- I want you to be by my side for it. My confidant, my eyes and ears.
- Wait, detective. Why me?
- I trust your kind heart.

Knives Out - 2019

Up at 8:30am, arriving at 9:45am. Ringo first at 10:15 with the others arriving just after eleven.

Policeman gets quite excited at a few people, and Ian missed the picture.

George Ferrari and I go to Regents Park Zoo and meditate in the sun. To Krishna temple for lunch and studio for 3pm.

Yoko, John and Ringo went to Paul + Linda’s for lunch. It was very nice.

A page from Mal Evans’ 1969 diary, describing the day of the ‘Abbey Road’ photoshoot.


Damn it’s doing really good and also it’s still getting amazing reviews

holy shit

so anyway, some initial thoughts on that episode:

- truly an incredible episode, the editing, all the twists, the ladies of dispatch being completely badass

- AND NO ONE DIED (except the bad guys)


- the fact that Buck tried to pull some shit and Athena immediately caught him, mom vibes, I literally cackled

- Chim followed through on his bad gut feeling, we stan a king

- Madney invented love 

- Eddie and Hen are gonna be like “guys what the FUCK” when they find out

- I love Josh Russo with all my heart

think that’s it for now, anyway this was wild as fuck and we’re in for an equally wild ride next week so no one have coffee before the episodes air