the adventure zone: balance (the story of four idiots that played D&D so hard that they made themselves cry)


Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)

yeah, teen wolf wasn’t top notch television. it wasn’t groundbreaking or emmy-award winning or anything, but it made such an impression on my life that i will never ever forget. teen wolf gave me characters like lydia martin to find myself in, scott mccall to look up to, and stiles stilinski to make me smile when that was the hardest thing to do. teen wolf gave me relationships like stydia, that have found a permanent place in my heart, sciles, that will always be my definition of true friendship, and mcmartinski, that i will carry with me forever.

teen wolf led me to this fandom, which is where i’ve met some of the best people i’ve ever known. this show came to me at a time when i needed it the most, and it’s been here for me ever since, just as this fandom has. i get frustrated, i say i hate it, and i question why i still watch, but at the core i know why this show has resonated with me and why i’ve stuck around. it has given me all of this and so much more, and i will never be able to express how grateful i am. thank you, teen wolf, and most importantly, thank you, teen wolf fandom, for being my safe place for all these years. it was a hell of a ride.

 love. DON’T be afraid. 


Ask Ethan: What does the edge of the Universe look like?

“If the universe is finite in volume, then is there a boundary? Is it approachable? And what might the view in that direction be?”

When we look at the nearby Universe, it looks a lot like we, ourselves, appear. Nearby galaxies are similar in structure to our own; the stars inside them have the same properties, masses, ages and distributions as our own. But as we look to greater and greater cosmic distances, we find that more distant galaxies appear younger, bluer, smaller, and less evolved. If we go back beyond a certain point, there are no more galaxies at all. What’s going on? Does this mean that, if we go back far enough, there’s an edge to the Universe? And if so, what does that mean? What lies beyond it? And what would someone living on that edge see and perceive? It turns out that there is a boundary to our Universe, but not in space.

Instead, there’s a boundary in time, and once we understand that, we can finally understand what the true answer is. Come find out what it’s all about on this week’s Ask Ethan!