Anticipating! Blissful Ferris Wheel

i’m hoping Blissful would be released soon! this is also one of the few series that have so many filming pictures! i love the weibo pictures so much! (esp the one with the kids! it’s the little girl who played Niki in Bottled Passion! haha!) Linda and Jason really do look compatible (love Jason’s playfulness!), and let’s just hope that their acting skills are on par (Jason is quite new, haven’t really watched him in a drama but he seems ok from the sitcoms! :D he is quite cute too! new eye candy? haha!) 

the cast also includes Lin Xia Wei, Cilla Kung, Brian Chu, Elaine Yiu, Raymond Wong, Oscar Leung, Tina Shek, Charmaine Li etc… of which more than half are probably guest stars of the cases that Linda and Jason would work on as social workers… i love it when dramas have cases to follow! seems that the cases would be adapted from real life happenings too, that would definitely be a highlight! (along with Linda and Jason’s relationship! :D) anticipating!!! :) 

photo credits to respective photographers and weibo