the taetaetown Mess

so as everyone knows by now my blog has been a complete mess these past few days w/ all these anons exposing tumblr user @taetaetown (still can’t @ you :// ) to prevent anymore mess, i’m just going to compile all of the shit she’s done in this one post, you can make whatever you want of this. i’m not even going to delve into the fundraiser thing because its not my money but if you wanna dig into it i got some screenshots so just ask! also feel free to add anything more to this, im sure i haven’t covered everything. screenshots and explanations are under the cut.

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Bentley Continental 24, 2017. A limited edition of 24 cars based on the Continental Supersports which has been built to celebrate Bentley’s return to the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring. Cars will be available in Monaco Yellow and Black Crystal, which takes inspiration from the from the Continental GT3 racers (pictured) or in “St James’ Red” over Black Crystal as well as a single-tone exterior available. 


happy 18th birthday tarjei / t-jay bone steak / TJ-snow!

hopefully this meme of a child enjoys his birthday because he deserves it so much!! here’s to another year of greatness! (ft. my favorite pictures of him)