelings.Too bad things never go the way she wants them to.

poster’s note: you need this in your life. like, if you’re at all interested in artemis or kaldur’s characters you need this fic in your life. 

false dawn

by:  Crawlingthroughashes

summary: It was his smile, his touch, his warmth… but it wasn’t himHollow, mind-numbing panic begins to percolate through Bart’s skin. His heart throbs, shuddering in attempts to break free of the prison his chest has suddenly become. The back of his throat tastes caustic from the hot surge of bile. He swallows it back down, clearing his throat. 

"How long?” Some part of his mind, the logical part, already knows, but he can’t accept it. Isn’t willing to. He wants to foolishly believe it hasn’t been that long, because that makes the taste of guilt milder, but he knows, he knows.

poster’s note: i thought that i’d better give warnings on this one because it’s.. warnings worthy. there’s some sexual content in this fic and both boys are underage (bart’s thirteen, jaime’s age isn’t stated), plus the consent is really, really dubious. i would probably go as far as to say that it’s mutually nonconsensual because jaime’s on mode and bart’s been tricked and coerced by a jaime who’s not jaime. 

a lot of the fic deals with the after effects of that, and it’s really good, but if that is going to freak you out then this is not the fic for you. 

festival of lights

by: Tye

relationships: bart allen & the abstract concept of legacy, wally & queen perdita

summary:  There are 7 billion people in the world, and only 100 know about Wally’s sacrifice. Bart wants to change this, but he’s not sure how, or if, he can.

poster’s note: this fic is such a good look at superhero lineages and legacies, and bart’s character, and also it has queen perdita who is my favorite minor character. 

if it just wouldn’t hurt

by: Sinna

pairings: artemis/m’gann

summary:  M'gann M'orzz has always been fascinated by the human concept of love, the special bond between a man and a woman. But when she finds herself falling for a snarky, blond, and undeniably female archer, she doesn’t know what to do. So she hides her feelings and tries to move on with her life.
Then one night, she learns that maybe she doesn’t have to.

poster’s note: everyone’s gay and everyone’s okay, the fic. or: the reason that i ship artemis/m’gann. 

it hurts to become

by: elspethelf

pairings: artemis/zatanna, past artemis/wally

summary: “Is it wrong to love two people at once?” she asks him.

poster’s note: this fic is everything i ever wanted. like, it deals with artemis’s pain over loosing wally but also makes a great case for my favorite ship with her, snaibsel. but it never disregards or devalues her relationship with wally.

it’s the way that you fake it

by:  finkpishnets

pairings: artemis/dick, tim/connor, and jaime/bart

summary:  Dick and Artemis are not a topic of conversation, Tim’s not a stalker, and Jaime’s not sure how he and Bart are the functional ones. (Non-Superpowered High School/College AU.)

poster’s note: this is a funny little fic, and all three of the relationships are well written and tie together well. i came for the bluepulse (i’m not a big fan of traught and don’t care for timkon, the supermartian shipper i am) but all three ships worked here and i enjoyed it a lot. 

luthor family values

by:  nev_longbottom

relationships: lex luthor & connor

summary: Lex sues for custody of Superboy. A comedy about family dynamics.

poster’s note: connor has bad dads, but at least the one that’s a supervillain gives a shit about him. also includes the line: Please let him grow up to be a communist vegan musician, Lex quietly prayed. Please. 

out of the blue

by:  Ishmael

pairings: jaime/bart

summary:  It takes Jaime five years to see what’s been there all along.

poster’s note: this is a really great one. it’s very in character for the both of them, and has a good mix of the characters dealing with their shit and humor and fluff. the pacing feels right and the happy ending is well deserved. 

also, the scarab doesn’t partake of the porn so i appreciate that. like… i like khaji da but… that’s not something i want in my life….

places no picture contains

by; satellites (brella)

pairings: zatanna/raquel

summary: It’s the middle that really counts.

poster’s note: if you have any interest in this pairing, this is the fic you want to read. it deals with zatanna’s character and her relationship with her dad well as well. 

somewhere under the rainbow series

by:  Tyleet

relationships: connor kent & lois lane, lois lane/clark kent, lois lane/lex luthor, clark kent/lex luthor

summary: lois lane, clark kent and lex luthor and the way their lives intertwine. and then of course, there’s their son. 

