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Today in bus drivers beating up passengers: Lincoln, NE, bus driver Troy Fischer, 43, has been fired after video surfaced of Fischer attacking a passenger on his bus, throwing him out of the vehicle in the process. He called his supervisor to ask how he should handle the difficult passenger, but was told to call police to deal with him. Instead, he took matters into his own hands. “I put him off the bus,” Fischer said to his supervisor immediately after the attack. “It wasn’t pretty.”


Guys. One of my best friends just started blowing glass, and I’d really appreciate it if you went and checked out his stuff, gave a few likes, maybe a follow.

This is a glass pipe I bought from him a few weeks ago, it’s one of the first color changing pipes he made. I’m so in love!!! 😍

He’s been getting into more styles/different stuff lately too. I can already tell he’s going to be fucking awesome for how far he’s come in such a short time. My friends are so sugoi. 😎

The Dish

Today Katie and I went to The Dish in Lincoln, Nebraska for the first time.  As usual, we got there during the restaurant’s busiest hour and were the last to leave.  The atmosphere was great, with a dark ambiance and large spectacle windows for wandering eyes like our own.  Our discussion about life, love and learning made this my memory of the day.

Nebraska Couple Wins Their Dream Wedding

♡ Way to go Facebook and Tumblr users!!!!!!! 

This post comes from Lincoln, Nebraska couple Ryan Lowry and Mitch Lee

Three weeks ago, my partner Mitch and I entered a contest through our local newspaper in Lincoln, NE to win a wedding package. When we entered, we had no idea the kind of response we would get. What started as a local effort to get our friends and family to vote for us turned into a national (and even international) outpouring of support.

The contest ended on July 18th, and I am thrilled to say that out of nearly 90 couples who entered, we received the highest number of votes and won! We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who followed our story and showed thier support. As the contest progressed, and the comments came in, we realized it was no longer about us or the prize. Instead it was about standing up for equal rights and that even in some of the most conservative parts of the country, people are willing to show their support for same-sex marriage.

There is no way we could have ever done this without the love from friends and family. They know how truly thankful we are. However, there are a number of people we have never met who voiced their support – many of whom are HRC members. To those individuals we are not able to thank in person, we want you to know how much your words of encouragement mean to us. Our gratitude can only be repaid through continued efforts on our part to spread the message of marriage equality. We also want to thank the HRC, especially Fred Sainz and Charlie Joughin, for sharing our story. We are extremely excited about the future. The Nebraska state motto is “Equality before the law”. To everyone who supported us in this effort, you have brought us one step closer to seeing it put into practice, and for that we say THANK YOU!

-Ryan Lowry and Mitch Lee

Mike Smith | Lincoln, NE | 2012 

I had the privilege of photographing Mike as a part of the Thought District’s rebranding campaign for the City of Lincoln, Ne. This photo was taking in front of Mike’s new skate park, The Bay. This place will be so much more than a skatepark though, Mike has dreamed the place as being a skate park / art gallery / music venue / community outreach venue for the youth of Lincoln, NE. The grand opening for The Bay is this Saturday, October 27th at 2005 Y St Lincoln, NE. I highly suggest checking this event out if you are in the area. 

Also check out Mike’s other projects Skate for Change, and Mike Smith Live 

Lincoln Homestuck Meetup Carpool

The Lincoln Homestuck Meetup this weekend (Hosted by the lovely Emily Nielsen) is still in need of people who are willing to volunteer their services and help get minors and people with no transportation to Lincoln and Crete for the meetup and/or the Lockin!

A signup sheet is available here if you would like to volunteer!

For any more information you can contact the hostess at her tumblr or any way mentioned in this post! I hope to see many of you there!

Also: If you need a ride, just add your name in with your cellphone number so we can get everyone contacted and everything setup! Thank you for you cooperation!