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Kissing meme with Watcher and CC, 4C XD

I’M DOING SKETCH REQUESTS: Send me characters and a pose from HERE!


Without fail, you always manage to get me to draw these two, don’t you??

For those of you who don’t know… CC, or Candela, was an old RP character of mine in the undertale verse. Watcher constantly had a crush on her. Can’t blame him though.



how to think about line weight by Scott Robertson


All about creating 3D depth with just lines and getting your line work to look sexy. Done on traditional media but the principles he explains are all equally applicable to the line art you make up in Photoshop, SAI or any other program or medium of your choice. He gives reasons behind why lines have certain weights and in what situations, highlighting some of the basics and methods you can use to improve and just approach adding weight to your lines. This should be helpful for people who just can’t get their line art to pop out and have that 3D look about them.

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If you're still taking sketch requests I suggest my Underfell Filch x @chrono-lock 'se Underfell Xate in B4

I’M DOING SKETCH REQUESTS: Send me characters and a pose from HERE!

I wanted to color this one, like I did the other ones… but I couldn’t really find good color references. I’m real sorry! I hope you like it anyway!! 


я делаю лайн в Manga Studio 5, использую чаще всего инструмент Dense Watercolor, потому что он достаточно мягкий и пластичный. Иногда Darker Pencil, очень иногда.

Pen вообще не использую.

и вот такая Бигба в результате :3