poster’s note: this is such a great fic series. it’s vague in a lot of areas that i wish that it wasn’t, but everything that it does reveal it does so wonderfully 

also contains the line— "If I told you he was just a boy with terrible parents,“ Lex rasps, breath warm and uneven against Clark’s skin, "Would that make it better or worse?”

strength in all its forms

by:  Tiritiri_Matangi

pairings: jaime/bart, past bart/omc

summary:  He isn’t broken. Bart Allen has secrets, secrets that define him and that cannot be revealed. As events collide and old enemies discover what even friends do not know, the character that wears the Kid Flash uniform is only one part of his personality. Also, Blue Beetle getting kicked off a roof, ex-boyfriends, clean operations, and a Justice League just reaching the limit of what they’ll put up with.

poster’s note: this fic is really good, and really long. there is definitely a plot, and a compelling one at that, but saying that it’s a really really long bart character study wouldn’t be out of left field. 

submarine, swim, all of our friends have kids (maybe we should steal one), and oh no our life’s become a no doubt song

by: Bearbutt

pairings: artemis/kaldur, past artemis/wally

summary: artemis and kaldur’s relationship, from the undercover mission to their kids to wally’s return. 

poster’s note: an interesting series. i feel obligated to warn for the cheating, but other than that i really love this series. i especially love the second to last one, because i feel like it explores the two’s similarities and the meat of their relationship the best.

timeworn vestiges 

by:  Crawlingthroughashes

pairings: jaime/bart

summary:  Jaime’s gaze flitted from Bart’s wide-set green eyes to the object in his hand. Suspended from a tarnished chain was a minuscule pendant with an hourglass affixed to its center. Bart’s knuckles were paling from gripping it so tightly, clutching it as if it were his lifeline, or the most precious thing in the world.
“Is that—?”
“A time-turner.”

poster’s note: the perfect hogwarts au for bluepulse. like, i can’t stress how much i love this fic enough because it works perfectly with canon but also creates it’s own little universe in less than 7k words. 

this person, this place

by: Barkour

relationships: jaime/bart, jaime & his family, and jaime & tye

summary: Freed from Reach control, Jaime struggles with the reality of the two months he was on mode.

poster’s note: this is my favorite jaime-centric fic. it deals with jaime’s relationships and feelings after being freed from the reach’s control so well, which is exactly what i wanted after what he went through. here’s the jaime heals fic we all need in our lives. 

ToTN- Arranged Marriage AU

Tales of Two Ninjas

One-Shot 15 (Read on ff x)

Arranged Marriage AU

Summary: They would both do their duties. And surprisingly this would be a change they would full heartedly accept.  

Pairing: Naruto & Hinata

Rating: T-M

“I have been eagerly awaiting the day I could finally meet you…and I am not disappointed. You are beautiful.”

That’s what Hinata thought she would hear after years of pondering whom she was getting married to. Her parents had told her at a very young age that she was betrothed to someone: a lord of Konoha, next in line to rule the lands.

She was okay with it.

That was how she was raised and that was how everyone in her family found their loves.

Of course she had read stories of princesses and princes’. Of fighting dragons and winning hearts. She had hoped she would have her own love story.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

How do all of the LIs feel about polyamory?

Suzu, Naomi, and Andrew wouldn’t be opposed to it if talked about in a close discussion. If you are open with them, they’d try it out, but it depends on how the relationship goes in the long run of them needing your love versus them seeing you with another person.

The demons, however, would not be too keen at all.

When a partnership happens in the demon world, it usually signifies passion between two souls and, according to demon culture, there is no room for multiple connections of that caliber. There can be multiple lovers on the side, but there can only be one partner who is ‘the one’ you share not only your energy to forever more, but also build your lineage/legacy with (you can interpret that as breeding, ruling a kingdom, owning land, etc).

What makes the situation a little more rocky is that the Demon Lord himself has a ‘polyamorous’ relationship with his 4 wives. They all agreed to be married to him one way or another (they were not all married to him by force) and, ultimately, it led to them bickering and arguing on who was the true partner to the Demon Lord. The boys don’t want that.

