Line engraving

The first step to a printed engraving is carving the reversed image into a polished metal plate. A sharp metal tool called a burin to gouges lines into the surface. Once carved, ink is spread over the surface. The smooth areas of the plate are then wiped clean leaving ink only in the carved grooves. A damp paper is placed on top of the inked plate and run through a press, transferring ink to the paper. Because the sharp burin allows the artist to finely control the thinness of lines, engraving proved an excellent medium for the high level of detail characteristic of Albrecht Dürer, probably the first famous printmaker in European history.

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Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471-1528). Melencolia I, 1514. Engraving on laid paper. Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Mrs. Horace O. Havemeyer, 54.35.8 

【 Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】J-Hope’s palm reading

1. Head Line
From the shape of the line, you can tell he has a high ability to resolve disputes.

2. Charm Line
He has the charm of that can naturally attract people’s attention, so he can be an active artist.

3. He’s a born artist
The ‘Head Line’ is a straight line that suddenly changes its angle, this shows that he has a high ability to solve problems. J-Hope can quickly make a decision when he’s puzzled, and when he needs to overcome unexpected troubles. He can quickly and appropriately explain everything to change the flow/ process, he has the verbal ability that can instantly and successfully switch between surroundings. He has a side of an artist, and such intuitive verbal ability will play a very important part in his future work. Furthermore, only those who has the charm of attracting people’s attention has a very clear line engraved on the palm. So even if J-Hope does something ordinarily, he’ll be more eye-catching compared to ordinary people. He can be active as an artist for a long time.

V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap Monster; Jungkook; Jin
Q: What do you want to challenge yourself this summer?
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BTS Ranking Q1 - 8

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)




you were laying on your side, partly snug up to your boyfriend while he went on his phone, his arm around you. you watched as he played mario kart, pretty badly aswell. you got a glance of his tattoos on his hand, you intertwined your fingers with his, lacing them and directing his hand to give you a better view.

“you really like them, huh” he said, putting the phone down and using his other arm to wrap around your waist, one link between you both. “i love them so much, i could just stare at them all day” “wait, are you talking about my hands or the tattoos?” he asked, smiling down at you. any answer would give him satisfaction.

“both. and you” your smirk, delicately tracing the letters and lines permanently engraved on his hand. you kiss every knuckle individually and hold his hand close to you.

he sighs, relaxed at peace here with just you, just how you like. “i love you” he says, proud to have found someone who shares the same love for things, the little things.

Hunger (Loki x Reader)

Here’s a long one for you all. You and your sister have been fighting over Loki since you first met him but now he’s planning on marrying her after the war on Vanaheim has been won. What will you do to win Prince Loki’s heart… With a little help from Grandma. Enjoy!

Words: 3,055


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I sighed with a heavy heart as a wonderful symphony and the hems of swirling dresses became a blur in my eyes. This was to be the last night I would lay my sights on the one man I would ever love. Prince Loki Odinson of Asgard.

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A Bit of Persuasion

Writer- @myhellyourstories

Requested- Anonymous

Request- Sup? I heard that you villain parents would be Scar. So I would like to request a Harry Hook x Reader were the reader is Scar’s daughter. maybe he persuades her to be his girlfriend or something?

Disclaimer- I do not own any Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story and the characters Sasha, Enzo, and Balthazar.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- Harry “kindly” persuades Scar’s daughter to be his girlfriend.

Warning(s)- Underage drinking (matters on what part of the world you live in), having a hangover.

Words- 2872

A/N- I can make a part 2 if requested.


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anonymous asked:

What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of Go Lion are?

…Bear in mind I have watched like three episodes of it.

The Good:

  • That theme song is the catchiest thing I ever did witness.
  • It’s buttloads more coherent than DotU
  • Set the foundation for the Voltron we know and love.
  • Fala and Akira sparkle. I want an AU of VLD where nothing changes but Allura and Keith are as sparkly as their DotU counterparts. Allura should look like rather than a cryopod she spent the last ten thousand years suspended in a vat of glitter.
  • GoLion emotes and it’s frankly a gift to this earth. You haven’t lived until you’ve watched a giant formidable robot monster go >:O over something.
  • I have to give Honevra points for actually taking the obvious solution of “if the whole problem is we have five people with a combining robot messing us up, we can solve this by just like. dragging one of them down a back alleyway and dealing with him.”
  • Raible (Coran’s counterpart) introduces himself to the team by picking a fight with them armed with only a cane when they have spears.
  • Fala, at her sparkliest Snow White Classic Disney Princess, talks evenly about how Daibazaal cannot be forgiven and must be assassinated posthaste. 

The Bad:

  • There is so much really arbitrary gore. Did we need to watch that thing get its throat ripped out and fountain blood? No. Did we gain literally anything from watching that one random slave getting mercilessly beaten? No. Valuable screentime is wasted and pacing is damaged basically just to show us how reprehensible the villains are.
  • Entire song and dance in question is basically necessary because as far as I can tell, Daibazaal and Honevra have literally no motivations besides they like awful things. Literally the whole justification for Daibazaal taking slaves is that he’s bored having the whole galaxy under his thumb so he has an elaborately constructed murder death scenario.
  • The only villain with real interesting conflict is Sincline and basically the only way to explore this incarnation of the character with any detail is to throw every female character he has hurt under the bus so… nope.
  • And Earth just wiped itself out in thermonuclear war (in 1999, GoLion was not optimistic about humanity) because fuck you space explorers. And then later gets blown up just for good measure because… fuck you, space explorers.
  • This is a lot of bullet points to just say: heavyhanded angst/drama and poorly written villains.
  • The Lions are the goofiest looking things I ever did witness in my life. Sorry I’m used to the VLD Lions who are Sleek and Majestic Awe Inspiring Creatures.

The “I actually have no idea how I feel about this but it makes me feel Some Kind Of Way”

  • the robeasts have a terrifying amount of nipple-mounted weaponry. Giant monster nipples will haunt my life evermore. Snakes are manifesting in my house and they have guns where their nonexistent snake nipples should be.
  • so all of the Lions are Cleverly Hidden throughout Altea. two of them are literally hidden in giant lion-shaped statues. One of them is just having a nice nap in a tree stump. One isn’t even hidden just chilling out at the bottom of the lake. The Red Lion is the only one who got any kind of good hiding place because it’s buried in lava.
  • King Raimon (Alfor counterpart) dresses like he is impersonating Jesus.