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How are you?
goood alhumdulillah ^-^

Which part of Pakistan are you from? City and state please.
karachi sindh!! actually I know the exact neighbourhoods too, my nanu lives in federal block d area sooo dastaghir and my dad’s side lived in north nazamabad

Do you say Pakistani or Paki?

If you say Pakistani, do you approve of people saying ‘Paki’?
ik my parents don’t like it so I don’t say it but basically all the pakistanis where I live say it and I don’t mind. I think it’s more offensive if you live in like europe maybe?? over here lotsa ppl don’t even know it’s a racial slur

Have you traveled with PIA
yah like 4 times probably lol but I don’t rmr much since the last time was 8 years ago?

Which famous international known Pakistani, makes you proud?
the edhi uncle :c well idk if he’s internationally famous but he rly should be I love him

Do you support any Pakistani political party?
noppp they all suck. I used to think imran khan was ok but apparently he insulted muhajirs in one of his speeches and I was like lol ok bye

Name the most Pakistani thing you own.
I have 3 suitcases that I bought in pakistan full of clothes that I bought in pakistan
oh also did you guys know that most towels sold in the west are made in pakistan just check the tag on your towel pakistan has a really strong cotton industry

First word that comes to mind when you think of Pakistanis.
in denial

Tell us a random time you encountered another Pakistani aunty, uncle, relative etc.
my chem prof in first semester was an aunty ._. I skipped her class so much and she told my mom oh my god how did she even notice there were like 400 other students in that class

What is the weirdest thing a non-Pakistani has asked you about Pakistan?
MY BEST FRIEND IS SO IGNORANT IDK HOW anyway she thought pakistan was in the middle east smhhhh

Karachi vs Lahore?
karachi 4 lyfe

Paan vs Hookah?
they both nasty (actually idk lol I’ve never tried hookah my brother told me it’s haram but I REALLY DON’T LIKE PAAN but the rest of my fams is obsessed)

Rickshaw vs Chingchi Rickshaw?
chingchi rickshaws are rly dangerous actually they get in a lot of accidents apparently bc they’re not made for high speeds but the drivers take em onto highways and girls get kidnapped from them so if you’re a girl dont go on those alone!!!
also I love rickshaws

Shezan vs Rooh afza

Pakoras vs Samosas
keema samosas D:

Bazaars vs Malls?
I like malls you can bargain in and the food courts omg but otherwise bazaars are rly good for bargaining plus more variety

Summer (Aam life) vs Winter (Chai life)?

What do you have with Chai?
I don’t drink it

Lawn vs Chiffon?
loveeeeeeeeeeee lawn ke kaprey

Longest time you have gone through load shedding?
36 hours ahahahahahhahaha

Weirdest thing you’ve read on a car?
‘if you are bad, im your dad’ on the back of a car in karachi omg

Weirdest thing you’ve seen while traveling or at the Bazaar?
hmm I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary, oh except omg this one beggar girl started following around my brother and she was following us EVERYWHERE ok and my mom gave her money but she still wouldn’t leave so my mom scolded her and then the girl yelled at my brother and left omgggg that was hilarious. then I saw her again like 3 weeks later at another bazaar like 40 mins away from that one

Have you ever bargained at a shop?
lol not on purpose but I’ve watched my mom and my sil do it like pros. I do it on accident like.. when they say a really unreasonable price and it’s for something I want and I’m like oh ._. nvm and I start to drag my mom away and they lower the price and I’m like oh ._. ok cooooool

Have you bought anything from a street vendor? What?
duhh. ok falsey, peaches, mangoes, makayi, omg falsey ka russ, these cute bags, water, thas all I think

Favorite Urdu word?
farikh and masroof

Favorite Pakistani catchphrase/saying?
omg my dad’s new thing is ‘bandar ke haat mein naariyal aageya’

Favorite Pakistani curse word?
I don’t have a favourite curse word lol??? but my mom always calls me a kutti or kameeni lmaoo it’s hilarious

Favorite Pakistani food/dessert?

Favorite Pakistani monument/mosque/location?
lake saif ul mulook… naraan, kaghan….. god so gorgeous honestly… I need to go back

Favorite Pakistani historical figure?
idk any besides qaidey azam OH his sister pretty coo, fatima jinnah I think?

Favorite Pakistani cricketer?
I only know affridi lol OH fun fact: his dad was neighbours with my mom’s cousin in pakistan

Favorite Pakistani song?

Favorite Pakistani quote?

Favorite Pakistani movie/drama?
roag andddd durr-e-shehwar

Favorite Pakistani actress/model?
amina sheikh

Favorite Pakistani actor/model?
iuno their names but I rly don’t like fawad khan frickin sell out dont talk to me abt him

Favorite Pakistani fashion statement/trend?
I loveee churidaar/anarkali

Favorite thing about Pakistani weddings?

Favorite Pakistani conspiracy theory?
blaming everything on raw lmaoo

Pakistani do ______ better.
kaprey aur khana oh and hospitality

Truck Art is _____.

Pakistani men look great in _____.
sherwanis, shalwar kameez with those vests waow and kurtas with jeans r cute

Pakistani women look great in ____.
everythingggggggg mA

Pakistanis should continue ______.
making clothes

Pakistanis should stop ______.
all that peer saab drama like.. so shirk-y wtf… even bohot parey likhey log get into it and im like whaaat
also family drama -.-
also also supporting parties only bc they speak the same language as you

Pakistanis should start ______.
uniting their country

If you could trade places with another Pakistani, who would it be?

If you could travel anywhere in Pakistan, where would you go?
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee I wanna go back to naraan in the summer and see more of the beautiful lakes in the mountains

Recent news you received about Pakistan?
heatwave.. please make dua

If you could change one thing in Pakistan, what would it be
get the kids in school

On a scale of 1-10, how Pakistani do you think you are?
7?? maybe 8 since I just went

Nostalgic Pakistani memory?
likeee 15 years ago we were at my dada and dadi’s house before dada passed away and only our family had moved to north america and we were visiting. so alllll of our cousins from our dad’s side were at dada’s house obvs joint family haha fml and his sister was visiting with her kids and it started raining like crazyyyyyyy and all of us kids were on the balconies playing in the rain and my cousin picked me up and he twirled me around and man… that was so much fun…. I haven’t seen that cousin since then bc of family drama lol how sad right

What makes you Pakistani?
my nicop

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