Again, Demons don’t understand LOVE. They know lust and passion and are cool with sharing in terms of sex, but not in terms of passion and romantic connection.


Inspired by opalborn’s cultus epithets for Hellenic deities, I wanted to keep track of the modern kennings I’ve made for Hel—and also write some inspired in the style of epithets, like heiti. Queen of the Resting Dead was brought to my attention by meritinpu and Queen of North and Down is based off Gylfaginning; otherwise, I created these. Stoked to discuss any of them, if you’re curious! The kennings are straightforward, but there are ‘translations’ beneath if desired.


  • She of Smoke and Bone
  • She of Rot and Roses
  • Queen of the Resting Dead
  • Queen of North and Down
  • Lady of the Long Dark
  • Lady of the Good Death
  • Keeper of Skeleton Keys
  • Mistress of Lost Graves

Cultus Epithets

  • Hel of the Veils
  • Hel of the Lights
  • Hel of the Hollows
  • Hel of the Antler Crown
  • Hel of the Flower Crown
  • Hel of Black-Tipped Hands
  • Hel of the Afternoon Shadow
  • Hel of Low Clouds
  • Hel of Hard Roads
  • Hel of the Living Blood
  • Hel of the Libraries
  • Hel of the Hospices
  • Hel In Memoriam
  • Hel of Mirrors
  • Hel Verdandi
  • Hel Hailstorm
  • Hel Supernova
  • Hel Half-Dead
  • Hel Dreadful
  • Hel Antique
  • Hel Feasthall
  • Hel Honey-Laugh
  • Hel Conservation
  • Hel Lepidoptera
  • Hel Kvisa

Local Cultus (NYC)

  • Hel Gotham
  • Hel Cavalry
  • Hel St. Germain
  • Hel of the Moth
  • Hel of Dear Irving
  • Hel of Brick and Mortar
  • Hel of the Brooklyn Roses
  • Hel of Cement Cracks
  • Hel of the Pigeons
  • Hel of Kings Park
  • Hel Downtown
  • Hel Roadkill

Tumblr Bonus

Cultus Epithets

Hel of the Veils - life, death, rebirth aspect.
Hel of the Lights - the lantern held out, the hope in the dark.
Hel of the Hollows - the empty, aching places inside us.
Hel of the Antler Crown - her fierce aspect.
Hel of the Flower Crown - her gentler aspect.
Hel of Black-Tipped Hands - death by frostbite, winter aspect.
Hel of the Afternoon Shadow - presiding over animal death.
Hel of Low Clouds - she of fog, of discernment, confusion.
Hel of Hard Roads - she of the difficult path we need to take.
Hel of the Living Blood - she of blood, lineage, legacy, disease.
Hel of the Libraries - stories of those before and now.
Hel of the Hospices - lives that will soon no longer be.
Hel In Memoriam - she of ghosts, spirits, burials, ancestors.
Hel of Mirrors - she of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-care.
Hel Verdandi - she of Becoming, of the present moment, of do it now.
Hel Hailstorm - she in her cold Hagalaz apocalyptic change aspect.
Hel Supernova - she of cosmic death, star necromancy, black holes.
Hel Half-Dead - she in her paradox, and all with it, aspect.
Hel Dreadful - she of that which disgusts and reviles us.
Hel Antique - she of old things, all valuable, some disturbing.
Hel Feasthall - she of food, connection, family, storytelling.
Hel Honey-Laugh - after the smoke voice, this sound.
Hel Conservation - scientific, environmental, spiritual.
Hel Lepidoptera - metamorphosis, transformation, growth.
Hel Kvisa - she of the words and the whispers.

Local Cultus (NYC)

Hel Gotham - she as Norse patron of New York City.
Hel Cavalry - she of Queens Cemetery, tombstone skyscrapers.
Hel St. Germain - she of elderflower liquor and speakeasies.
Hel of the Moth - she of live storytelling traditions.
Hel of Dear Irving - she of modern sumbels in historical rooms.
Hel of Brick and Mortar - she of old buildings on old bones.
Hel of the Brooklyn Roses - she of botanical gardens.
Hel of Cement Cracks - she of the beautiful breaking.
Hel of the Pigeons - she of the common people’s flight.
Hel of Kings Park - she of abandoned buildings, psych centers.
Hel Downtown - she of the old wilds of New York City.
Hel Roadkill - she of the displaced animals and people.

Star Wars fanfic rec list

so i read a lot of star wars fnfics, here are some that I really love!

As Beautiful as They Were 


Pairing: Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon

Summary: GEV-sotal is a barren world known for it’s scientific research. However, when an undercover Jedi investigates the planet, he is horrified by the scientists’ brutal experimentation on sentient beings.

This happened because a lovely anon on tumblr prompted me to write an Obi/Qui ‘Little Mermaid’ sort of AU. Needless to say, it turned out very different than the Little Mermaid, but it does still have merman!Obi-Wan.

 Children of the force 



Pairing Kanan/Hera

Summary: Anakin didn’t fall, but Order 66 still happened. Now there are only remnants of the Jedi Order remain, seemingly paralyzed by grief and fear - leaving many vulnerable to the Dark Side and the Sith.

Kanan Jarrus very carefully doesn’t pay any attention to this; he has his team, and that’s all he needs. He left the Jedi behind a long time ago. But the Force won’t let its children go so easily, especially not so many still need his help.

The Courtship of Obi-Wan Kenobi 


Bail Organa/Obi-Wan

Ten snapshots of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa’s dovetailing lives through the years reveals recurring patterns of pleasure, pain, and everything in-between.

Field, garden, oasis 



Obi-Wan Kenobi gains a Master, only to lose him to harsh circumstances.

Happens Sometimes, This Does 



Anakin is dreading attending a seminar on Humanoid Sexuality.

Go away closer 


Pairing: Anikin/Padme, Anikin/Obi-Wan

summary: Go Away Closer’ aka a double bind: where every decision you make feels like the wrong one. However, in Zen Buddhism, it’s also viewed as a path to enlightenment. The impossible question with no correct answer.

This is a Star Wars AU, a Mustafar AU to be exact, where Obi-Wan doesn’t cut Anakin down to size and nothing is okay.

Hic Sunt Dracones 

Akathecentimeter @commonplacecaz

Fusion with temetaire

Anikin/Padme, Obi-Wan/Satine


Captain Watto hadn’t expected to find a dragon egg in the hold of his latest prize, and the beast taking a cabin-boy as its captain is - unexpected. The aviators which show up after that are just patently unwanted. (Because good God, what sort of respectable officer in His Majesty’s Service wears a beard?)

In a lonely place 



Six years after the Battle of Theed, a Jedi thought lost returns. This is not necessarily good news.

Podfic by me




“Maul was my pride, my greatest accomplishment aside from the political games that have wrought me control over the Republic. Why should I take a second apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi? Why would you be worth my time?”

“Because I fucking hate you.”

Lineage and legacy series 

ruth baulding

Obi-Wan/Siri-Tachi, Qui-Gon/Tahl

Book I: In which master and apprentice meet for the first time, enjoy a disastrous adventure courtesy of Xanatos DuCrion, and reap the fruits of patience and fortitude. A fanciful retelling of the original.

On Ebon Wings, Ere I Breathe


Fusion with The Crow


Ten years after the Battle for Naboo, a Jedi wakes up alone in the desert. His only companion is, of all things, a crow.

Ouroboros series



series is a WIP but first two stories are completed

Considering that he had picked up what was probably a Sith artifact, promptly passed out in the middle of a war zone, and apparently woken up twenty years in the future with Obi-Wan having taken up residence in his head, Anakin thought he was entitled to have a few questions.



Pairing :Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon

Obi-Wan must go undercover to foil a kidnapping plot against the Chancellor.

Complications unsurprisingly ensue.

(Because there’s nothing like a Sith Lord who thinks the Jedi he shares a Life Bond with has been murdered.)

Re-entry and re-entry journey of the whills 



Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon, Anikin/Padme
Re-Entry is an alternate universe epic that spans time and possibility. Obi-Wan Kenobi, while still a young Padawan, suffers an injury and wakes up with all of the memories, experience, training, and Force-strength of Old Ben Kenobi. It isn’t long before the Jedi discover that Anakin Skywalker, a five-year-old slave from the Outer Rim, has undergone the exact same change. Obi-Wan and Anakin bear the scars of harsh lessons learned; those who love them must learn those lessons quickly, before the mistakes of old are repeated.

re-entry podfics by rippleeffect

journey of the whills podfic by @the-dragongirl

Speaker of Valaeanath



Obi-Wan Kenobi has been through physical torture, but the psychological torture Asajj Ventress subjects him to is worse than any physical pain. Trapped in silence and darkness, the only means of communication he has relies on the language of touch–a language that not everyone understands.

Podfic by me

A star to steer by 

@norcumi , @dogmatix

crossover with Stargate SG-1


Jack O'Neill runs into the weirdest snake he’s ever met, and that’s saying something. Obi-Wan just wants to get his people home.

Podfic by me 

podfic by godoflaundreybaskets 

System of darkness 




Chosen at age eleven by Jedi Master Virmu, Obi-Wan Kenobi meets the maverick Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn, twelve years later, when they are assigned on a mission to investigate the theft of starships from the Duro Starshipwright Shipyard. What appears to be routine quickly grows more complex as violence ensues, loyalties are questioned, and a dangerous reminder of Obi-Wan’s past rises to the forefront. Torn between the Jedi path and their devotion to one another, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon must risk everything to destroy a criminal organization that spans the galaxy.

what’s an angel? 

@norcumi @dogmatix

Rako Hardeen shot and killed Obi-Wan Kenobi. In his quest for justice, Anakin discovers that his teacher has been hiding some things from him.

wicked thing 




There are rumours of yet another Sith Lord hiding among the Separatists. The Council sends Anakin to investigate. Anakin has a bad feeling about this.


the story of how Anakin exists in a perpetual state of intense embarrassment, Obi-Wan is enjoying it a little too much, and everything is, generally speaking, a gigantic mess.

Yesterday we obeyed kings 



Obi-Wan Kenobi was never trained as a Jedi and lives a normal–although unfocused–life. Then, he met Qui-Gon Jinn. (Takes place four years before Phantom Menace.)

How important is the Kenobi Family Legacy?’

We don’t know the names of Obi Wan’s parents. We don’t know if he had brothers or sisters. We don’t know his extended family. We don’t even know what planet Obi Wan is from in canon. 

I’ll tell you what we do know.

We know that Obi Wan loved his master like a father and his padawan like a brother. He loved Ahsoka and Padme and Satine and he loved his people. He asks about Dooku in AOTC not just because Dooku was important in a Big Picture sense but also because this man was his master’s master. Count Dooku was interesting to Obi Wan in a legacy sense, because Obi Wan considers himself and Dooku to be of the same lineage, the same legacy. Luke his padawan and  the son of the man he thought of as family, who he watched over and mentored shortly to share his traditions with. To make sure that the Jedi and their way of life was still present in the galaxy. That’s the legacy that matters to Obi Wan. Not the people who he shared DNA with, he doesn’t once mention them on screen or in canon books or comics. His legacy is the people he loved, the people who were actually his family. The Jedi.

This is what Obi Wan Kenobi loved. This is what Obi Wan Kenobi thought was important. The Jedi were Obi Wan Kenobi’s family first and foremost. So why do people think that Obi Wan’s biological legacy is important to him or to the overall story? 

Okay not to harp on the Kenobi thing but I’m sorry, the idea that not having Rey be blood-related to Obi-Wan disrespects him or whatever really bugs me.

The lineages that matter to old-school jedi were defined by master-padawan relationships, not blood ties. Obi-Wan was taken from his biological family at a very young age and probably wouldn’t even recognize them.

I mean, just think about it for a second. Which of these lineages do you think means more to the saga and to Obi-Wan?

Biological lineage:

Jedi lineage:

(hmm idt obi-wan’s legacy is the one that really needs saving here)

Rey Skywalker extends a bloodline that includes 2/3 of the PT and OT’s main trios and features family ties that have been the driving force of the whole damn saga. Rey K/nobi extends a bloodline that neither the canon nor Obi-Wan give any fucks about.

But, as Luke’s student, Rey Skywalker would be the next step in Obi-Wan’s jedi lineage. And THAT is a meaningful extension of the Skywalker and Kenobi legacies that actually matter.